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Everything you never wanted to know about the giantess fetish Meet the giantesses who eat, smother and crush puny, little victims—and the men who worship them.

People crave partners in all shapes and sizes. Tall, round, petite, or waif-like, there’s a body shape for everyone. But when your thing is for a 50-foot-tall female giant with a lust for stuffing small men down her XXXL panties, the chances of finding a date online are pretty remote.

“At school I had a big crush on a Goth/rock girl in my class, and fantasized about what it would be like being her six-inch tall pet,” coos thirty-something James, a ‘giantess’ fetishist who hails from the Midlands, UK. “I imagined being held in her hand or climbing up the laces of her knee-high boots. I have always had an interest in femdom, and I a fetish for girls in boots. So my ultimate fantasy would be a giantess dominatrix in boots!”

Size really matters

A sexual attraction towards giants, most commonly female ‘giantesses’ (GTS), is scientifically referred to as ‘macrophilia’. Macrophilia fantasies can range from being scooped up, and gently caressed in massive hands, to simply being able to admire the female form on a far larger scale.

Some kinksters get turned on by seeing a woman growing in size, or by the fantasy of themselves shrinking to the size of a peanut (a sub-fetish known as ‘shrinking man’). But many giantess fans also crave grisly, fatal outcomes, where they (or others) are crunched between grinding gnashers, or squished like measly bugs.

The fantastical nature of the fetish means it is almost exclusively indulged through stories, art, comics, online roleplay, and fantasy videos. But for the tens of thousands with a thing for human colossuses bitchslapping Godzilla, there are a few great sites catering to their epic tastes.

Giantess Isabelle Shy is feeling peckish…

“Some fans love to see me eat my ‘pets’, either by biting and chewing them (known as ‘hard vore’) or by sucking, licking and swallowing them whole (soft vore),” says breathtaking giantess model Isabelle Shy, who runs the site IsabelleShyGTS.com. “Others like POV videos so that they can see what it would be like to belong to me. ‘Unaware’ fetish is where I either don’t care about the tiny insignificant man beside or beneath me, or simply don’t see them. And many love the booty crush aspect, where I sit on them, pressing my ass against them, smothering them, hurting them, and even killing them…”

Based in New York, the feisty Isabelle makes videos with storylines tailored to macrophiliac desires, where she teases her human ‘pets’ in a variety of lurid scenarios.

In the video ‘Fantastic Vorage’ she ‘shrinks’ down a friend so that the latter can pilot a miniaturized ship through her digestive tract from throat to stomach. In the custom video ‘Good Morning’ her boyfriend wakes up to discover that Isabelle has shrunk him and plans to destroy him.

“I make him rub My feet, hold him in My hands and finally stuff him in My thong to sit on him!” grins Isabelle, who insists on her possessive being capitalized in order to emphasize her ‘godly’ status.

But Isabelle is not alone in her bid to conquer our frail and miniature earth. Standing at God-knows-how-tall (in our kinky imaginations anyway), Giantess Katelyn (aka Katelyn Brooks) is another super-sexy gargantuan who gets a kick out of tormenting miniscule, unworthy victims. Membership to her site GiantessKatelyn.com lets you ogle the fellow American beauty’s flawless form on a truly epic scale.

Katelyn Brooks.

“My fans are crazy about my mouth and feet and write to me about how much they want their lives to end by being shrunken down and then swallowed whole or crushed under my curvy bare soles,” she says. “Some of the hottest fantasies I’ve had written to me are from one fan who orders them to be made as custom videos. His fantasies typically involve me squishing, eating, fucking, and crushing dozens of shrunken people all over and in my body. I use model/scale figurines for most of my stuff of course!”

Crush the bugs

Some macrophiliacs enjoy their giantesses kind and gentle. But given the formidability and insurmountable power that a giantess possesses (as some of those aforementioned fantasies highlight), the crossover between general femdom kinks and giantess scenarios are often prevalent. Nick, from London says for him, being dominated by a 20+-foot tall Amazonian warrior would be the ultimate relinquishing of power, with nothing to do other than accept your fate.

“It’s like my more normal foot domination fetish but multiplied to the power of ten,” the 35-year-old submissive eagerly describes. “For me, I imagine a large foot, bare or in nylons, teasingly pressing down very gently, slowly pinning me to the floor. I would be entirely at the mercy of my towering captor, who giggles as she plays with this pathetic loser. I love being smothered by female feet in real life, and I can only begin to imagine what the aroma of a giant, sweaty foot would be like, as its intoxicating fumes flow into my nostrils. It would be scary and exhilarating, the ultimate act of cruelty.”

Nick says his giantess fantasies evolved in his teen years, and rekindled the strange, alien impulses that he first felt as an innocent kid watching films like the 1976 remake and , which has a brief giant scene.

“In King Kong, I seem to remember the ape storming through the city and leaving these bizarre, little splatters of dead people,” he says. “Years later I distinctively recall watching the Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman remake and hoping its star Daryl Hannah would do the same, treading on lots of people in glorious close-up. Sadly, I don’t think she did, but it certainly put my imagination into overdrive…”

Nick says he also enjoys the wrestling and trampling fetishes, where women literally walk all over men, but he says the thrill of the giantess world is that it allows the fetishist to truly suspend belief.

“I find the reality can be shattered when you see femdom videos where the guy being trampled or abused is much larger than the female in control,” he says. “With giantesses, there’s never than that. The guy could be built like Arnie but he’d still be at the mercy of a much stronger adversary. It’s the ultimate surrender, isn’t it?”

