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How to hide a promiscuous past from your new man Sometimes the sex is so slammin' you can't risk scaring him off. Here's what you gotta do.

First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut. The fact is that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and in this year of 2023, people are free to experience sex no matter their color or creed.

Also, your current partner is the only person it could possibly concern, and that means that a wild ride is by definition the past.

In an ideal world, men wouldn’t care about our Number whatsoever. But seeing as this is still a White Supremacist patriarchy, we’re going to go ahead and assert that men absolutely will find issue with a woman having scored numbers on the higher end of the slut spectrum.

And sometimes the sex is so good you can’t risk scaring him off. This tutorial is for those times. Here’s what you gotta do.

#1. Try to find out the number of people he has slept with!

If it’s more than what you’ve bagged so far, chill. You don’t have to say anything.

#2. Lie. It’s that simple.

IMPORTANT: And then, follow up with an almost virginal act — but don’t overdo it.

#3. Tell all, if you must — but with a twist!

Like promoting a couple of bonks to an old boyfriend status… that way you can get down to telling tales of about two or three men in total.

#4. Tell the truth? MAYBE…

Some men are actually not bothered by a woman’s ‘lively’ past. But before you tell all, be sure that you are dating one such. How do you find out? Well, is he HAWT?

#5. Pretend past lovers were terrible.

And even if you have decided to reveal everything, remember that when you did, you didn’t enjoy it very much either. It’s not that it didn’t mean anything…, it’s just that with him it means so much more. So tamper your truth-or-dare with a bit of “baby, you’re the best”… always goes down well.

#6. And say they abused you.

Don’t let your man think too critically when you’re being creative with the truth. Toy with his emotions by hinting, or even saying outright, that a lot of these old “boyfriends” abused you.

#7. Do your cyber op sec and do it right.

You already knew to prune any evidence from your social media, but I bet you didn’t know you should also create a plausible cover story for missing information or blocks of time.

Blaming it on an ex hacking and vandalizing your accounts after a bad breakup is the good old trusty, but you can really cook with your creative juices here. The more elaborate and preplanned the story, the harder it will be to crack for your new dude’s prodding questions. Have an answer to every question. Most importantly — have fun!

#8. And finally: always bring trusted friends in on the conspiracy.

One more thing, make sure your friends are briefed. You don’t want to be in a social situation where one of them suddenly blurts out, “Do you remember when we were in Ibiza and you did it with three men on one night?” in front of your man.

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212 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">How to hide a promiscuous past from your new man</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Sometimes the sex is so slammin' you can't risk scaring him off. Here's what you gotta do.</span>”

  1. Comments on this piece will now be closed. Cleaning up the repeated raids from various incel communities and subreddits is labor intensive and emotionally abusive.

  2. Ceo Fresh Stutter and I both agree that most men, no matter the race, do not want to wife any hoes. They are for recreational use only! That would be like paying for a meal at the homeless shelter. She is easy! This also is not a double standard. Women are just okay with being in a relationship with hoes. Men are hoes by nature, that’s how the world was made. We spread the seed woman grow the seed. Why would we want a long term relationship with a woman who will potentially grow another man’s seed?

  3. Women: Why won’t men just believe all women?? Do they hate women or something?

    Also Women: Manipulate his emotions by lying to him and telling him that your ex boyfriends assaulted you!!

  4. The thumbnail is comical.

    if this girl had a past with a bunch of ugly black dudes, you bet she was ugly as fuck and extremely overweight and couldn’t do better, then she started working out, got fit, dumped the black dude so she could finally pull an average White man.

    Now you’re the White man, why would you even start a relationship with her? She’s already tainted, with STDs and lowered to the maximum

  5. For all three cohorts, women who married as virgins had the lowest divorce rates by far. Eleven percent of virgin marriages (on the part of the woman, at least) in the 1980s dissolved within five years. This number fell to 8 percent in the 1990s, then fell again to 6 percent in the 2000s. For all three decades, the women with the second lowest five-year divorce rates are those who had only one partner prior to marriage.Wolfinger’s data revealed that in the 1980s and 1990s, the highest five-year divorce rates were reserved for women who had two partners. The effect was particularly strong in the 1980s, when these women had divorce rates of 28 percent, substantially higher than those of their peers who had ten or more sex partners prior to marriage (18 percent).The highest five-year divorce rates of all are associated with marrying in the 2000s and having ten or more premarital sex partners: 33 percent.“Perhaps it is not unexpected that having many partners increases the odds of divorce. The greater surprise is that this only holds true in recent years; previously, women with two partners prior to marriage had the highest divorce rates,” said Wolfinger.

  6. A promiscuous girl is like a cookie a bunch of other people licked. Was nice at one point, but now is just gross.

  7. Don’t listen to anything this writer is saying unless you want to be dumped before your wedding or divorced after the “love of your life” finds out you lied about your past. This is the world’s worst advice unless you want to be 37 and divorced with a couple of cats.

  8. Whoever wrote this article, a big bravo! Can’t get more shallow than that. Shows a lot about the writer’s past. Poor young girls reading this, you are learning from a great example.

  9. The only reason they would bring up white supremacy while suggesting hiding their past from their current man, is if they were currently dating a white man. Because the image shows a white girl with only black men in the background. And if she is now dating a white man, then this means that she wants to have white children or is looking for a beta bucks provider who she can manipulate. This was either written by a brainwashed white feminist or a progressive gnome bitch. I do see white girls riding the diversity CC and then still expecting to have white daughters later on in life. This is purely evil and selfish. White men built a better world and you want to trash it just for a little fun. What a bunch of idiots. You do realize that BWC is a thing, and we have a larger cerebral cortex overall. So you’re actually just being taught to hate yourselves. Our culture is superior in comparison to Zionism or weak ghetto crap. This new woke political culture is worthless hypocrisy. Our superior prefrontal cortex built society. Not promiscuity and sex addiction.

