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Mass shootings have a race—and political party 19 more dead kids in Uvalde. Thought leaders are finally confronting the truth behind the church- and school shooting epidemic.

It’s safe to say we are coming off of one of the worst weeks that the United States has ever seen, and possibly one of the worst in modern human history. At least 19 children were just brutally murdered in their classrooms by an incel shooter — only 13 days after a white supremacist targeted People of Color in a grocery store.

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It’s obvious to everyone what is happening. Senator Joe Manchin is twiddling his thumbs while young white and latinx males are violently lashing out in response to loss of control in a culture musically and sexually dominated by hip Black folk. This is the Black century, and the incels can’t handle it.

In order to elevate the conversation surrounding white male gun violence, we’ve selected 20 thoughtleader tweets for you to read and internalize. Needless to say, we don’t necessarily agree with the literal interpretation of all of them; a lot of emotions are in play when the wellbeing of children are involved. But the truth of the emotions behind them certainly are so very, very true.

So please reflect on the humanity and wisdom in each of these tweets. In some small way, these testimonies to an era collectively form the Constitution of today, to be revered tomorrow.

And build some space in your heart for the newest batch of lost young ones now looking up at us from their graves. They are pleading with us to fix the mass shooting problem. How will we respond? What will you tell those dead children?

Swalwell (Congressman for CA)

There’s a reason why the gun violence problem doesn’t happen outside of America. Americans are the only people in the world who have unlimited access to deadly weapons. It’s time to end gun violence by taking away these murder implements by whatever means necessary.

Christopher Titus (comedian)

Even Titus agrees.

Barack Obama (former president)

Two years after the brutal murder of George Floyd, a valued member of the Black community, gun violence and white supremacy are still running rampant. It is so important to remember this, and to not let the discourse get polluted and derailed by the NRA-GOP complex.

The Rolling Stones

America doesn’t just have a gun problem. It also has a white people problem. And that problem has a party, because ‘murica.

Stop being blind to this stuff. Now, more than ever, open your eyes.

Michael Ian Black (comedian, actor, writer, and director)

Snopes already debunked the great replacement theory, but if it was real it would certainly have a positive impact on a world in need of healing from epidemic gun violence targeting folks of color.

Morgan J. Freeman (actor)

We have a disease in this country and it’s the inherent colonialism, misogyny, transphobia, and racism of whiteness. We must address the disease as medical doctors do, not coddle it. ENOUGH.

Chance the Rapper (rapper)

It’s time for Black folks (and allies) to stand up globally and make the Black Century their own — to truly wield power and show how it’s done when not run by maniacs with guns and an inferiority complex.

Bishop Talbert Swan (bishop)

Even the Christian church agrees at this point.

Keffals (Twitch streamer)

Conservatives are holding back progress by clutching onto their firearms, deathly afraid of Black and trans folk taking over and subjecting them to *shudders* rainbows. Replacing ontologically evil conservatives with People of Color and those horrific rainbows would do a lot to heal us right now.

Ethan Klein (podcast host)

We need to do everything we can to protect our children at school, but that doesn’t mean the doors of schools need to be locked like a prison. Instead of trying to make schools “safter” by making them like prisons, we need to address the real problem behind violence in this country: white males with guns.

Dr. Mia Brett (PhD)

White supremacy is caused by domestic violence and domestic violence is caused by predominantly white males. Blend it all together into a toxic soup and there’s no wonder more and more go off the deep end and decide to implement bloody patriarchy at the end of a gun barrel.

Alex Vitale (Sociology professor at Brooklyn College)

Whenever your racist uncle says that “good men with guns” stop “bad guys with guns,” link him this article and these tweets by Alex Vitale. The police ultimately did nothing to stop the incel shooter from mowing down children because they were big cowards with big coward ow ow scawy feelings. Abolish the police, and lock the entire Uvalde PD up for life.

Exavier Pope (VP at NABJSports)

We need to release the photographs of all of those bloody and dead children to prevent the party of mass shooting to trivialize and abstractify it. Grind their faces into those photographs, every day, until we get change.

Elizabeth Spiers (NYT Contributor)

She is speaking her truth about misogyny, and we’re here for it.

Robert Reich (Berkeley professor)

Republicans will blame everything besides the real problem, which is Republicans. We can no longer allow that to stand.