Scarlett Lush, Craig from RAO Entertainment, and Jason Ninja of Bratty Foot Girls.

Over in the US, trample fan Jason Ninja produces and stars in videos for the leading fetish studio BrattyFootGirls.com. Yet despite their focus on regular foot domination starring sexy, normal-sized performers, his studio is often besieged with requests for giantess material, too.

“It’s close to being my number one most requested fetish for custom orders,” he says, who due to popular demand, has since shrunk down to miniature scale for numerous storylines. “The giantess fantasy can be very appealing to those who are into the idea of being crushed under women’s feet. It really is the ultimate ending for those with that fatal wish. Much like the guys who are into being eaten etc, the list goes on for any fetish really, just magnify the girl/body part and make the ending fatal.”

Jason’s says his proudest giantess video he’s shot to date is ‘The Top Secret Potion’, which, incidentally, stars ‘Giantess’ Katelyn Brooks, somebody Jason describes as a ‘legend’ in the industry for the giantess fetish. But he admits even with star performers and an imagination the size of a planet, implementing special FX can still be a ballache. But, to be fair, he’s done a sterling job thus far!

“Katelyn and I did some fun clips together and I was proud of my first special FX clip being done with her,” he says. “I’m still kind of new to the techniques, so I try to keep my green-screening (for superimposing actors on different backgrounds) as simple as possible. Other producers can take months and months to finish one video. You have to pay attention to so much to really make it look realistic. It can really be a nightmare!”

Everything must grow

While many previous articles have focused predominately on the thrill of encountering a towering giantess, both Isabelle Shy and Katelyn Brooks are equally turned on by their roles of giantesses, a trait that shines through in their mischievous work.

Similar to how macrophilia expands on Nick’s submissive tendencies, so too does Isabelle Shy consider the fetish to be a natural progression from her own interests in female domination. “My love of femdom fits the giantess fetish like a warm, soft leather glove,” she purrs. “My other fetishes include foot worship, ass worship, shoe and boot worship, pantyhose fetish, and BDSM, which all suit the multifaceted world of being a giantess.”

Experts might argue that given the role reversals (with Isabelle Shy in the guise of playful colossus rather than small person), her kink might be more accurately termed ‘microphilia’, which refers to a sexual fascination with tiny folk. But whatever the correct terminology, the two most certainly go hand in hand. And interestingly, both Isabelle and Katelyn can trace their interests even further back, to when play and fantasies were far more innocent…

“As a child, I spent hours building massive cities in my mother’s family room,” describes Isabelle Shy. “I would then carefully populate the city with my army men, carefully placing each in just the right place. Then, after all the preparation and anticipation, the playtime could begin. I would approach the city proudly, view each building, each inhabitant, and I would then proceed to destroy it. I would kick over the skyscrapers, stomp on the houses. I would send all the inhabitants to certain death.”

Katelyn Brooks recalls having similar fun as a kid: “The giantess thing is something I’ve personally fantasized about from a young age starting with Tom And Jerry cartoons,” she says. “I would feel mesmerized by the predator and prey chase with the dramatic size difference. I’d also pin my dolls (and toys) underfoot and crush them in every way possible, making for a sexual adrenaline rush, unbeknownst what that meant on a deeper level until an older age.”

The real thing

6ft 3in Amazon Amanda.

But can the giantess fetish ever indulged in anything beyond fantasy art and special FX videos? Or are there more interactive games to be played? While some deviants might like to be lifted, squashed or do height comparisons with real-life Amazonian women, such as the often-touring 6ft 3-in Amazon Amanda, Midlands-based James says that the true fetish involving women beyond human size tends to remain largely imaginary.

But that said, with a sharp imagination and an ultimate suspension of belief, there have been a few times when giantess roleplay has crept (or stomped?) vivaciously into the bedroom…

“I have played out the fantasy with girlfriends in the past, with them standing over me, telling me what they would do to me if I was tiny,” reveals James. “One girl used to like to tie me down, then either sit on me or rest her boot on my chest, whilst telling me what she would do if I was a few inches tall. I’ve also role played online, both with girls I know and some complete strangers. It could range from sending texts to each other, or messaging each other online on Facebook. Sometimes I’ve written stories for them to read, as I like the idea of them reading my fantasies.”

Jason Ninja says that for ‘macrophiles’ who want to imagine themselves in the role of victim, POV images and videos tend to provide the ideal solution. Other sites like Giantessgirls.com and TinyFetishFun.com tend to be great for this.

“They are the closest thing they will ever get to living out their fantasy,” he says. “Others who are more into physical foot crushing might probably be more inclined to want to get trampled by taller, bigger women. I know a lot of the women such as Amazon Amanda, make a killing sessioning with guys who are after that sort of thing. If I was a 6’6 woman, I’d be all over that in a second!”

Although she says she never engages in physical roleplay with Her fans, Isabelle Shy says She greatly enjoys doing online roleplaying sessions in all different giantess scenarios, which She offers through Her website. And because such play allows its imaginative participants to really push things far to extraordinary heights, things have been known to get rather thrilling for both parties…

“After one steamy Skype session, I was inspired to film the video entitled ‘Patrick’s Playtime,” recalls Isabelle. “The fan was quite into the foot worship aspect of the giantess/shrunken man fetish. So I pressed My foot against the camera where it sat on the table, telling him how I would make him lick every inch, rub every part, worship My feet until he was exhausted. I was aroused, I wanted it to be true as much as he did. It was amazing. Let’s just say that it was a happy ending for all!”Want more XXL large filth?

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