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The case for why an Amazon ‘Rings’ flop could trigger recession Economic experts are sounding the alarm: if the most important product of the world's most important company fails, it could trigger a major economic meltdown.

Amazon Studio’s $1 billion Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power bet is universally praised by critics as a sprawling ode to diversity. Yet BusinessInsider reports that the TV series that could determine the future of streaming is “falling flat with initial audiences, posing risks for Amazon and the company’s Prime membership program.”

And now economic experts are sounding the alarm. They’re warning that if Rings proves a flop, it risks slamming the brakes on a record-setting global economic expansion. The argument goes that if the most important product of the world’s most important company fails, in this current climate that could be the trigger for a major economic meltdown with far reaching consequences.

Hundreds of millions would starve. Millions more would perish of otherwise preventable or avoidable disease. World War III and even nuclear war could finally be here as nations desperate for resources renege on the traditional rules-based world order.

And indeed, the hopes and dreams of women and People of Color who wanted a place in European folkloral history will be dashed against the rocks forever.

Here’s the problem: It’s not just that Rings is the most expensive TV series ever made. And it’s not just that the success or failure of the show will play a major role in Amazon’s future profits. Along with Google and Facebook, Amazon is a top-ranking tech company. What’s really threatening is such an important entertainment investment being a flop in an era where every economy of every country everywhere is so interconnected that the collapse — or even threat of collapse — of one company could bring down all of them, in China as well as the United States.

No, they don’t support The Rings of Power. How did you know?

As well, consider that Rings isn’t just a TV show or a franchise, but through its grand aspirations has become the avatar of the very soul of our diversity-based democratic system. Anna Smol of TheConversation agrees and adds that judging the show is harmful, far-right, and “weakens our democratic social discourse.”

In short, while Amazon saved representation and diversity on the screen — crucial elements of democracy — the world could now be teetering on the edge of destruction — if it flops. It’s a nightmare scenario that could make even Donald Trump’s attempted murder of democracy on January 6 seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

People who refuse to support Rings of Power (and let’s be real, we all know the type) need to be aware of what’s at stake, because if the warnings come true and people’s lives and those of their loved ones come under threat, they will be blamed.

There is nothing on earth that could be more important to everything we hold dear right now than Amazon’s Rings. Are you with me?

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81 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">The case for why an Amazon ‘Rings’ flop could trigger recession</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Economic experts are sounding the alarm: if the most important product of the world's most important company fails, it could trigger a major economic meltdown.</span>”

  1. 1. Buy Tolkien’s notes and scoop out the meaning,
    2. Place Tolkien’s words at rectum and expel woke bs,
    3. Antagonize Tolkein fans as advertisement strategy,
    4. Whine about the consequences of their actions by media proxy

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of commies.

  2. Folks of color get one measly little TV show and the white males just won’t allow it and freak out. Typical.

    PS. My Ghanian boyfriend can beat you up.

  3. This is better comedic satire writing than the actual show. When are we going to see a bio pic of Shaka Zulu starring a ginger Irish person? Anyone who has done any reading on war knows that the number one indicator of it is mass migration to another place. In closing don’t forget your boosters this month.

  4. Seems like they didn’t know that tolkien drew inspiraqtion from the norse myth of the ring that gave the owner great wealth but destroyed and killed the owner as well. Don’t mess with Tolkien. He knew what he was about.

    • “Gave the owner great wealth but destroyed the owner as well…”

      Sounds very similar to this effect of this show on its owner Bezos.

  5. Maybe they should have made a show that didn’t shit all over the lore and timeline of the world. Maybe they should have made something that was good and reduced mythology to nonsensical tumbler tier ship-bait

  6. Rings of Power hasn’t actually gone woke (yet) and so far it isn’t bad really. I would have hated it it it actually were the Ode to Diversity the article claims, and threatening me with global economic collapse unless I like it is hardly a ringing endorsement. More like damning praise or a backhanded compliment.

    If the article’s conspiracy theory about woketards needing Rings of Power not to fail were actually true, then I sincerely hope it flops, though it would remain a guilty pleasure.