Rob Reiner (actor)

Rob is absolutely correct here. The group of people responsible for the recent mass shootings and school massacres is the white people party (Republicans) and I will shout it from the rooftops and I will not freaking relent. Say NO to more child sacrifices for the demonic forces animating the GOP.

Mehdi Hasan (MSNBC host)

Mehdi hits the nail on the head as usual. Democrats don’t blame Republicans even though they easily could. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that when they seek to go low, we seek to go high. When they aspire to be literal bad guys, we seek to enshrine protections, humanity, and inclusion into law.

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PS. The A Black Woman Is Speaking mug is a standing invitation to sit down, shut up, and engage in the wisdom shared by Black women. Lord knows the world needs it right now.

43 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Mass shootings have a race—and political party</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">19 more dead kids in Uvalde. Thought leaders are finally confronting the truth behind the church- and school shooting epidemic.</span>”

  1. Wew what a mishmash of liberal delusions and lies. Your obsession with race is very, ya know, racist. This need to blame and denigrate somebody for their gender and skin tone is sick and perverted. I can only imagine the insufferable, weak and toxic fools that collude to produce this myopic hate filled drivel.
    Your adherence should be to the truth not your partisan agenda.
    Shame on y’all!
    This obsession with queers, blacks and propaganda is weird.
    Get help. You’re seething hatred is very un-sunny(the extreme over emphasis of this mantra belays how sick demented and angry you obviously are)
    So much cringe wanna be intellectual feel good emo trash screeds in that tiny lil head of yours! Thanks for the validation, praise a la I am not you

  2. I read this article to my possibly transgendered life partner Jo and xhe was in tears. Goddess bless you fine pyrsyns.

  3. What the hell does George Floyd’s death have to do with mass shootings? Also I’m sorry upstanding citizen since when? George Floyd was not an upstanding citizen he was a career criminal and drug addict who paid for his crimes in prison. The point of seeking justice for his death was not that he was a good person or citizen, it was that he was murdered and in society murderers pay for their crimes regardless of their profession. Putting Obama’s tone def tweet ignoring children who were murdered to complain about a white cop killing a black man is disgusting and proves you and others who think that’s acceptable don’t really care about the lives or murders of Latino not Latinx and white children. If you did that particular piece of information would not have been put out there or in this article. It’s simply to push a narrative about black superiority it’s not the time or place for that argument. Shame on you

  4. All your sources are bullshit and you guys are straight faced lying to your audience. We don’t have a gun problem in the U.S.

    We have a black problem. GFY

  5. If you’re going to quote famous people please verify your sources. That tweet from Morgan J Freeman, isn’t the actor, he a film producer, his bio says LITERALLY he’s not an actor. And his profile picture shows he’s a white guy. Please do better

  6. My god, you are beyond dumb. Every single point you tried to make in this article was incorrect. Literally, every single one. Statistics show mass shootingsbare not only disproportionally higher among the black community than others (especially when it comes to black on black crimes), but there are mass shootings outside the US too. Do you do any research at all?

    “We have a disease in this country and it’s the inherent colonialism, misogyny, transphobia, and racism of whiteness. We must address the disease as medical doctors do, not coddle it.” — You.

    All you imbeciles do is copy every single buzzword that the left is using, which to anyone with even a decent education and understanding of these words would know that most of them are nonsense, aside from describing who the left is.

    Most men are not misogynist. 99% of people are not transphobic, and transphobic isn’t even the correct word to use.

    The worst part is not one piece of your lying, false narrative using talking points and buzzwords you copied are true, yet you spread this nonsense without citing sources to ANYTHING. As if you even went to college and have a degree requiring analyzing data, let alone know how to cite sources.

    You can wake up every single day of your shit life, look in the mirror, and lie to others. But you can’t lie to the rest of us that actually know politics in the US and abroad that speak English correctly that have lived in the real world and actually traveled instead of doing nothing your whole life but look at the outside of others rather than the inside, in whatever shit town you are from.

    FUN FACT: It won’t work, so stop wasting your time.

  7. Fake News. Most mass shootings are the result of Democrat policies and liberal agendas. Nice try but no one is buying it except the sheep. Secure the border and treat the root of the problem.
    Normalizing mental illness doesn’t help anyone.