  10. don’t ask about her past, just go to bed with her and while making love ask her to give you some head. If she gives a skillful, enthusiastic, blow job then she’s had lots of practice!
    What about sex. Is she adventurous in bed? confident?….if so, you have your answer!

    • ding ding ding ding!!!

      It’s easy to ferret out street ferrets just have to see how their words always counter their actions like this…

  11. This is fucking disgusting. As a woman, I take offense to this. Whoever dedicated time to writing this, rot in Hell.

  12. You should be jailed for number 6. You are digusting for Suggesting any of them, but you should be brought în by the police for number 6. People need to understand there are consequences to actions, you need to understand this.

  13. It’s easy to tell if a woman is a disgusting whore:

    Tattoos, piercings, weird dyed hair
    Male “best” friend, hoe friends, male friends
    Bad family relationship
    “Progressive”, or liberal
    Believes in sexual “liberation”, AKA being liberated from a husband and children.

    Top 5 biggest thot professions for women:
    Registered Nurse
    Flight Attendant
    Hair Dressers

  14. Everything about this is disgusting. Now tell us how to turn back the odometer, lie about a 20 year old leaky roof when selling your home etc. The author LITERALLY says there is nothing wrong with being a slut so if that is TRUE, then why LIE ABOUT IT? Because EVERYTHING is wrong about being a slut. You can no longer use the word “intimate” when discussing sex with your new man because nothing is “intimate” when it has had more DNA in it than a lab in Wuhan. Second of all, every man a woman sleeps with increase the likelihood she cheats and cannot pair bond with her man OR her kids. Plus, these women are DAMAGED goods. MEN want women with self respect and restraint. NO MAN wants a woman for a wife who is like the door knob of the public library where every man has had a turn. So the solution to highly immoral behavior is MORE immoral behavior, but hopefully you have trapped him into a marriage with a kid or two all based on a LIE about what he actually paid for before he divorces you.

  15. This is absolute garbage. Any woman would that believes this and has this mentality probably wonders why men are opting out and not even wanting to deal with today’s women. I’m personally in my late 40s never been married and single and I probably never will get married because of this type of woman being the vast majority.

  16. This is why RedPill is important for a man to catch the lies of these bitches. This is equivalent of a man duping girls by faking rich lifestyle. Take note of everything, a slut won’t suddenly become a good girl after being in a relationship with you. You are not special, it you were, then you would have already caught her lies.

  17. I just want to say, lies fall apart.

    Crazy made-up stories like this will fall apart. Your friend will slip up, or you’ll forget a detail, one little miss and tbe whole thing can unravel.

    It’s far more compelling to be honest with someone you’re building a connection with and that forms a much stronger basis for a relationship.

    If I found out my girl was doing this shit she’d be on the curb in a heartbeat.

  18. So to be clear….

    It’s not bad to be a professional seen receptacle, but here is how you hide it? Why are you hiding it if there is nothing wrong with it? Oh….right….”white supremacist patriarchy” or whatever word salad of buzzwords you used.

    As a man, let me let you in a little secret: #1 means jack shit. Yes, it is a double standard, but for a reason you aren’t going to like. Women are the gatekeepers to sex. Men are the gatekeepers of relationships. And this advice you’re giving all but guarantees that you will end up alone, depressed, and full of regrets. Men don’t want whores. Sorry. We want a woman who ACTS like a whore WITH US. Just as I don’t expect Brad Pitt to saw his legs off for a role as an injured Marine, but I expect him to ACT like one.

    This whole article is doublespeak bullshit, and you know it. Thus, you hid your name. You won’t even put your name on this dumpster sized piled of flaming dog shit. Because you KNOW it’s terrible advice. “Find the man you love, then lie to him. Hell, get your friends to lie to him as well! That will NEVER backfire!”…perhaps you should aim for more realistic, helpful advice. Like “stop giving your pussy away like free samples at Costco”? While we’re on that metaphor, imagine that your pussy is a tub of good guacamole. Now imagine, instead of portioning it out (since you can’t portion your pussy) people just came along, jammed their finger in there to geta taste, and went back on their way. Imagine some people feeding the people they’re with and then putting that same finger back into the tub of guac. Would you rather be the first person to try that guac? Or the one scraping their knuckles on the bottom? See the point now? I tried to make the symbolism as simple as possible, seeing as I have to believe at least SOME of you are dumb enough to take this advice to heart.

    • Perfect analogy. Well done. This was an absolute dumpster fire of an “article”. Most of these are gross, some are shocking, #6 is criminal. The author of this garbage has legit emotional/mental issues

  19. Not only lying but trying to make others join your manipulation. There is no love or care in any of this. You will wake up one day in empty room and empty feeling in your soul and no amount of casual sex and lies is going to fill it up.

    You’ve done it to yourself.

  20. You know lets forget about White Supremacy for a moment and take notes from Islam, regarding women…
    Lets bring stoning back in style.

  21. After reading this article, I’ve decided I’m going to invest heavily in Pfizer and Purina due to them making Xanax and cat food, respectively. I’ll also invest in several wineries for good measure. In about ten years from now, the collective bad decisions of the women monumentally stupid enough to think this is good advice will make me a billionaire.

  22. All men loves sluts, they just don’t want to marry one, as past behaviour indicates future behaviour.

    Women gatekeep access to sex, men gatekeep access relationships. You pay your money and make your choice.

  23. “First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut.”

    The post goes on to explain that you can either be honest about it, in which case he’ll dump you if he’s worth a damn, or you’re going to have to lie about it and poison your relationship from the beginning.

