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7 strange pube products you didn’t know you needed I think the idea is that if the bush is back, you might as well go all out.

These days there are beauty products for every part of your body. Elbows? Yep. Toes? Yah. Neck? Of course. There are products designed to help your boobs, nipples, and even your butt, so it is only logical that there are also products for your pubes.

Yup, you read that right. There are products for your pubes – and I’m not talking about razors or shaving cream. There has been a growing trend recently (literally), where more and more of us are moving away from Brazilian waxes in favor of the full bush. And with all of that hair comes some fun… accessorizing? Sort of.

If you’re going for an au naturel look, you can say goodbye to irritating razor burn and worrying about injuring your lady parts while shaving (It can happen!). You won’t need your post-wax gels and soothing creams like before, so some innovative beauty companies are offering an alternative: bush products. If the bush is back, you might as well go all out and embrace it, right?

What you do with your body is of course your choice. If you want to keep on getting Brazilian waxes, go right ahead. If you want to embrace your pubic hair, that’s great too. And if you want to try some products for your pubes, no one is going to stop you.

While you certainly don’t need these things, they are definitely worth checking out. Pube products are still a newer, smaller category in the beauty world, but it is definitely an interesting one that is worth keeping an eye on.

Pube stencil kit

Remember when styling your pubes was all the rage? Well, you can still do it, and now you don’t even need to have someone else do it for you. Use this stencil kit to style your bush into something fun and *trendy.*

Shape Secret Intimate Tools Kit — Amazon

Fur Oil

Fur is arguably the pioneer in this category of pubic hair products. The company made headlines when it announced the launch of its Fur Oil. With its sleek, minimalist bottle, the oil could pass for a perfume, but it’s meant for your lady garden.

Like other hair oil, it’s meant to keep your strands soft and smooth, which is especially helpful for rough pubes. It is dermatologist and gynecologist tested, and suitable for everyday use. Use it to soften pubes and prevent pesky ingrown hairs.

Fur Oil — Amazon

Hair dye for down there

If you thought that hidden rainbow hair was wild, allow me to introduce you to the hair dye that it is specifically meant for your pubes. The semi-permanent formula is available in a range of rainbow shades as well as more natural options. It’s probably not something you want to use every day, but it could definitely be fun to surprise your SO. “85% of carpets do not match the drapes,” they claim.

Betty Beauty Color For Down There in Malibu Blue — Amazon

Dark spot remover

These two little bottles promise to remove any dark spots in intimate areas. 6 natural ingredients work together to break up the melanin pigments that cause dark spots, uneven skin tones, and hyperpigmentation, and they say the product is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Bermuda 2 Step Routine for Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots — Amazon

Ingrown pube hairs fixer

You can still experience ingrown hairs down there even after you’ve ditched your Brazilian wax, so you need something to prevent them. Formulated to nurture the hair and skin “down there,” this “luxurious, conditioning dry oil packed with 15 hair + skin-softening seed oils that help to mitigate ingrown hairs.”

Natural Bush Oil Ingrown Hair Treatment — Amazon

Bush heart stencil

For those who want a bit more than a regular ol’ triangle-shaped bush, there is this heart stencil kit. The set comes with a stencil and special razor to help you achieve the right shape

DD&DEE; Venus Bikini Shaving Heart Stencil Kit — Amazon

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