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8 weird body mask beauty products you have to try Your face is obviously getting a lot of TLC, but your body could be missing out.

Face masks have become somewhat of an obsession. I know that I am well and truly addicted to them. If you gave me unrestricted access to a drugstore or Sephora, forget about makeup – I would come out with enough masks to fill a dump truck, and then some. Face masks used to be something you used when you wanted to treat yo’self, but now we are using them almost as much as our cleansers.

So our faces are obviously getting a lot of TLC, but your body could be missing out. That’s where body masks come in. Body mask!? Yes, these days there are products for almost every part of your body — even boobs, nipples, butts, and pubes.

And when we’re talking body masks, we’re not just talking about masks for your neck. We’re talking about masks for your chest, feet, and even your elbows. If you feel so inclined, you can mask almost every part of your body. And while they seem strange and a little over the top, some are actually really awesome. Masks leave your skin feeling smooth, clean, and super soft, and why should it stop at your face?

Whether you’re looking for something for your next at-home spa day or you just want to see what innovative things the beauty world has come up with, I’ve rounded up some of the most interesting body masks you can get your hands on. Check out these weird masks for your body that you can actually buy (if so inclined).

SpaLife Japanese Camellia Oil & Vitamin E Nail Cuticle Wrap

There are some huge sheet masks and then there are tiny ones. These itty-bitty ones are meant for your fingers. No, not your hands. Just your fingers. They help to strengthen and nourish your nails. Stops brittle nails from breaking and penetrate the nails, leaves them strong, beautiful and moisturized.

If you’re a manicure addict, you could actually do with a couple of these after your endless polish applications.

SpaLife Japanese Camellia Oil & Vitamin E Nail Cuticle Wrap — Amazon

Foot & Heel Peeling Mask

This peeling mask, or “moisturizing sock,” takes your feet from rough, cracked, scaly, and whatever else ails ya to super smooth. It basically sheds the dead skin on your feet like a snake to reveal soft skin underneath. Includes papaya extracts.

Foot & Heel Peeling Mask — Amazon

Full body charcoal mask

Trusted sources have it that the full body charcoal mask is “akin to applying sunscreen produced by the devil. Sunscreen that then dries to a rock hard shell that essentially requires you to rip off the top layer of your skin in order to remove it.” Yes, covering every part of your body in charcoal face mask and then ripping it off is painful, but who said beauty was supposed to be comfortable?

Use boatloads your existing face mask — your own supplies

Vivor Beauty Gold Silicone Hydrotherapy Chin Uplift Mask

A neck mask might not seem like the wildest thing, but it is when you see how this one is applied. You hook it onto both ears so it basically forms a strange neck brace that makes it very difficult to talk. You can also apparently reuse it.

Vivor Beauty Gold Silicone Hydrotherapy Chin Uplift Mask — Amazon

Karuna Age-Defying+ Hand Mask

Our hands pretty much do everything, so it makes sense that there are masks just for them. This mask gives you smoother hands and it helps to fight the signs of aging. Slip on the gloves and let the formula work its magic.

Karuna Age-Defying+ Hand Mask — Amazon

Firming and Shaping Contouring Body Patch

FYI: Patch is basically just another name for a mask. The difference is patches are usually tinier. These patches can be applied to our stomach, butt, arms, and thighs. They help reduce the appearance of cellulite and give a *sexy* S shape.

Firming and Shaping Contouring Body Patch — Amazon

Satin Smooth Ultimate Neck Lift Collagen Masks

Yeah, it looks like a neck brace, but this large sheet mask is all about moisturizing, anti-aging, and refining your pores. There shouldn’t be any injuries involved here. It should be just about treating your, erm, neck.

Three-Pack Satin Smooth Ultimate Neck Lift Collagen Masks — Amazon

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