    So, yes, there’s something wrong with being a slut: you won’t be able to have an honest relationship with a decent man.

  24. i just pretend to be a super progressive, kind, loving, open-hearted guy, then i get her drunk and pressure her into telling me the truth
    if her bodycount is too high then i just slowly become a shittier uglier person and make her lose interest in me
    your reputation stays clean this way
    i don’t expect her to be a virgin though, i just want her to be in the same ballpark as me, no giga sluts please, thanks

    keep in mind that i’ve only done this three times, dumped the first two girls, and now i’m dating the third girl

    pair bonding is real, and roasties just refuse to admit it
    either you pair bond with your partners, or you’re a brainless insectoid monkey with zero emotions

      • And what does his age have to do with women manipulating and lying? So with your assumption of OP’s age, I can do the same to you. You are a female, single, mid 30’s early 40’s on your phone getting upset at the comments that hurt your fee fees. Then in turn, start crying about OP’s comment, (which 100% true backed by stats and personal experience) and then try to make his post null and void but speculating the guy’s age being young and stupid. Classic female deflection of accountability. Well you can only deflect for so long. Lol I can’t to hear your speculation of me. LOL let the shaming language begin…….heads up because I’ve heard it all.

      • And what does his age have to do with women manipulating and lying? So with your assumption of OP’s age, I can do the same to you. You are a female, single, mid 30’s early 40’s on your phone getting upset at the comments that hurt your fee fees. Then in turn, start crying about OP’s comment, (which 100% true backed by stats and personal experience) and then try to make his post null and void but speculating the guy’s age being young and stupid. Classic female deflection of accountability. Well you can only deflect for so long. Lol I can’t to hear your speculation of me. LOL let the shaming language begin…….heads up because I’ve heard it all.

  25. “First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut.”


    I’ve bagged over 650 well-endowed manlets in my search for a HVM and I get so triggered when white supremacists call me a sl*t just for having fun

        • Lie about…abuse??? Are you serious? I mean the trash site but I have a feeling you’re really offering the pain and suffering MANY women go thru as a cheap way to get out of saying you’re a cum dumpster…man, I fucking hate this planet.

      • I hope all you whores die from syphilis. Telling women to lie about being abused? And trying think this to White Superiority? You’re a dumb bitch.

          • lol you went straight for his junk, ok then, Tell me you are fat, tatted up, with poosy lips down to the floor, and got ghosted for the 3rd time this week , without telling me that you are fat, tatted up, with poosy lips down to the floor, and got ghosted for the 3rd time this week LMFAO!

  26. She starts off the article with this.

    “First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut.”

    In her mind that’s fine. For high value men that she would want to attract it would be a huge red flag. No high value male is going to want a woman who rides the cock carousal. She knows this, which is why she encourages woman to lie. Why lie if there is “absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut”?

    But keep listening to this fool.

    • It’s very simple. Men don’t like women who’ve slept around “too much” because studies show that women who’ve had more than 30 partners are psychologically impaired when it comes to Pair Bonding, in other words they have a harder time staying in a loving relationship with just one man, and since the legal system in Western countries is so geared to favoring women, men know they are going to get screwed so to speak, financially, emotionally, etc when the woman they married gets bored and wonders off with another man.

      • Absolutely true. Since thousands of years!
        In Islam all brides must be virgins! And betrayal means stoning. (But men should have experience. )

        My point: There are also STD! And no man wants to pay lifelong for the child of another man.

  27. I just tell my current LVM ATM that I don’t enjoy sex at all, but for him I’ll do it – if he’ll pay my rent and buy all my meals.

    • So you are a whore? You sell your shit to men and think that you are slaying. LOL You are a whore. Nothing more.

      • Lol totally disgusting. Even telling people to come up with abuses. The person that wrote this doesn’t worth to piss on if she where on fire.

        Whoever agree with this shit is nothing but a piece of sht whore and should be ashamed of looking your victim in the eye.

    • I guess that is how many women live day by day.

      That don’t really like their mates, but the comfort they offer.
      Insinsere. ☹️

  28. #6. And say they abused you.
    Don’t ever wonder why people don’t believe women about being raped or abused when you give shit fucking advice like this

    • This is the most disgusting article I have ever read. Disgraceful on every level I really hope it was a joke. Women are not like this, well no woman I know. I feel sorry for a man that ends up with a disgrace of a woman like this

  29. Is this article written by a handicapped person? This was that stupidest thing I’ve ever read. No women shouldn’t be slut shammed but they also shouldn’t sleep with 200 + people. There is a line and womens double standards about that line are hillarious. Guarantee if the authors “man” had slept with over 200 people she would have a problem with it.

    • Nothing at all wrong with Slut Shaming. We need to get back to that, if we want to fix the ills of our society. It’s broken, and we are going to be replaced, because we aren’t procreating enough to even replace our population. That’s one reason neither side of the aisle wants to fix the illegal immigration problem. Without immigration, or population would be declining. Birth rate of 1.6, when it takes 2.3 just to maintain the current population.

  30. The only ones that are going to care about body count are insecure dudes. The root of not wanting a “slut” is being threatened because you aren’t her best lover. That’s it. Some fragile dudes can’t handle that they aren’t the best. I don’t give a fuck how many disks you’ve sucked as long as you can get sloppy with it. I have no need to be the best you’ve ever had, just as long as I can have my way with your body I’m good.

      • This shows complete immaturity level of some people. Manipulation & Lies is always best in relationships. This is disgusting to lie especially about abuse by another man just so your current one still screws you.

        • REAL sounds like a low value man who knows he’s low value, and thus has to just be happy with whatever table scraps get tossed his way.

