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What is ‘the dogpill’? Inside Reddit’s belief that white women have sex with dogs With a female whistleblower on their side, an army of sex starved Redditors is seeking to expose a horrific plot against their chances with women.

You have definitely seen some variation of this meme passing through your feed:

What you may not know is that what the “joke” stems from a belief system called the dogpill, around which there exists entire communities of fanatic but hard done by activists on a quest to expose a hideous truth: that white women fuck dogs. Even more bizarrely, this caucasoid dog fucking is supposedly also “cucking” men, who won’t be able to compete with dog dong in the dick marketplace.

So what’s really going on?

It’s happening because incels and bestiality fetishists have cross-pollinated, as they would have, and Reddit community r/TheDogPill was born; the beating heart of knotting science and white women fuck dogs trutherism.

Here’s a sample pack of the kind of content you can find on the subreddit:

Girl kissing dog

Dogpill comic

But look beyond the Facebook boomer tier memes, pictures of women kissing dogs, and even the perennial news articles of years past. r/TheDogPill offers first rate pseudoscience designed to reinforce hilariously conspiratorial ideas about mighty Mastiff members being the real reason dogpillers can’t get laid.

For example, one post explains that the dogpill “is just one of the ultimate results of female hypergamy” (incel term). “Women never want to feel like they’re giving their pussy up to a man who needs it. Dogs have big dicks, are animalistic, low sentience brain dead descendants of killers,” the dogpill expert continues.

“No human male can compete with Fido’s knot,” another dogpiller writes, referencing a male dog’s reproductive organ. The same redditor shared an image of canines mating to demonstrate “why knots are so wonderful and why a human male can never achieve a 3rd stage coitus” (let’s not psychoanalyze this).

The Dogpill explained

“I’ve thought I seen it all but now dogs are mogging every man in existence,” reads a reply, using incel slang familiar to most dogpillers.

A link to a dogpill wiki page on what appears to be an incel site teaches us that the dog version of a Chad is called Buster, and he is apparently a very healthy looking Siberian Husky. Interestingly, the “Origin” section says this:

The idea of a “Dogpill” per se was apparently popularised in the incelosphere by famous hapa troll and author of the redpill comics, Eurasian Tiger, who promoted the concept on sluthate.com and r/incels.

It could be argued that the first dogpill theorist was the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote at length in his famous Histories about the supposed penchant of Pharonic Egyptian women for engaging in acts of bestiality with a menagerie of animals, including dogs.

Eurasian Tiger is a hapa (half asian) type incel of some renown on 4chan for his Library of Alexandria tier collection of nude african-american man pics, which he can spend upward of 36 hours at a time spamming on the hapless imageboard.

The science of dog fucking

But how could these dogpillers possibly prove the ridiculous notion that white women are getting knotted when nobody’s looking?

Their go-to answer lies in the Kinsey reports, a debunked set of studies from the early 1950s that, ironically, helped kickstart the sexual revolution incels loathe above everything else. Among several wild claims on sexual behavior, Alfred Kinsey reported that 3.6 percent of adult females had committed acts of bestiality (with the vast majority of recorded instances involving dogs), according to a scientific study linked on r/DogPillScience, another subreddit dedicated to dog banging trutherism.

r/DogPillScience users believe, among other things, that the percent of women having sex with dogs in 2019 is actually quite a bit higher than 3.6 percent as a result of increasingly open societal attitudes to sex.

“Back in 1953 they at least had culture that enforced some decency and uniformity. Plus women surely lie about this, so maybe 7-9% is plausible in 2019,” one dogpill scientist speculates.

Another dogpill scientist notes a study in which “male prisoners were made to undertake a polygraph and the number of them that admitted to performing zoophilic acts increased by more then two-fold,” suggesting the same result would likely hold true for female participants.

The dogpill “science” being peddled here clearly offers nothing more than conjecture and outdated studies.

But then it also wasn’t scientific thinking or hardnosed research that brought most dogpillers to the “truth” in the first place. Instead they ingested the dogpill through a notorious female internet personality and attention whore whose dog sex advocating videos (and screenshots of resulting articles) have gone massively viral.

