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7 reasons white women are increasingly seeking out Indian men Anti-Indian memes have immense cultural inertia online, but data shows: not so much in IRL cross-cultural romance.

People are increasingly embracing diverse relationships. This is of course no surprise to anyone, but many didn’t expect one particular mashup to hit it off so well: white women and Indian men.

And there is good reason for this being a curveball. For the past half a decade, the internet has been subjected to industrial amounts of anti-Indian propaganda. Stories and meme pictures, usually originating from Muslim and Pakistani users of the troll site 4chan, claim that Indian men are just the worst at everything, and that you will fall deathly ill if you so much as breathe the same air as them. Social media posts with videos of isolated cases of unhygienic street vendors from the poorest regions of India go viral almost instantly, with thousands of likes from small anonymous accounts draped in various Islamic fanfare.

(Sidenote: this lore actually goes deep. Even the popular “bob and vegana” meme that labels Indian men as creeps who spam online women with messages like “open bob” and “show vegana” originated from a series of screenshots of men with Muslim, not Indian, names.)

Via KnowYourMeme. The origin of the “Bob and Vegana” meme blamed on Indians. But Mr. Khan and Jan Badshah are both Pakistanis.

And you can’t have escaped the latest incarnation of the anti-Indian psyop, because it’s flooded every social media feed with images of explosions of literal shit for the past three weeks. This is the meme format where 4chan users tell AIs to generate pictures of Indian men bathing in feces, and then they post it online pretending it’s genuine.

Talk about shitposting.

The anti-Indian psyop has immense cultural inertia online, but not so much in real life. Almost 80% of Indian-American marriages are now interracial or interfaith, and it’s mostly with white people. The white teen girls who fawned over k-pop idols have grown up, and now they want whatever it is Indian men can give them. Educated and successful businesswomen in their own right also seem to enjoy the curry these days; you can’t have escaped all the white women shacking up with America’s Indian tech and influencer elite.

Youtubers, too! Vikram Singh Barn, better known as Vikkstar123, just got married.

And if you read blogs, you’ll have noticed the increasing amounts of content being tailored to this new cross-cultural love demographic.

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Source: Quora.

It turns out that the men who consistently rank near the top in education and wealth actually have quite a bit to offer women!

So let’s get right into it. Here are 7 reasons behind white women’s newfound infatuation with Indian men.

#1. India has always been a draw to white women

Actually…not so newfound, after all. From Bollywood spectacles to exotic spices to spiritual mysticism found around every corner, white female fascination with India has been around since at least Victorian times. It was their attraction to India’s culture that drove the Eastern spirituality culture that defined the 1970s, for example.

#2. Indian men are less likely to cheat

Women want loyalty, and Indian men score high in the fidelity department. Culturally, commitment is deeply ingrained in their values, making infidelity less likely. In a world where trust is a precious commodity, the reliability of an Indian partner becomes a beacon of security for many white women seeking lasting relationships.

#3. Half Indian/half white kids are beautiful and will never need to get a tan. And they’ll do well in school. And… and…

Half Indian/half white children boast a natural, sun-kissed complexion that eliminates the need for endless hours under the sun or artificial tanning. It’s the kind of effortless radiance that turns heads and sparks envy wherever they go. Oh yeah, and academic success. Who has ever heard of a half Indian child joining a gang?

#4. Indian men are good with technology, and technology is what matters these days

In the past women found men who are good with cars to be a huge turn-on. In the digital age, being tech-savvy is the new black. And Indian men are certainly known for their prowess in technology. In a world where technology shapes our daily lives, having a partner who can troubleshoot and innovate is appealing to women.

#5. Indians invented the Kama Sutra!

Need we say more? Indian men have a cultural legacy that extends beyond the borders of the subcontinent and into the bedroom. Their understanding of intimacy, passion, and the art of love can add a unique and exciting dimension to a relationship!

#6. Indian men are spicy, but still safe

Safety takes center stage in the modern dating game, and Indian men come with a unique advantage – low to non-existent crime rates. The chances of encountering an Indian serial killer or psycho are statistically non-existent. White women feel secure in the arms of someone whose cultural background places a high premium on respect and safety.

#7. Indian men consistently top the rankings in median earnings and wealth

I saved this one for last because it’s the obvious one. Nobody can deny that Indian men outshine everyone else in the money department; they frequently rank #1 in median earnings and wealth. When love meets financial security, it creates a recipe for a thriving and fulfilling life together. And that’s incredibly sexy.


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