          A King doesn’t eat from another man’s plate. Neither does the Baker, the Cobbler, the Farmer, or even the Court Jester…not if they have any self respect.

    • This is a joke. Flip the roles and women would loose their minds. Real men don’t care what your past is unless it’s still affecting you in a negative way. Boys get upset about how many other people she slept with. Your article is a fallacy and is promoting problems and division. Especially with your White Supremacist Patriarchy BS.

    • Spoken like an absolute beta-ass, sloppy second having, smegma⁰ male. Want ur sis back when im done with her or is that where u draw the line lmao

    • Be honest. It gets boring. If she’s (or he’s) got a massive number they’ve got emotional issues and why are you sticking you dick in crazy for?

  31. I once tricked a girl I’d been dating into divulging her true (or more accurate) past by pretending I didn’t care, saying I’d dated a girl in college who slept with 80+ guys (this was a lie of course)
    So she told me she probably slept with 30 or so guys, most of which was during a ‘party phase’ the summer prior, including fucking a Ketamine dealer and his friends for free drugs
    That was the last time I saw her IRL, dumped her that weekend via text lmao

    • You gotta pretend to not care. Its very important to make her feel totally accepted and comfortable with whatever she tells you….THEN you can make the decision to either dump or stay depending on whether you think her past is tame enough for you.

      Anon used a perfect example…make up another girl you slept with whos been with a ridiculous number of men, say like 90+ guys (this will be a lie of course) and she’ll be more inclined to open up to you, especially if youre out having drinks and shes into you, because after hearing about the other girl she can no longer be the sluttiest girl youve been with if shes ONLY been with 40 guys etc etc.

      Youll be surprised by the amount a girl is willing to divulge if she feels comfortable that you wont “slut shame” her

      • I have considered this, but this is what I am worried about. What if I tell her what you said, but she thinks that I’m some sort of beta or some shit because I’m okay with being romantically involved with a woman that was an absolute used up slut? Wouldn’t that make me look like someone who settles for whatever human cum dump I can get with?

        • It doesnt matter if she thinks your a beta, because you WONT be a guy who settles for a roastie, youll be a guy who dumps a roastie the second you find out about her past being too much.
          As I said in the other post, you only lie in rder for them to spill the beans. Once they do, THEN you decide whether you want to stay or go depending on how comfortable you are about her past.

        • Nah you can play it off as that made up girl being a “mistake” and that you prefer her lower body count. Say how much of a problem it was for the relationship and that the relationship ultimately ended because of her past. Tell her some shit like “I simply got tired of her still talking to her previous lays, and I dont want a woman who isn’t entirely devoted to me”

      • This article is disgusting. Women like this are why men won’t get married. You’re filth, lurking in the shadows, trying to pounce on a man and obduct him with lies since you know he wouldn’t bat an eye at you if he saw you in the light.

        Hope your eggs shrivel up and you live a meaningless life with all that sec you’re having. Since that’s all you’ll ever be good for.

        While your friends who were relationship oriented post on their instagram how happy they are with their children on vacation, you’ll be alone in your alartment wishing you never had that abortion. You slut(s)

      • I pumped and dumped 10 white girls because they all had this same entitled bitch mindset. I’m now happily married to a puerto rican traditional catholic woman who saved herself for marriage. #boycottswokewomen

    • Honestly, obsessing like that is just being paranoid as fuck. What is more important is being observant of her behavior/personality, who her friends are, her relationship with her family (especially her father). A dumb whore cannot avoid showing red flags. Personally I don’t expect any woman to be some chaste pure virgin because it just is not possible. I really don’t want to babysit a woman and always check up on her all the time just to make sure she isn’t being a whore, that is a horrific waste of time and energy.

    • Done this before also, works a treat. Usually I play along for a bit and then make up a reason later for ghosting her ass so she doesn’t get scared about telling the next guy.

  32. …….. I’m not sure how to even comprehend what I just read. This is disturbing on so many levels

    • I hate when chef Ramsey goes to normal American zah places and then calls them bad. Like ok it’s not some fancy stupid French pizza with thin crusts and leaves on top, but a good zah is supposed to be doughy with lots of oil and grease and meat. When I see him order big greasy zah and it falls apart when he tries to eat it, I think “damn, that looks like some good zah”

  33. None of these ‘tactics’ will save the modern whore because any man with a modicum of awareness will rightfully assume any given w*man without an intact hymen is a slut with a double digit body count by default, and treat them accordingly. #NoHymenNoDiamond

      • This is satire so don’t get too worked up over the glaringly insane ideas presented. This is so over the top that I had to check the site name to verify its authenticity (just for the LULZ). Everyone go back to your virginal wives and daughters and ignore this joke site.

  34. Imagine a life where you have never been great at anything, never felt the urge to be great at anything, never felt that magnetic admiration to someone who was great at something, wanted to imitate and ultimately defeat him. Just nothing. Literally all you do in life is exist. Occupy space. pass the time. You’re a chick.

    You’re bored, as usual, tweeting about your fucking hair and not even feeling any kind of happiness from it, just soothing your constant need to be bitter and cunty and petty toward other women. Every single thing you’ve done in the past year was mundane, shallow, and boring. You spent the last six hours reading kinda-interesting Reddit stories about people who made interesting Halloween hats for their kids or some stupid bullshit that you think is interesting and you may say is interesting but you’re not really sure if it’s really interesting. You’re just fucking sitting there, gestating, fermenting, with a moist hole between your legs that guarantees you’ll at least never have to get up and move around and work to support yourself.

