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Meet the young ladies who choose to live as dolls There is a growing community of young people who choose to use makeup and cosmetic surgery to make themselves look like dolls.

They have millions of online fans and are the source of ravenous curiosity from some of the stranger corners of the Internet. These are the living dolls — women, mostly from the former Soviet Union, who bear an uncanny resemblance to the inanimate dolls of your childhood.

But they are living, breathing women. They are passionately committed to maintaining their doll-like appearances and living very public lives online. It’s barbiecore dialed up to 11. So with no further ado, here are five woman you might just mistake for a doll. Welcome to the dollhouse.

Anastasiya Shpagina, Ukraine

Anastasiya has transformed herself into the real life anime character Sailor Moon. She spends three hours every morning applying her makeup, and won’t leave her apartment without it.


Anastasiya has also adopted a Japanese name — Fukkachumi — and has a vast following on YouTube, with more than 180 million views of her makeup tutorials. She can teach you how to look like a doll — even Pennywise.

Valeria Lukyanova, Ukraine

Lukyanova, also known as “the Ukrainian Barbie”, became famous after sharing photos online in which she resembled a doll. Her synthetic look has since been the source of global fascination. 30-year-old Lukyanova swears that she does it all with makeup and contact lenses — that she’s had no plastic surgery other than breast implants and doesn’t alter her photos. Whatever she’s doing, it works.

By the way, Lukyanova is not only about her large breasts and tiny waist. She also writes songs and engages in unusual spiritual practices like being a “Breatharian” — surviving off of air and sunlight alone.

Angelica Kenova, known as “Russian Barbie”

Kenova is certainly a Russian Barbie, but it’s unclear whether this was her choice. In several interviews, Kenova has said that her parents raised her under a strict regimen and that she still can’t even choose her own clothes.

But she’s got a special stylist and a fitness instructor to make sure she looks like Barbie. To each her own.

Venus Palermo, London

At just 15 years old, Venus became a YouTube sensation after her “how to look like a doll” video was watched by millions. She maintains her doll-like appearance permanently and even adopted a new name: Venus Angelic.

It should come as no surprise that Venus Angelic has almost 200 million viewers on her official YouTube channel.

Update: uh oh, apparently Venus was forced to be a doll and also make an onlyfans.

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