    Because it takes place in the south of the Tolkien universe near where there were always canonically supposed to have been dark skinned people ( I think I remeber from a map insert that Far Harrad and ‘dark and debatable lands’ were south of Gondor and Mordor ).

    And the series has left a few red pills brought up and in condemned so far. Hollywood always ruins things by preaching as the good writers leave after the show jumps the shark, but so far it hasn’t happened.

    I liked the first Star Wars prequel with kid Anakin though, ( but nothing after that! ). And I thought Man in the High Castle started off well. And walking Dead was fun for a while. But the money machine ruins everything and eventually it gets handed off to fourth string woke composted lifeforms.

    That is the natural Hollywood life cycle.

  7. If people reject the Rings of Power, they are saying no to diversity, which means they are racists, homophobes, and transphobes (and probably misogynists as well). The end result is inevitable: WWIII and probably another Shoah.

    Some may see this as unrealistic but make no mistake, the probability of a Nuclear War, however limited, is close to 100%. Democracy rests upon the acceptance of genuine diversity. Being Woke is the cornerstone of the Liberal Rules-Based Order. Without it, we will descend into a bigoted hell hole.

    It should be mandated that people watch Rings of Power. The very existence of what we all hold dear, is at stake. This is it.

    • Over-the-top diversity is the bane of democracy. Democracy depends upon people having similar needs, interests, and viewpoints so that a majority can make the best decisions for the whole.

      The more diversity you include, the more your solutions deny the needs of all the other people that do not meet the criteria of whatever groups makes up the majority.

      But umm… explaining that to people in a way they will understand is almost as hard as making a sarcastic comment that can be recognized as sarcasm on the internet. Nice try, though, a lot of people will think you are serious 🙂

  8. Girls, I can’t believe this.
    Rings of (Girl) Power not doing well is going to ruin our whole economy!
    Our world economy
    You don’t want the world to go to ruin don’t you?
    Watch rings of power, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
    Men you need to watch Rings of Power and do your part to help this out!
    This is so terrible! Almost as bad as Roe v Wade being overturned.
    Almost as bad as Amber Heard v J Debt trial!
    I’m literally shaking

  9. Congrats, this is literally the dumbest article I’ve seen all year. If the stakes are so high for RoP to be a success, then Amazon shouldnhave made sure the writing wasn’t horseshit and that the show wasn’t boring as hell. It has the feel and writing of a crappy CW trash show, with a billion dollar budget. Massive fail.

  10. I will watch it on repeat with mine and my wives prime accounts and yes we will 5 star and make comments. Even if the storyline, acting, and special effects all leave something to be desired.
    Remember watch your daily tiktok stream.

  11. Bezos flushing a billion dollars down the toilet is hot on the heels of Zuckerberg doubling down several times to end up with a second rate Second Life clone, who will be the next massive blunderer? Perhaps Elon when he decides to buy the most popular propagandist chat bot network on the internet for some fucking reason?
    Maybe success really is just luck, because I’m not seeing a lot of skill coming from the people that want to install themselves as our defacto leaders.

  12. oy vey this is like anuddah shoah! im jewish and this is very antisemitic of them. im a hollycaust survivor myself and i wasnt gassed 800 gorillion times just for some antisemitic racist incel chud neo nazi white supremacist hate bigots to dislike Lord of the Rings. isn’t it bad enough the original author, Tolkien, was a straight white male and therefore a nazi racist incel chud? we took RANGS from him and gave it the new diverse life he never could. and this is how white people repay us? fuck white people.

  13. Another product is made that appropriates and shits all over literary classics. It naturally bombs because it’s utter garbage and the propaganda mill and woke crazies all start churning out their overly dramatic, retard tier bullshit.

    I truly hope Russia nukes all you woke retards. …and don’t even bother trying to bring up Trump. I don’t vote. The electoral college makes it so that no vote matters and all of you retards still stupidly buy into the whole puppet show.

    • Oh wow, so if I don’t like the mediocre show they made your corpo bosses at Amazon would cause the world economy to collapse?

      I wonder how someone could degrade themselves so much as to writing such a piece. Chin-up bootlicker, Amazon ain’t worth it, protecting the hordes of corps ain’t worth it, and spending hours of my life watching that mediocrity festival for sure ain’t worth it.