    And then you see men, over in some corner, having fun. You’ve never seen this before. What are they even doing? Instead of their consciousnesses merely sitting in their thick skull and revolving around itself, they are imbuing their conscious energy and intentionality into external objects, crafts, goals, projects. All the bitterness and cuntiness you feel nonstop seems to be absent, as they congratulate each other for being victorious, and happily learn from someone who defeated them. These creatures are truly content to be alive. They have found purpose in a purposeless universe.

    And your gaze turns back on itself, on your self, and you realise you’ve never had that. You can never have it. You’re just a stupid cunt.

    So you get up, you walk over there, and you fucking ruin everything. Just ruin the whole fucking thing. The five seconds of attention you get will be worth destroying it. Because you’re a woman.

  35. The great lie of this article is that the only consequence of being a whore is scorn from men. It is not. Promiscuity harms women. A slut might be able to hide her lack of virtue from a naive man. But she cannot escape what she has done to herself. If you are slut now, you will not be able to pair bond with a man in the future. As a result, you will NEVER feel the happiness that comes from the fruit of pair bonding. You will never have a satisfying relationship with a husband. You will never feel the requisite connection to your children needed to be a good mother.
    Men value virtue above all else because men know that every dick you consume lessens the likelihood that you will be a satisfactory mate. Truth.

  36. My drunk ass girlfriend just told me that she’s had sex with over a two hundred guys. She said, “I was a real slut in college. You forgive me, don’t you baby?” Whoa. And then she passed out with her head in my lap.

    We’ve been in a relationship for over two years and live together. We don’t use condoms.

    What do?

    • >I was a real slut in college.
      4 years * 364 / 200 guys = new guy every 7.3 days. Since it was over two hundred guys, let’s just make it a nice even 1 guy every week. Given that she probably had sex with each guy an average of 3 times, and the average dick was probably the national average of 5.5 inches, and it probably took an average of 100 thrusts per session to cum, we’re looking at

      100 thrusts per session * 3 sessions * 11 inches (5.5 inches in, 5.5 inches out) = 3300 inches of dick per week. 200 weeks * 3300 inches of dick per week = 660000 inches of dick, which is 10.42 miles.

      Your girlfriend has had 10.42 miles of dick inside her. Get in your car, and drive 10.42 miles, and think of dicks laid end-to-end the whole way. She’s had that much dick.

      She’s a high-mileage slut, and her snatch has no user- serviceable parts.

  37. Any women that think this article or acting like this is ok, is nothing but pure trash and you deserve aids

    • No one is going to marry a whore!!!
      Men of any worth are realising that cam whores…will always be cam whores!!!
      Yes your dick count…actually counts!!!
      We will eventually find out that a Filthy slut, is a filthy SLUT!!!
      Do not listen to cunts like this trying to get you to sink to the depths of depravity they have…just to justify their own basement dwelling will!!!

      Be better girls!!! It’s not hard, just look for good men early and drown out the the fash/ femme noise!!!

      You are desired, you are wanted!!! Only if you are not a Slut!!!

  38. Altho I find this article repulsive, please know that there is a group of even more disgusting and repulsive people coming after several violent, pedophilic and terrorist channels and hate/Incel terrorrists groups in the Internet and Telegram. This article didn’t reach it’s target audiende (guilable, easy to manipulate women with low self esteem) but instead, it got to many women hater and Incel channels such as Femoids Unleashed on Telegram. This channel encourages and promote extreme acts of violence, rape, incest, pedophilia and terrorism on a daily bases. To the editors, users and readers, please do the same, raid that channel back, denounce it publicly and also ask to the Telegram moderators to take that channel and that type of content down from their platform.

    • You sound pretty gay. Maybe you should go and better yourself.

      Have a nice day and leave the nice telegram people alone.

  39. Nobody wants a used up roastie whore. You’re damaged goods and deserve everything feminism has given you.

  40. You will never be loved
    You will never be respected
    You will rembember what is like to be human again
    Your ”children” won’t look like you
    Your ”children” will never love you
    You will raise your ”children” alone
    True men will be repulsed by you as if you were a mound of feces
    You are a shame to your whole family
    All your friends are fake

    You will PAY THE TOLL

  41. “First of all, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut.”

    Then why go to such lengths to hide it?

    2 seconds into the “article” and you invalidated yourself.

    FYI women like this stick out like a sore thumb to any worthwhile successful dude, their prospects for a husband dwindle dramatically once they hit the wall (probably less than 30 yrs old lol).

  42. Shalom my fellow Jews. I come to remind you something of the utmost importance: we must never forget the history of miscegenation in our religion, remember that when we were on Mount Sinai at our peak we were a mixed and raceless people. Moses, our greatest prophet, chose his wife as the beautiful Ethiopian Black woman named Zipporah; she gave him two beautiful non-European caramel-colored children from whom many Levites descend.

    We must never commit racism against our Black brothers and sisters in particular; Remember that when Miriam complained about Zipporah’s skin color, God cursed her with leprosy, clearly we don’t want Yahve to punish us like that. Our great King Solomon married the Queen of Sheba, who gave him a Black bull son who rule Ethiopia. If anything, Blacks are more jewish than ourselves, if anything we should become more like them than they like us.

    And let’s not forget that jews ultimately come from a vast array of sub-Saharan ethnic groups, we jews and sub-Saharans share a favourite tradition – circumscision, this is something we must never forget. The Lembas in particular have the highest Cohen halogroup rate of all, they are the true jews and we must merge with them as common jews. Today judaism, with jewishness, is largely brown with many fake “jews” masquerading as White, tomorrow it will be black.

