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30 essential pieces of relationship advice only Tumblr could give Tumblr is here to save the day through its infinite wisdom and crucial advice.

Relationships take a lot of work. First you have to get IN one, then you have to maintain it (or not), and finally you find yourself dealing with a breakup or a marriage. Some are equally disastrous, psychologically speaking.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. Luckily, as always, Tumblr is here to save the day through its infinite wisdom and crucial advice. You’re welcome.

#1. First of all, STAY POSITIVE.

#2. It’s not “stalking” if it’s effective.

#3. Make sure to always look your best.

#4. DON’T get a Galaxy phone.

#5. And DON’T post a selfie if this is the look on your partner’s face.

#6. In the event of an argument, keep balloons handy.

#7. Remember that a picture can be worth a thousand words.

#8. And that there is no shame in being the rebound.

#9. If you really want someone to know how you feel, a token of affection might be in order.

#10. When in doubt, a rock will work just fine.

#11. Don’t always believe what you read.

#12. Because you know what works best for you.

#13. If you marry someone who looks like a truck, never tell them so.

#14. Also, marry someone with the same sense of humor as you.

#15. It’s important.


#17. If you ever need to shut your boyfriend up, a handie will do the job.

#18. Recognize the similarities between a SO and a house.

#19. Try to avoid these terms.

#20. And make sure to use these.

#21. If you get pregnant, call MTV.

#22. Don’t forget to keep it sexy in the bedroom.

#23. Whatever you do DON’T pee in a girl during sex.

#24. Follow directions.

#25. Recognize the danger of nudes.

#26. Learn some impulse control for the times your girlfriend isn’t around.

#27. There’s nothing wrong with a little homo.

#28. Keep in mind that anything can be a dildo if you are brave enough.

#29. At the end of the day, remember to just do you.

#30. And NEVER lose sight of your priorities.

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