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Corporate responsibility We are always challenged to do better. This is how the AFRU family views our responsibilites and plots a better world.

We are always challenged to strategize better plans for sustainably nurturing the world around us. We are in a symbiotic relationship with Mother Gaia and the consumer inhabiting her, and the better off they are, the more capital is available to spend on our products.

One of the tools needed for this goal is active Environmental, Social and Corporate governance. ESG sets a clear strategic imperative for real and lasting change and sits firmly on the AFRU Agenda.

Our ESG journey is taking flight

Indignities against BIPOCs and Muslimas topped the “threats to growth” in our 2023 Global Outlook and the ESG agenda is only increasing in its urgency. ESG challenges each member of the family – both in their functional areas of expertise, but also as a strategic growth and resilience priority, to actively plot ESG-forwardness and reflect on those plots. In broad strokes, here is how we dynamically scheme our journey:

Strategize and plot consumer wellness

Establish a sustainable ESG strategy that positively impacts the health, safety, and comfort of BIPOCs and Muslimas — while simultaneously driving shareholder value.

Keep it on our mind

Examine current business and operating model through the lens of ESG, identifying BIPOC threats and BIPOC opportunities (“BTBO on our mind”).

Design the transform

Define and design the desired future of our business and operating model and take every measure to start the planning of our journey of transformation.

Visualize corporate responsibility as a direct action

Measure and report

Align governance and remuneration to BIPOC/Muslima transformation and relentlessly measure and report progress against the BTBO model and other ESG factors.

PS. The A Black Woman Is Speaking mug is a standing invitation to sit down, shut up, and engage in the wisdom shared by Black women. Lord knows the world needs it right now.

Get our best content

~max once a week~