    First, Palestinians will convert to judaism, this bloody conflict will end, and jewish genetics will be enriched, then all non-Europeans will convert to judaism so to enrich us even further.

    jews will not survive if we don’t go into multicultural mode. We are living proof that we cannot carry the burden of race, our inter-generational diseases dictate that we failed the moment we sought out to become a race, we must correct this failure once and for all. It’s necessary that we leave racial epoch to the Europeans. jewish miscegenation with all non-Europeans is essential for the survival of jewry and the prosperity of all.

  43. Seriously y’all, I used to think I was a wild girl when I was a young Gen Xer, but you Millennial and Zoomer women have made us look like nuns! No one my age would have even imagined a “body count” of over 100 the way I hear some of you brag about. How do you not all have STDs? Wait, you probably do, nm

    • Women generally don’t have the time or generosity to pity fuck most white boys. Give me an A-lister sure I’ll do it. Otherwise blacked is the next best option.

      • I am not white, mongrel. I dont care, I was just calling it out because its weird as f*ck and looks like a fetish. You are another garbage that will never ever be loved. Enjoy the STDs, anti-depressants and anxiety.

        • Just realized it might be a troll or a 500 pound “white” women from the US, whatever the case my above comment stands.

        • Well sorry asian won’t do it either. I’ve never seen anyone I know go for one at least. Ryan Gosling or black …… or go home. Sorry.

          • And yet the statistics say otherwise.
            Enjoy your solo-raised half-cast baby and black eye though.

          • Erica is either a Black guy trying to promote what he wants, or a mediocre white chick who is overweight, and or ugly.

      • LMAO, you women really think a man of worth isn’t going to know you’re a disgusting whore? The men that don’t, you will not want, and the men you do want, will not wife up a easy, used up, ran through thot. There are easy tells that a woman has a high body count: tattoos, piercings, bad family relationship, hoe friends, male *friends*, liberal arts degrees.

        It’s gonna be a rough rest of your life for you hoes. You’ve just cemented your reality to a cold, lonley apartment with your cats, dogs, and boxed wine.

    • For every white woman that I consider dating, I ways scour the internet for pics and vids of them first. Invariably, I always find photos of them smooching blacks or even straight up interracial porno vids on onlyfans or something.

  44. What a sad Individual wrote this tripe. Like you will ever find love or happiness by lying and deceiving people, oh and on top of that, being a whore. Gross, JFC

    • @Veronika H., maybe you can explain why this website drew first blood by linking BMWF couplings with promiscuity and shame, in the first place. That photo is trash, and the article is also trash. Together they are more toxic than any website raid.

  45. I am a EU researcher (DEP) working with Swedish SAPO and thought I’d give notice to the site administrator that this comments section is under trolling assault by misogynists from a hate site. Threads on 4chan boards linked to sexism, racism, transphobia, and terrorism are instructing “incels” to come here to troll you.

    • Shut up, Veronika. Stop making this look like a coordinated attack by a shady and powerful web terrorist organization of big evil people lmao. Some nerds saw this outrageous article and linked it on a forum and people are coming here to comment because…its outrageous. Go get a real job worthless parasite.

    • Shut up veronika and get the fuck out of that white country of Sweden. Your kind just ruin and genocide whites.

    • Damn Veronika, thanks for the tip! I am sure you are enjoying life in Swedistan with all these invading orcs giving you “attention”.

    • @Veronika H.

      Hahahahahaha, oh wow I love it! If you can’t fight arguments, destroy opposition by degrading them to sexists, racists, homophobists, terrorist (wtf xD) and incels.

      Sorry to break it to you, but if you are promiscuous woman, then you will be called a slut.. Cause you are one.

      “Researcher” xD Sure, sweety, sure! xD

    • Prove to me the word “incel” has any meaning. You can’t. You just dehumanize your opponent to make a case of not making a case of them at all. You shitfling inane words like misoginist, sexist, blablabla to win arguments. “If they are contrary of my opinion, the mainstream opinion, I’ll just dehumanize them and call them incel!”
      “We call ourselves the anti bad guy squad because everyone that aren’t us are definitely the bad guys.”

    • Hi! Well, so I work for all homosapiens and I wanted to inform you that you are a human dumpster fire if you are trying to help the creator of this despicable, trashy piece in any fashion. REREAD #6, you rolled-up booger.

    • Shut up you hypocritical brainwashed moron. I would like to make a note that your politically dictated woke culture is an attack on all western values, culture, and its people. And is a form of war. And that I will be making a TikTok account to speak directly to the masses about how you openly spread shame and guilt on the basis of skin tone while under that guise of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Thus, making you nothing but a hypocrite. Burn in HELL witch.

    • I gave a chance one of “these” girls. I knew everything about her past but she didn’t know i know it. She wanted sex after we spend some time together but i wanted to build up a relationship. She was completely unable to contribute anything but pussy to it. She had no power. I tried to adjust her. No chance. she jumped on next dick that showed up. Than she expected some sort of drama but i just told her i’m very disappointed and hung up in the middle of her crying. Timescale: one month. She’s 40.

    • that is not how it works. Only a very specific and small (in contrast to the rest of the population) of men have a ton of casual sex. On the other hand women are smashing it left and right. Even if half the men who are smashing it hard stopped doing it, it would have very little impact on how sex life and the sexual market looks like in the western/non traditional countries.

      It is also worth to mention, that to this day, no civilisation with recorded history managed to have control over women sex life or reproductive capabilities. So as others anon said this is a “thing” only women can fix among themselfs. Sadly thanks to the break in control in the 60s there is zero chance of it ever happening in the west (bar large scale invasion from the outside and the “death” of west).

    • All guys gotta do is act like they want a nasty girl with pornstar level skills. That shit is all guys gotta do to make a wh0re drop her conservative act. Get her drunk just to be sure, and start suggesting swinger parties, threesomes, cheat days, etc.

