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About AFRU We believe in the power of fashion to spark meaningful conversations on justice — as well as the other way around.


AFRU is a Black-led and majority Black-owned startup that combines fashion and streetwear with lifestyle commentary to create a strong social justice brand that is relevant and attractive to folks from all walks of life.

We believe in the power of fashion to spark meaningful conversations — as well as the other way around. We also realize that people don’t want to be preached to all the time. That’s why our imprint magazine stitches together light everyday topics with navigation of more difficult intersectional spaces — all while allowing for the kind of messiness that is part of human nature. Our visual and intellectual branding therefore nurture each other in an perpetual spiral of trendsetting justice.

The AFRU Justice Spiral™

In addition to our activism and fashion work, we also seek to work with companies that align with our ambition to help younger global audiences navigate what it means to be part of transformational change.

We unapologetically celebrate folks from all backgrounds

We celebrate all the people, big and small,
With open hearts and open arms, we stand tall.
Gay people and straight people, queer people and everyone in-between,
All walks of life, all genders, and all scenes.

Transgender and cisgender, gender non-conforming too,
Everyone is welcomed, their journey we’ll see through.
And the sex workers, drag queens, and those in the scene,
Their stories we’ll lift up, let their voices be seen.

Disabled folks, the elderly, the young and the bold,
All deserve love, respect and protection, never to be told.
Intersex, asexual, pansexual and more,
We stand with you, and we’ll fight for your roar.

Black, white, brown, yellow, and all shades in-between,
Racism has no place here, our love is supreme.
Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu and more,
All religions are honored, peace we implore.

Poor, rich, middle-class, no matter the wealth,
Equality is our goal, justice our wealth.
Refugees, immigrants, those seeking a home,
We’ll stand with you, never leave you alone.

So let us come together, and raise our voices high,
For social justice and equality, let our love never die.
We celebrate all identities, in unity we’ll stand,
For a better world, for all, hand in hand.

We are people. Not a corporation.

Join us on our journey towards a better future. Let’s use fashion as a tool for change, and let’s have the courage to make a statement with every step we take. With every purchase from AFRU, you are not only making a bold fashion statement: you are investing in a people-community that is most effectively working towards a more just and equitable future for all.

Reach us at [email protected].

Get our best content

~max once a week~