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11 worst beauty and makeup challenges of all time There are a lot of dumb makeup challenges out there. Some of them are truly skin-crawlingly disgusting, others just plain hilarious.

Recently, I was winding down after another long and prosperous day on the internet–scrolling aimlessly through the feeds when I came across what can, in many ways, only be described as the absolute worst thing I have ever seen. It was a collection of photos of some person, (or separate individuals, I couldn’t be quite sure), following a makeup challenge that instructed them to apply: 1. 100 layers of mascara, 2. 100 layers of foundation, 3. 100 layers of liquid lipstick.

I hated it. So much!! So, I did what every reasonable, self-loathing individual with an internet connection would do, and watched almost every “100 Layers Challenge” byproduct videos I could find.

And, you know what? As far as makeup challenges go, this is one is pretty excellent if you are looking for a distraction device.

Obviously, it’s not meant to be totally serious. Dumb makeup challenges are done simply for that reason – that they are dumb – and people will always click on dumb things. Fortunately, there are a lot of dumb makeup challenges. So, for further skin-crawling disgust and/or amusement, check out the worst makeup challenges of all time:

#1. 100 layers of nail polish challenge

This is…a whole day. Of painting your nails. So they can look like they have warts on them. Why?

#2. 100 layers of clear nail polish challenge

A slightly different – though no less insidious – nail polish challenge.

#3. 100 layers of lipstick challenge

When ur crush says they only date girls with crusty lips >>>>>>>>

#4. Leg contouring challenge


#5. 100 layers of mascara challenge

This is such a waaaaaaaste.

#6. 100 layers of foundation challenge


#7. Kylie Jenner lip challenge

You know this one. It doesn’t just look bad, either– it is actually also pretty terrible for you.

#8. Clown contouring challenge

Has Contouring Gone Too Far?

#9. Neck contouring challenge

It sure has gone too far.

#10. The “look your worst” challenge


#11. The “don’t judge”: challenge

This was a Vine challenge that was supposed to be a means of promoting self-confidence and body positivity by having people post videos of their faces without makeup, but ended up morphing into something where conventionally attractive people just made fun of people who aren’t as conventionally hot.

Which is…great, obviously.

What do you think of these makeup challenges? Would you ever do any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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