      If she agrees, dump her. She belongs in the street.

    • “Women” like this are immature and lack a true moral compass. They’re stuck being a teenager; 14 going on 40. You are best to avoid women like this other than to contribute to the long list of eggplants in their journey of feeling “empowered.”

      You’ll constantly have fights with her, endless drama, sleepless nights as she texts you about all her anxiety, how you made her feel even more oppressed and any other feminist trope they latch on to in their quest to avoid accountability.

      They will never admit it’s their fault. They’ll never admit sleeping around causes mental instability. The burden of blame will always fall on you throughout the relationship. And then they end up alone in their 40s, with their antidepressant refill in hand, glass of wine filled to the top, while they post a garbage article like this to encourage the next wave of women to be “strong and independent.” The cycle will never end…

      Caveat emptor!

  46. “How to hide a promiscuous past from your new man”
    That’s breach of consent. Do you realize this is an actual rape manual?

  47. I was blown away at the idea that we have a moral compass of sorts that we very much experience and yet we often choose to do that which we know is wrong, or in other words, we sin.
    If promiscuity is social permissible (see current year) and yet we also sense that it is wrong, where does that law come from??

    “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis (an atheist for the first half of his life)



  49. I remember my first bbc like it was yesterday. Crack fumes wafted through the air, carrying a scent of poverty and below retard level IQ. My eyes met the gaze of what would be my first foray into this sensual, diverse, inclusive and equitable experience. Suddenly, one of the walls exploded, and Alex Jones burst into the room. It was hard to understand him over his gas mask and full mop gear. I passed out. When I awoke, I was inside some kind of underground laboratory. Alex Jones had captured 4 peruvian lizard people, and was running anti-globalist experiments on them. Alex had devised a torture so painful, it still makes me seethe to this day. He…. he would set shekels on fire, and lean over the lizard man while doing so, and kept repeating that central banks had no power over him. He then donned his mop gear, and told me it was to prevent semetic aromas from clouding his superior judgement. He believed he had developed a vaccine for Judaism. Fortunately, Klaus Schwab and the globalists burst into his lab and managed to stop him from injecting me with his cure. Somehow, Jones escaped, and managed to flood the Rio Grande and foil Klaus’s attempts to ramp up diversity. I… I still hear his manaiacal cackles. The images in my head of burning shekels won’t go away, no matter how many times I go to therapy. I think the only way to fix my pain is to open a children’s transgender clinic in Tel Aviv

    • Men and boys listen the rate of diseases that condoms wont protect your from (herpes warts etc.) Has skyrocketed and no “slut” especially a liar is worth that. Prostitutes are cheaper and easier to deal with though I recommend neither. If you cant find a decent girl with traditional values abstain until you can and let everyone else collect Sores warts and a hard time.

  50. Women are just children. If you told small children that they were full adults and created a million political and social systems for them to LARP as adults (but never told them it was all a LARP), then children would be running around like miniature versions of adults, oblivious to how silly they look, wearing suits and voting and saying things like we must vote for the lellow candidate, he will ensure we have pasghetti every night. It wouldn’t even be fair to them, because children aren’t equipped to know the difference between children and adults. They are too immature to know they’re immature.

    The current situation of women is literally NO different from this. Women are in many cases even less mature than, say, a preteen boy. Preteen boys since time immemorial have hunted, responsibly operated tools and firearms, worked, helped their father, etc. Women can’t do any of this, they’re literally less mature than a 10 year old boy, with poorer impulse control. And we don’t let 10 year old boys vote.

    Just like with the above example, it’s not fair to women to expect them to act responsibly. They are too immature to know they’re immature. If you give them a society and lie to them that they’re mature adults, just like men, they will go around spending all their money on literal face paint and babbling nonsense about their ephemeral feelings, and thinking this is what adults do. They’ll literally cry like a little baby in the senate chamber about how someone was mean to them, and think because they’re wearing pants and talking about bills and legislation like a man does, they’re the same as a male legislator.

    Women will always take what they’re given, squander it and ruin it, and ask for more. That’s their nature. We’re the ones who keep giving it to them. The only thing that has changed is our own collective delusion that they’re people. If you shouted in a deep masculine baritone Hey! Get the fuck out of here! Stop crying in the senate chamber! You don’t belong here! a woman’s instinctive race consciousness would awaken, she would know deep in her bones and blood that you are right, and she would go home and be quiet. Women are literally waiting for us to come to our own senses and restore order any time, they themselves are unconsciously calling out for an end to this nonsense.

    • It’s ok honey, STDs usually produce NO symptoms in women, so he won’t notice a thing! Until he starts having symtpoms, and then you just deny everything and blame him!

    • Head over to the hardware store. A little sandpaper and windex should clean it up in no time.

  51. My girl friend showed me her bert hole and said that her berthole was the way it was because her ex bf had an abused her and then she make me cry becase when man abused women the bert hole become bad.

  52. This article just convinced me to convert to Islam. Women are animals and should be beaten. Often.

  53. Careful sweetheart, the cock caroussel is nothing but plastic horses the last time around

  54. The wailing of roasties in about 5-10 years is going to be musical. Even now, the desperate texts from multiple women after I decide to dump them and move on to younger women are a sight to behold. They just don’t quite get it. They’ve destroyed the social contract and even the chumps roasties could depend on before literally hate them. I truly think there will be a decade of rape by the invisible lower 50%, in which the upper caste allows. Punishment first, working out the details later.

  55. Let’s say hypothetically, a women were to sleep with 100s of men and had miles of cock down their throat and vagina. The Webster dictionary has it that a slut is defined as a promiscuous person : someone who has many sexual partners. Hypothetically speaking, that would make you a slut.

