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7 simple ways you can speed up your morning beauty routine Struggling to get to work on time? Get out of the door faster by following these simple and easy tips that will speed up your morning beauty routine.

When it comes to our morning routines, time is definitely of the essence. As much as we would like to experiment with different hairstyles and makeup looks to find the best one for our outfit, there simply isn’t enough time.

Take a look at the simple ways you can speed up your morning beauty routine and get out of the door faster:

#1. Keep all of your products laid out.

Just think about how long you spend rummaging through your makeup bag for that one lipstick or the number of times you run around your room searching desperately for your mascara.

Make your life easier by laying out all of your regular cosmetics. You’ll be surprised how quick your routine is when you’re not searching for things.

#2. Switch to multitasking formulas.

If you could condense your eight-step routine down into five, would you do it? The answer is almost definitely a yes.

So, instead of stocking up on your usual skin care and makeup products, look for ones that do double duty. For example, you could look an exfoliating cleanser or a stick that works for lips and cheeks.

#3. Try washing your hair at night.

Are you always frantically blowdrying your hair while attempting to eat a piece of toast and check your emails? Try washing your hair at night.

If you do it early enough, you can let it air dry. And if you want to blowdry it, you won’t feel you’re under the gun to get your hair dry. Then in the morning, you just need to give it a quick comb and style refresher.

#4. Don’t attempt anything new.

Are you curious about trying out a beauty trend, like layered eyeliner or halo eye makeup? It’s great you want to experiment, but it’s a good idea to hold off until the weekend.

Trying to figure out how to do something new when you’re stressed and strapped for time in the morning will just make you frustrated and lead to poor results. Once you master the look on the weekend, you can attempt it during the week.

#5. Focus on one thing.

Are you simultaneously trying to curl your hair while doing your makeup? You might think that you’re being super productive, but it is most likely slowing you down. Do one thing at a time then move onto something else. You’ll get things down a lot quicker that way. Trust.

#6. Look for skin care products that you can use in the shower.

Don’t wait until you get out of the shower to start your skin care regimen. Start it while you’re in there. For example, you can skip using body lotion after your shower if you look for a nourishing in-shower body wash.

#7. Use the right tools.

Having the right tools doesn’t just give you a more professional look; it also makes the application process easier. Experiment with brushes, sponges and your fingers to find out what tools work best for you and your products.

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