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12 ’90s TV character names that would be great for your baby There are many places to find a name for your baby. But why not ‘90s television?

There are many places to find a name for your baby. Literature. Family. A baby name book. Or, select one from the thing you know best: ‘90s television.

#1. Jordan – My So Called Life

This is one of the most popular baby names out there, which can be attributed to the enduring popularity of this ’90s teen soap. Might as well be like the rest of them and be a sheep, like Sharon, instead of being rebellious and edgy and dyeing your hair red, like Angela.

#2. Comet – Full House

Make your baby instantly, if inexplicably loveable, by associating them with the most inexplicably loveable show of the ‘90s. (And it sounds a lot more fresh than “Uncle Jessie.”)

#3. Westphalen – SeaQuest DSV

So pretentious and made-up-sounding, it’s amazing a dozen celebrity babies don’t have this name already.

#4. Xena – Xena: Warrior Princess

Give your baby strong female energy but also patience in having to tell everybody how to pronounce her name because none of her friends remember some ’90s TV show.

#5. Dauber – Coach

Your child’s name will create a subconscious association with dabbing, so everyone will think the kid’s super chill.

#6. Pete, and Pete – The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Twins are impossible to tell apart, and you’re going to confuse them. If you’re going to have twins, you might as well give them the same name.

#7. Brak – Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast

It sounds exotic, mostly because it ends with a “k.”

#8. Lisa Catera – Chicago Hope

She sounds like a cool chick who can hang, right? This was a character on Chicago Hope, the less-liked competitor to ER, and creator David E. Kelley got the idea from an omnipresent TV commercial for Cadillac urging customers to “Lease a Catera.” It’s sort of like how strippers have names like Lexus or Infiniti.

#9. Holling – Northern Exposure

Such a strong, manly name—even manlier than other Northern Exposure options like “Maurice” or “Chris in the Morning.”

#10. Blossom – Blossom

If your baby has a weird shaped head (which it will, as all non-C-section babies do), you can make them wear a dumb hat.

#12. Chandler – Friends

Could you be any more settled on a name?

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