Whitney Wisconsin, also known as Lynn Lew, is an amateur pornographic filmmaker who doesn’t care that the entire world knows of her lust for canine cock (if authentic) — and r/TheDogPill, as you can expect, is filled with her content.

And in fact, Wisconsin’s content can be found all over the internet, from porn sites to Q&A sites to YouTube. Her most popular video is “10 reasons why women should have sex with dogs.”

Before her arrest (for unrelated pornographic videos), Wisconsin consistently made outlandish and unsubstantiated claims in support of bestiality, such as the factoid that “3 in 4 women have done stuff with a dog.”

Dogpillers uncritically gobble up her every assertion — she is their whistleblower on the horrific global plot to transfer ownership of caucasian cooters to doggykind.

Of course it goes without saying that Reddit has yet to take any sort of action against the community.

We have reached out to Reddit for comment, but none has been given as of time of publishing.

Update: aaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s gone.

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24 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">What is ‘the dogpill’? Inside Reddit’s belief that white women have sex with dogs</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">With a female whistleblower on their side, an army of sex starved Redditors is seeking to expose a horrific plot against their chances with women.</span>”

  1. More and more white women are now coming out and admitting they have only ever interacted with animal penises


  2. When I’m bored and near a white woman like at a checkout I just look them in the eyes and say “peanut butter” and let the eyes linger a bit. We all just know.

  3. Two word, “cancer” “papillomavirus”.
    And before anyone saying they had vaccinated, those vaccine only works for two or three type of human only papillomavirus and not animal based papillomavirus.
    If swine flu, bird flu and ebola aren’t already bad enough…

  4. I saw that subreddit, it was actually hilarious. Obviously, it was a stupid trolling subreddit (like many other numerous stupid internet forums). But I don’t understand, as you have mentioned, Kinsey report already published some statistics on bestiality. So women having sex with animals is not a complete fabricated information. There is some truth to it. Also that subreddit did not post any bestiality porn, violent content or threat. Just making endless jokes about “dogpill” by posting screenshots from valid news articles and posts from social media. Any sane human being will never take such thing in a serious manner.

    I am utterly confused, on what basis did they ban that forum? Yes, I could understand such censorship if it was in China or North Korea. You can’t just shut down an opinion just because you don’t like it or you get triggered by it or does not conform to a certain narrative. Not just that, those were not opinion even, some stupid jokes that literally no one cares about!

    So does it mean that we are living in a time where people are not allowed make jokes?

    Holy shit.

  5. I would, as a white man, defend white women, but they chose to spit on their white brothers and fathers and uncles and etc. all for fashion and virtue-signalling points. So fuck them. You white women asked for this shit, so deal with this shit on your own, you race traitor whores.

    • “So gently caress them.” This disgusting website censored my words, so I’ll repost what I meant by this: So FÜ¢K them.

  6. So in your educated opinion, what’s the % of white girls who do this? Or aren’t we allowed to talk about it?

    Why did you shut down a forum for discussion? Most of it was academic and backed up by legitimate news articles. You even admitted that and posted some in your article, which is terrible and obviously just an excuse to hunt involuntary celibates like the school bully that you are.

    You can’t answer any of my questions. So ask yourself why you are ignorant of the truth.

  7. My chocolate queen out here crushing incels lmao. low key stay safe though they now out shooting up movies with guns and shit. saw this on the news.

  8. I had a zoomie weeb intern who is a little weirdo but i love the kid because i “get” what it used to be like and he does his best on the job. He showed me a pic of this pretty young blonde senior. Gorgeous girl. He was pretty disgusted with her and i asked why. He told me that the week before she took a video of herself getting fucked by a Pomeranian and sent it to some guy she had a crush on. He promptly sent it everywhere he could. Girl was 18 in the video too so can’t shut it down on that. Take that story for what you will.

    • Only church ladies listening to rush limbaugh care. Why you so hung up on girl sexuality you complexed or something?. Also notice these peeps always hung up on white girls sexuality they don’t care about black, asian etc. huh.


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