    Also hypothetically, would anyone happen to know if AOC is a slut and will she send me feet pics? Hypothetically speaking of course.

  56. I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl – reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

    Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you’re lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

    As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

    • To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand cuckolding. The kink is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of intersectional feminism most of the empowerment will go over a typical cuck’s head. There’s also the Bull’s aggressive outlook, which is deftly woven into his role – his personal mannerisms draw heavily from the mating habits of bovine animals, for instance. The cucks understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of being cuckolded, to realize that it’s not just arousing – it says something deep about DIVERSITY. As a consequence people who dislike cuckolding truly ARE idiots – of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the power of when the woman says “leave the room Carl you’re breaking Tyrone’s concentration,” which itself is a cryptic reference to the plight of African-American males in the United States. I’m smugly grinning right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as The Bull’s strong African seed ejaculates itself on my wife. What bigots… how I pity them. And yes by the way, I DO have a cuck tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for The Bull’s eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they’re within 7 inches above of my own (preferably higher) beforehand.

      • Ok weirdo. Our superior prefrontal cortex built the world not sex addiction and sex fetishes. Go live in a mud hut in the jungle with your bull. Lmao. BWC is a real thing. It’s not like we actually need to diversify with primitive humans.

    • I disagree. There’s a clear benefit to ensuring your daughter reaches adulthood with decent values. She’ll have a higher probability of getting with a man who will take care of her and her future kids. If you’re a father interested in having his bloodline survive until the next generation, then you need to raise your daughter in such a way as to make sure she chooses a good father for your grandkids. That’s not cuckholdry.

    • As a white female human being, I was biologically constructed to service BBCs at peak efficiency from the age 14 to 75.

    • a black guy pretending to be a white woman.
      sad that nobody cares about your pathetic bbc

      Girls love BWC

    • When I took my first BBC. It was just to try it and I didn’t really enjoy it. My second one was to see if maybe it could be better. Thid one I just took because why not, I had already done it twice. Soon BBC became common procedure and before I knew it, I needed BBC. I didn’t really enjoy it but it had become such a normal thing to me that going without it would be like going without water or air or food. I was now addicted to BBC. Pretty soon I realized BBC was just a gateway drug to other types of cocks. Chink cock, Aboriginal cock, hell even horse cock. Every type of cock, you name it. and I have had it inside of me. It’s not that having the cock in me feels good, it’s just a desire I have and after the cock has filled me, I get a sense of relief that lasts me for a timespan. That timespan has however decreased with the years and I’m now unable to go even 30 minutes with atleast a BBC. I have spent a fortune on dildos just to get me through the nights because there isn’t enough BBC in Africa to keep me full.

      • Suicide is the best way out for human garbage like you but you don’t have the courage to do what your mother and father prayed you would so, you’ll dissipate slowly crying every night into your cheap wine while normal women everywhere are surrounded by loved ones LOL Don’t forget!

  57. this article is everything thats wrong with the world. it IS wrong to be a slut because you have no morals and values and no body wnats your used up goods. you even suggest lying in the article wtf???? i would never even be friends with someone who lies to me what kind of disrepect is that? this is wrong. you need Jesus.

    • Posting this trash posing as a white saying you lie low as a ho who lies about geting beat? You’re full of shit. You’re a long nosed racist Israeli kike who spreads propagandas to destroy a certain races family relations, that’s a fact. You think you will go unnoticed? Negroes don’t go to such extremes to create a website to pose as a white bitch ho to destroy white relations, there’s only one dirty group doing that. We know you’re dealings. And, no one would touch any one of your nasty cooches that’s why your males steal kids from Russia and Ukraine to rape and use as ritualistic sacrifices.

      Your propoganda to attack white females reeks almost as strong as your hideous coochies, your jealousy cannot be contained and we can see you from here so go plaster something better to hide your bald lice infested heads.

      Go get some black males to beat some cents into your Khazar DNA denying heads. Tell your husbands to get a better sheet to screw you through and you might get pregnant, your stench is overpowering even from Israhell.

        • I was raped by a shape shifting lizard named Jacob fritz he used drugs and alcohol and he drove me to the middle of field shut the car off and locked the doors and said is this for real or am i living a dream then he made me play just the tip and threatened my family if I said peep.
          I heard he did the same to many others. he keeps getting away with it!

          • As a je wish “man” I’ve decided to get a vasectomy. Next my wife and her superior black bull will stop using condoms so she can begin being a breeding jew bitch for black babies. Then we’re going to repeat this process until she cannot have children any more before we ALL immigrate to Israel! Israel will begin to learn how to be multicultural this way, and it will be beautiful.


        • “But seeing as this is still a White Supremacist patriarchy, we’re going to go ahead and assert that men absolutely will find issue with a woman having scored numbers on the higher end of the slut spectrum.”

          First off, imagine believing that we still live under a “white supremacy patriarchy” when this sort of degenerate behaviour from women is the norm & White people are attacked & demonized throughout American institutions of power. While the overall dispossession of Whites from their own nations is justified through terms such as “white privilege”.

          Imagine being that delusional to think that a power structure that does nothing but attack White people is a “White supremacy patriarcy”. That’s why you know such a term & feel free to use it in the first place.

          Jewish capitalists rule over America & the West with their money power, media control, & intellectualism, & have molded it in their image, not Whites.

          Secondly, the White supremacy patriarchy was just that, superior. Admit it, it created high functioning society & class, dignity, & order. None of which exists in the West today. If you actually are White & you believe it’s a good thing that it’s gone, then again, you’re delusional.

        • BWC is better. You’re just a fetishizing fool who has been brainwashed. We also have a larger cerebral cortex overall. This is why we built a better world and society. You love low IQ idiots just like yourself.

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