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‘Hidden rainbow’ hair is the perfect trend for low key pro-Biden rebels Finally, a socially responsible hair trend for those of us who want to stand with what's right but who also risk retaliation. We are the Rainbow Rebels.

We all agree that rainbow colored hair is shiny and stunning and doesn’t require you to be decisive about a color. But for those of us who struggle to make such a fabulous hair decision because we live in areas with violent insurrectionists, we have even better news. There’s a colorful hair trend for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to a full head of rainbow hair: hidden rainbow hair!

Get ready to dye for the cause and read on.

Hidden rainbow hair is stunning and allows for a more “classic” look if you spend your time in settings where looking like a Lisa Frank ad is frowned upon and could get you subjected to harassment — or worse.

“Hidden rainbows are placed in spots not normally seen unless the hair is up,” said stylist Athena Golden, a hidden rainbow hair master. “We usually place layers to give the peekaboo effect.”

So this is kind of like the even more fashionable, 21st century mullet. Business in the front, party in the back… A much classier party. And it perfectly matches the rainbow-vomiting snapchat filter.

You might not want to attempt this masterpiece at home, though.

If you’re dying for hidden rainbow locks, you might want to leave it to the pros — the process can be easily botched. According to Golden, it’s crucial to maintain the integrity of the hair while lightening it appropriately so the colors appear vivid. “Done wrong, the colors mix with the base tone of the hair and make a color not intended.”

But when it’s done right, this style will make you an Instagram sensation.

Since that’s what really matters in life.

Hidden rainbow hair is even more stunning / trippy when the hair is styled.

We just can’t look away.

We’re liking this a little better than the silver hair phenomenon.

BRB we’ll just be getting this done so we can constantly run our fingers through our hair to signal other nearby pro-Biden rebels.

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36 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">‘Hidden rainbow’ hair is the perfect trend for low key pro-Biden rebels</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Finally, a socially responsible hair trend for those of us who want to stand with what's right but who also risk retaliation. We are the Rainbow Rebels.</span>”

  1. Welp, I was hoping for Biden badges to find who actually supported and voted for the collapse of civilization, but I guess this will do

  2. This has nothing to do with Biden. I love ‘hidden’ rainbow hair as much as the next queer person, but good lord this trend has been around for forever and has Nothing To Do With Biden. Stop.

  3. How is being a biden fan rebellious lmao he’s the president? Also how is rainbow hair pro-biden? Useless performative liberal gestures could at least say the right thing emptily instead of whatever this is

  4. Adding to the whole “rebel risking retaliation” farce is the fact that hair does not work that way outside of photoshoots.


  5. It’s sickening that their faces have to be turned away from the camera and obscured otherwise MAGAts would execute them. We live this danger every day and the FBI won’t crack down on the domestic terror.

  6. The year is 2021. Battalions of white Christian men roam the streets on 4 wheelers wearing maga hats and looking for women to beat. One last gasp of freedom and…what is right… Exists in the form of the rebels, a group of women who support what is right by using their Etsy profits to buy hair dye for the rebellion. Jessika and Steighcy approach each other and move their hair to the side, revealing their hidden hair signifying sodomy and child molestation and also what is right. Suddenly the Hitlerbot1488 drone spots them. They run down a back alley but are soon cut off by descending red hat wearing SS officers. The beating is vicious but they live to fight another day. They cannot be stopped, for they fight for what is right, even if there are extreme repercussions.

    • THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED blares from the tannoys stacked in the trunk of an unkempt Studebaker that reverses into the mouth of the alley soggy springs and wallows to a halt.
      “Roight, wots all this mess then? Looks loik you lasses are in a spot of bovver innit” booms Felicia Appletree (née Murgatroyd), the stocky Lancastrian.

      Before the MAGAts can reply, sixteen bedazzled shuriken are in flight, all in b flat minor due to harmonics, and slam into various soft fleshy spots on the piglike SStormtroopers

      ‘On ya Murgatroyd!’ calls Steighcy…

      • Some time late, the back of the studebaker was becoming ripe; Jessica was still unconscious and bleeding from a gash on her scalp, and had voided her bowels just short of Jefferson and Steighcy was only barely lucid.
        ‘Where are you taking us?’ xe queried as they passed the Cienega turnoff.
        ‘I’m taking you lovelies to me safe ‘Ouse, aren oi’ fook!’
        Felicia swerved at the last minute, narrowly missing a stray mutt feeding on a what appeared to be the corpse of a small female child on the verge. The operation was made more difficult and the manoeuvre more violent by the fact that the Studebaker hadnt been shifted out of reverse since Olivia Newton John was on the airwaves.
        ‘But why are you driving westwards’ asked Steighcy, still groggily suspicious of the taciturn, Fez toting immigrant, and rightly too.
        ‘Oive a little understanding with some rellies luv’ she replied, the MUM tattoo on her right bicep glinted in the washed out Californian sun.
        ‘Where we’re going darls, is just a few klicks up ahead, or behind us depending on yer viewpoint.
        We’re to spend a few noights wif me auntie and uncle in Belair’

  7. Please be aware that this article has been posted to a white incel forum known for being involved in some of the worst internet based violence and attacks (4chan). Admin, email me for details.

    As I’m typing this there’s over 20 incels in the subforum and some of them are planning violence or other forms of repercussion. Some socially conscious girls colored their hairs so terrorism has to happen, apparently. And that, folks, is white fragility.

  8. I would only recommend to do this if you have brown or black hair because then the natural hair color means pro BLM
    but if you don’t have brown or black hair then it’s an old fashioned rainbow flag without BLM solidarity and that’s not the right message to send right now

    • Methods of allowable displays of solidarity are now dictated by the hair colour police. You are insane.


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