    • There is a mass shooting every day in cities just doesn’t fit the narrative. Look at ALL mass shooters for the year you will notice 80% are black. Is what it is FBI stats confirm black Americans are 13% of the population and commit 70% of violent crime pretty nuts! And they also commit 90% of race crimes. How many black women were raped by white men last year? 0 how many white women were raped by black men? 100s I forget the actual number you can look it up if you care about truth. And 13% of the population is misleading if you account for women children and elderly its actually 5% of the population commit 60% of violent crime.

  8. Funny, the vast number of shootings in America are inner city blacks shooting other blacks. I guess you leftists don’t care about poor black people. Only your hatred for white people matters. What a bunch of racists.

    • Check your privilege, shitheel. The only reason Black men shoot each other is because they’ve internalized white male cishetero patriarchal supremacy. Before white men came and imposed their sky god on the African peoples, there was no war or slavery there. Read a book.

      • Well, it’s you who should read books, and travel. Are you telling me that tribes didn’t had wars previous to white people colonization? btw, black people should asume their affairs are their own and try to resolve them, and stop pointing the finger to others.

      • Wait. You’re kidding, right? You don’t think there was war and slavery in Africa before white people? If that’s what you think then there is no point in replying because I don’t speak retard.

  9. You people are sick. I’d respect you more if you just said what you really want, and that’s a white genocide

  10. I am LITERALLY SHAKING and CRYING. So many young lives lost because small-dicked angry white males can’t give up their toys… Enough is enough!

    • You are “literally” shaking and crying because you have no education, you have no life experience, you are not well traveled, and you are accusing an entire race of having a small dick as though dick size has anything to do with this. You are shaking and crying bc you’re easily riled up and triggered and believe 100% fictitious articles such as this one that jabe blatantly lied throughout to push a FarLeft narrative. Read the rest of the comments… then shut your fucking mouth.

  11. There is no circumstance under which it is right to kill innocent people.


    • They are literally mass murdering (especially black) KIDS now with AR15s to shove it in your face that NRA controls everything. “And you can’t do anything about it, peasant!”

      We HAVE to have this conversation until NRA is dissolved and its leadership behind bars.

      • You’re very dumb, and obviously young. Not even being mean just stating the truth. This country has the 2nd ammendment for a reason and was designed to protect the people from tyrannical leaders like the ones in power now. I’m all for Banning guns so long as this applies to EVERY SINGLE GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL. But it will never happen bc kids like you that don’t know the bigger picture know NOTHING about what’s referred to as the Military Industrial Complex that profits and manufactures consent for every single war. Nor do you even know what the WEF is, and how it’s creating a Global Reset of government control (aka Hreat Reset). They want to control us and take our guns away, while they can do whatever they want. It’s beyond sad that your mommy or daddy didn’t parent you or teach you about these things going on………. because it’s real. And either people realize that we all have more in common than not and join together, or, we do what the politicians want and are succeeding at which is to divide and conquer everyone so they don’t have to, and they can win without fighting.

        Wake up.

    • Blacks should apologize for all the black on black shootings in Chicago, after all, they are like 90% of shootings over there, Fair is fair right? Oh, they won’t? Than don’t expect whites either. What one Godless soul does doesn’t reflect upon my values, even it they are the same pigment as me.

    • Eat shit. I’ll apologize. I’m sorry leftists are idiots and their policies have resulted in 75% single parent homes for blacks as well as them committing 52% of all violent crime. Sit down, woman.

  12. Holy shit what a shit show article. If you do research you’ll see the, say for instance in 2020 the largest amount of mass shootings involving 4 or more victims was committed by blacks. Followed by whites, Hispanics and then Chinese. Way to divide the world more with the “it’s a white person thang” and before you even fucking start with another white guy showing hate, I ain’t white, but I sure am getting fucking pissed reading trash like this. What is it with you media outlets? What is your endgame here? I see it everyday where I live. 90% of all violent crimes, rape, shooting, stabbings are committed by blacks and young Muslims. What is it you don’t want to see in this truth?

    • He doesn’t even know you gotta omit gang related crime if you want to get a true estimate of the real crime stats.

      I have a degree in criminology. You have a degree in 4chan racism.

    • You have to exclude gang related shootings to actually count mass shootings. You are being disingenuous as fuck.

  13. I burst out into a quiet sob before I reached the end of this collage of mini manifestos speaking to what’s going on in our broken, broken, broken society

    We have to fix this at the root of the issue


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