  14. Sheeet nigga like wes gotta help our nigga Jeff bezos out fr. I ain’t payin any child support till the rangs of power is back on track

  15. If Rings fails then just know that it will be our generation’s George Floyd. We won’t let it go silently into the night.

  16. If this is true then right wingers have gone too far. Between hurting out country economically, not supporting our troops in the Ukaraine, and not vaccinating to stop covid they’re a legitimate danger now. I hope President Biden gets serious with them, he was right that they are domestic terrorists

  17. Deez crackases can’t muhfuggin deal wit stonk black roles, noggit. Dey lied in dem movies befo. We wuz da kangz den deez crackaz stole dem rangz. Oh lawd, dem muhfuggin rangz. Ol’ Deebo beggins know all bout dem rangz fa sho. Had me dat one rang fo a minute for some scuffed cracka elf stole dat shit. Lawd, muh rang of powah! Dey stole dem rangz from us ya’ll! Pass dat pipeweed, noggit. Dem rangz got me trippin

    • It’s so inspirational to hear from real black voices on this issue and how it affects your community and self-identity to see BIPOC people represented on the big screen. I am a good personal friend of a few of the producers on this show, and I will definitely pass on your wholehearted approval!

  18. I love my overlord Jeff Bezos and am spending my life savings on funko pops to save our democracy from the racist, transphobic, homophobic bigots who do not love Jeff Bezos.

    One day I would like to upload a copy my consciousness into a USB stick alongside a copy of Jeff Bezos’s and live like Linda and Case inside Wintermute forever. I could go on in any harsh reality knowing my clone would be in eternal bliss. Anyone who wouldn’t want this reality is a far right fascist bigot.

    Btw I haven’t watched this show because it looks boring.

  19. You braindead chuds don’t realise that this is the most important cultural work of an era, maybe ever?! One billion dollars spent, this is not your stupid video games or Japanese cartoons, these are real diverse people with feelings and they deserve our respect – and now the threat of economic collapse!! I put up with you when you elected Drumpf, I put up with you when you refused to get your fifth vaccine booster, but this is a step too far. Regular Americans will not put up with you incels crashing the global economy. Slava Ukraini and Science Bless.

    • Threatening us with economic downturn just because republicans are pouty about losing is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. At this point I’m for just rounding up all the Amazon Prime(tm) haters and putting them in labor camps.

      • Yas queen. All toxic masculine whites supremacist bigots who don’t buy Amazon products deserve death. I pray to a poster of Klaus Schwab daily waiting for the day the World Economic Forum creates a data-based mass surveillance system and centralized banking currency which can be cancelled at any time for infringements against the One State. When that day comes, we can finally rejoice that racism against white peoples choice of not watching knock off Lord of the Rings movies – that have nothing to do with the original story – with strong Black Womynx characters is over.

  20. Is it so hard for people to support one fucking show for a good cause? A little time out of your day to avert catastrophe? It’s not like it’s a sacrifice. Rings is fucking ~GOOD~, and it is fucking NEEDED, and in this household we will be watching and rewatching every minute of it.

  21. I’ve set aside time for my family to watch it together. We’ll make an event of it and watch 3 eps at a time. Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is so important for us at this time.

    • Having a family is bad for the planet. Why didn’t you abort your kids? Are you a fascist or racist PutinBot??

  22. I’d like to start by saying female literacy was a mistake.
    Next, niggers aren’t human, at best they are a hybrid between humans wand some unknown hominid, likely homo erectus.
    Then, the only reason they are put in everything is so media owning jews can torment us for historical slights, some imagined (holohoax), others fully deserved (misc pogroms in response to debt slavery of the lower classes and/or ritualistically raping children to death).
    I’ll conclude by stating that we can only have nice things when the last synagogue and its congregation are ashes and pissrael is a nuclear wasteland.
    Thanks for your attention.

  23. It’s always the same incel and redneck types boycotting these wonderful new products with representation in them. And now their cultural terror is threatening f*rking economic repression on us all. F*rk them all.

  24. This is freaking scary. Every day it seems there’s another writing on the wall for our ending. It all started with that drumppffkin getting to defile the sacred White House.

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