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Here’s why gay people having children is the most natural thing in the world Not just because God himself—Morgan Freeman—said so.

The fact that we can even have a conversation about whether human beings should have basic civil rights that other human beings have based on whom they love is pretty fucking depressing.

There really is no place in a modern, secular society for homophobia. I think Morgan Freeman has it just right: “I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole”.

Just so. And you don’t mess with Morgan Freeman! Damn, that man is hot!

The whole idea that homosexuality is somehow “unnatural” pisses me off. Anyone with half a goddamn brain who stops to think for one bloody second ought to be able to perceive that there is a completely natural role for gay people in any society and that having gay relatives, historically, would have been a HUGE advantage.

Gay people are NATURAL ADOPTIVE PARENTS. In the event that mommy and daddy both take a dirt nap (not that unusual in the near recent past), the most natural adoptive parents would be gay couples within a family, who share a portion of genes with the surviving children. The fact is that step-children don’t do very well, particularly when one parent survives and remarries. It’s called the Cinderella effect.

You can read more about it here:

Humans are powerfully inclined to protect their own genetic offspring first. Sucks for orphans, but there you have it. But orphans who go to gay parents (who are unlikely to have their own offspring), it’s a winning situation. I don’t know the statistics for gay men, but the incidence of gay women abusing children in one study is ZERO. I’m guessing gay men have exceptionally low rates of child abuse, too. It’s pretty much impossible for gay couples to have UNWANTED children, leading to much lower rates of abuse and neglect.

Child Abuse Rate At Zero Percent In Lesbian Households, New Report Finds

Look at this family! They are beautiful, and it’s impossible to even imagine those babies are unwanted.

This is why abortion must be available and pretty much a free for all. Unwanted children lead lives of misery and grow up to be anti-social malcontents who make sure the rest of us lead lives of misery, too.

Unwanted children who are born and in need of adoptive parents are BLESSED to have gay parents. The fact that we have technology to allow gay couples to conceive their own genetic children (well, half of their own genes) is a POSITIVE. It increases the likelihood that those children will grow up in a stable, loving, caring family. Plus, two daddies, two mommies – it’s just so damn cute! A situation that calls for love, acceptance, equal rights and MATCHING SWEATER VESTS!

So for all the “homosexuality is unnatural blah blah blah” assholes in the world, fuck off. Gay people raising children could not be any MORE natural.

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