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My simp dumped me because I wouldn’t do him for free I even got a Dear Mistress email.

I’m a sex worker and I can’t get over the way I’ve been dumped by my client. I even got a Dear Mistress email. Here’s a snippet:

i felt if You wanted to have a relationship with me, even just as a slave ( as it would have been) that You would have spoken to me at least once in awhile. i tried very very hard to please You.

i am really sorry it did not work out for us, as You are also a very precious person. If there is anything i can ever do for You, please let me know. This really hurts. Please don’t be upset. All my thoughts and prayers are with You!!!

This particular client was upset because I wouldn’t talk to him for free. Which I can’t do — we had a business relationship, therefore he had to pay to talk to me. Almost everyone has tried to get me to talk for free, even my favorite clients. The company I work for does grant exceptions, because real relationships have formed, but I have never gotten one. I couldn’t think of asking for an exception for someone I hadn’t even met. This particular client and I had only talked over the telephone.

I explained this to him but my message obviously didn’t get through. Apparently he has been collared by another Mistress and so had to dump me. He was a good guy and I hope he’s happy with her. His email, while nice, was still a breakup note and it made me feel a little weird.

The thing that strikes me odd is the reason for the email. If a client doesn’t want to talk to me anymore he just has to stop calling. I’m not going to keep calling him — that would be unprofessional. It sucks though because I never know what happens to those really great callers — did they run out of money, get a new girlfriend, get married, get in an accident, denounce their kink and turn vanilla? But it’s the nature of the business.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been dumped. My first year as a phone sex operator I had a client that wanted me to brainwash him so that he would only be turned on by me. Even if a woman was stripping off her clothes while giving him a lap dance he was not to get an erection because she wasn’t his mistress. We talked for awhile and he seemed really happy with our sessions.

Then suddenly he stopped calling. A few weeks went later I got a card in the mail addressed from him. It was a condolence card with some sad looking flowers on the cover. Inside he explained that he was breaking up with me because it wasn’t fair that I only wanted him to be aroused by me. Now mind you it was his fantasy in the first place!

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