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The coming death of crypto will spark the rise of fascism To crypto bros, e-money is far more than investment. And when it all inevitably comes crashing down, they'll run—not walk—to fascism.

Think your 401k is doing badly? Take a look at the crypto space. “Stablecoin” LUNA alone just lost 99% of its value with the snap of a finger. More stablecoins are likely to follow it to the grave. The subreddits are full of suicide posts and stickied threads with suicide hotline numbers.

But the mayhem we are now witnessing in the crypto space is but a taste of what must come.

Because I have been studying what goes on in the deep webs where young white males are gathering. And I’ve been sounding the alarm since 2014, that fateful year of global gamer campaign GamerGate which tried to purge women and other marginalized folks from gaming. The campaign that targeted prominent female gamers and journalists like Zoë Quinn, and yes, myself.

Disillusioned young white males will lose everything in the coming death throes of crypto. And I am telling you now that they will all turn to fascism — not socialism — as they look for someone to blame.

I have seen the alt-right pipelines operate. This is it, and it’s going to be apocalyptic.

To white males, crypto was a way out of the American trap of nonexistent wages for a generation. And why wouldn’t they see it that way? They had the privilege to get in on the ground floor of the digital coin phenomenon, and saw their hypothetical net worth rise by tens of thousands of percent.

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Even $20 worth of doggycoin bought in the year of GamerGate could be traded for an upscale home at the height of Elon Musk fever, when the joke cryptocurrency hit upward of $0.7.

Ah, Elon Musk. Musk bros. This is all connected. The meme culture, the in-jokes, the worship of memetic strongmen. And these are all the same people. White males — GamerGate — crypto bros — MAGAts — alt-right — Elon bros — BAYC NFTs with literal SS totenkopf symbols. Are you starting to understand?

To a generation of these undersocialized white boys, crypto isn’t just the best investment they ever made. It’s how they make sense of the world. Read around in the crypto space and you’ll get treatises about how crypto is going to solve everything, and be their everything. They thought crypto would free them from the old systems of money and power — now finally getting some much needed diversity — and create whole new ones, dominated by an even more glaringly white cadre.

So, you see. The bloodbath when it all inevitably comes crashing down and crushes their entire worldview will rival the rise of the Third Reich.

These boys are not going to join a union in response. Here’s what will happen.

They’ll blame the death of crypto, at first, on media. Crypto never got a fair shake, they’ll say — just like the poor white males. Then they’ll blame it on strong women activists like me who pointed out how crypto was a scam all along.

They’ll even blame it on Blacks and Asians for having sex with all the precious white girls who they feel entitled to lay their pasty paws on.

And finally, they’ll blame it on banks — run by you-know-who. This is the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

They’ll go full fascist, and they will support anyone who taps into the cryptobro anger — with all that this entails. You thought the movie The Purge was bad?

Pure hell will rule Earth.

It is coming. The inflection point — I call it Finflection Point X — will be when crypto is crashing but suicide threads on reddit are diminishing and turning to anger instead.

I hope you have an attic. Soon we may all have to hide the Jewish people, again.

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21 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">The coming death of crypto will spark the rise of fascism</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">To crypto bros, e-money is far more than investment. And when it all inevitably comes crashing down, they'll run—not walk—to fascism.</span>”

  1. Lets hope so all the history we learn is controlled lies.. The Not So Chosen People have spearheaded all destruction and chaos in the world. Funny when your supposed to bless them and be blessed well the US has blessed them more than any other people in history and look at our country guess they are not the Chosen afterall.

  2. As crypto crashes, more and more young men will be radicalized. It’s time to stop crypto from strangling democracy and taking lives.

  3. Crypto is a lot of things- It’s going to experience many “Deaths” but the tech isn’t going away. It basically transforms bureaucracy as we know it and can potentially lay a lot of groundwork for a better society at every level.

    This is an existential threat for many of the institutions that have carved comfortable existences for themselves by lording over different societal functions.

    We won’t see some sort of overnight revolution but we will eventually wake up in a trustless society with automatic oversight and we’ll probably see the world transform into something that somehow absorbs the worst aspects of socialism and fascism under the management of some type of oligopolistic technocracy.

  4. If crypto dies, I will objectify women even more intensely than before. I will also not hire any women unless they accept half the pay.(right now i’m hiring them for 3/4)

  5. Crypto is up there as one of mankind’s stupidest episodes ever, and that’s with quite the competition


  6. Many top 25 shitcoins are already up 20-37% from the crash low…it was just a matter of waiting and buying at the right time. Took just a few hours to recover. But now they’re going sideways. Lots of profit-taking.

    • Nah look at many months charts. They’re almost all going into the toilet. Few that didn’t are bsc style shitcoin pump and dumps that always get rugged.

          • Thanks for your validation. Crypto is dying precisely because there was not enough women and PoC involved in blockchain fintech. Too many white males and asian “males” (if you can even call them that). Just look at who the founder of LUNA is, and also see who is the CEO of coinbase (COIN stock also down over 60% since IPO). both examples of abject failure that will lead to further chaos. We need Janet Yellen to step in NOW.

  7. “they will turn to fascism, not socialism”

    That’s because they’re worried that with socialism people who are different from them (blacks and women) will have success too.

  8. White males thought crypto would free them from the systems of money and power that are finally getting some much needed diversity. Instead, the death of crypto will take their hopes and dreams with them.

    And they will all turn fascist. Pure hell will rule Earth.

    Powerful piece. Thank you, Brianna.


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