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“The Wall” is a myth. The male wall isn’t Women practice self-care, men do not. The theory that women drop their standards and bed losers after 30 is stinky manosphere drivel.

No matter your age or particular social circles, you’ll have heard of the massive cope that is “The Wall.” The juvenile male theory goes that girls will only turn low value males down until we hit the age of 30, and then we magically go into breeding mode — which of course necessitates creeps, incels, and assorted other genetic detritus. After we hit that magical third decade, it’s all A Man’s World — where men have the options, and we do not.

The reality?

We, as women, practice self-care in our appearance. We take meticulous care of our skin, hair, and bodies. We are careful about what we eat and we exercise regularly. Most of us have had skincare routines since we were in middle school.

We have always managed to make time to take care of our appearance, even between our education, careers, and hobbies. That being said, at thirty and beyond all that hard work pays off big time for us. We practice self-care even at a young age.

Males on the other hand?

The male wall, on the other hand, is very real

The average thirty-year-old male already has a receding hair line. His face has begun to bloat from the excessive alcohol usage and poor diet. A flat tire is already beginning to form around his mid-section. He has pre-mature wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone because he washes with Axe-3-In-1 Hair, Face, and Body Wash everyday and as never picked up a proper skincare product in his entire life.

Throw in the erectile dysfunction from excessive pornography consumption throughout his youth?

Voilà, there you have it folks.

Not only do men hit the wall, but they hit the wall hard and fast because they have done the absolute bare minimum to take care of themselves their entire lives.

The coping strategy explained

The female “hitting-the-wall-at-thirty” propaganda is, of course, a complete fairytale. It’s a lie propagated to comfort the low value male being turned down by twenty-something-year-old women way above his league.

Someday she’ll be thirty and no one will want her,” he says to comfort himself.

The reality is that men will pursue a woman at any age, and we have easy access to sex and mates at any point in our lifetimes. We need only to look to the older women in our lives to confirm this. Or even a porn site. “MILFs” and even “GILFs” have always been among the most popular categories.

The reason men regurgitate the false female wall cope is simple:

  1. They are low value males.
  2. They feel threatened.
  3. They are offended and angry that you have standards. (Especially standards they cannot meet.)

Males that propagate this myth want to grind you down. They want to make you afraid.

If you fear “maxing out” at thirty you’re less likely to have high standards and present yourself as high value woman. You’ll be more anxious and insecure, and thus more likely to settle down (literally, settle) for a male that has nothing to offer — A whole life derailed from the proper match because you fear approaching the mythical female Wall.

Men who propagate the Wall myth are low value and often abusive

Take a closer look at the context in which these men bring up the Wall argument — I’ll use my recent Reddit history as an example:

  • Woman discusses wanting men to pay for dinner.
  • Male gets offended and threatened.
  • Male tell her not to expect such treatment when she turns thirty.

Now let’s dissect this interaction:

  • Women sets out an expectation/standard for men in her life.
  • Man reacts negatively because he is a low-value man who is threatened by a standard he cannot meet (monetary).
  • He attempts to make her insecure to lower her standards.

Low-value men (aka losers) have little to offer women and have to prey on women with low self-worth. They pursue women who have low standards and little self-respect, and try to bring those standards even lower.

Related: Online dating is for creeps and those who can’t hack it IRL

By implying that you will become worthless “post-Wall,” they are attempting to make you feel like you also have low value. (If you feel low value, you’re less likely to hold men to high standards.) These men are both lazy and entitled. They feel they should be able to sack a woman without in any real effort or investment.

They don’t want to have to prove they are worthy, because they are not.

Never abandon your standards

Now that we’ve broken down the myth of the female Wall, remember never to abandon your standards, regardless of age. By internalizing Wall propaganda you will only put yourself at a disadvantage. The moment you stop loving and respecting yourself (by seeing yourself as approaching or past the Wall), you become insecure, needy, and seek male validation.

You don’t want that! You must always remember your worth. The wall does not exist. You are a high value woman who has a career, education, friends, hobbies, and you take care of your body.

Your value is not tied to a number. You are allowed to have standards always.

Real men respect and want women with standards, boundaries, and self-respect.

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66 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">“The Wall” is a myth. The male wall isn’t</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Women practice self-care, men do not. The theory that women drop their standards and bed losers after 30 is stinky manosphere drivel.</span>”

  1. “which of course necessitates creeps, incels, and assorted other genetic detritus”
    this is dangerous eugenicist speech. Can someone give me the internet police phone number so i can report a hate speech crime?

  2. You really don’t understand the wall.
    That is not the age that women drop their standards and start dating losers.

    It is the age that a woman has lost appeal for anyone BUT losers. The age where a woman has to look back and say “Wow, if I had any self-discipline or common sense I would have found a man that would be happy with me now just as I am, but now it’s too late because I have a face and body like a manhole cover, a personality that wouldn’t attract a shark, 6 social diseases, and have had sex with more men than pornhub.”

  3. Put your balls on my wall yeah, balls on my wall! What is this wall you speak of? Is it vaginal, testicular, or anal? No wonder ya’ll so fucked up in the heads, you read shitz like this 24/7 and suffer from mental masturbation.

  4. “The wall” comes from the same people who came up with “i’m fat because of my genetics”: americans.

    Americans make up all kinds of shit to imply that your lifestyle totally doesn’t affect you. “The wall” is the implication that women are going to age bad no matter what and men will age well too, which in the end is just a way to tell themselves “oh well, it’s pre-determined, I can go ahead and start ingesting corn syroup by the truckload”

  5. The cope is real by all of these roasties. It’s really simple, holes. You do hit the wall in your 30s and 40s. Your eggs dry up. Your focus on career and foregoing the traditional family is a massive turn off to many men. Those men will find women who do have their priorities in the right place and eventually marry them. While you, finally ready to settle down after riding the penis carousel for years, are unable to find a man worth settling down with and/or one that will commit. You can create these feel good hit pieces all you want. However, reality is what it is. The female wall is real and hits you hard. Deal with it.

  6. This is a misunderstanding of what ‘the wall’ even is. Men don’t mean that hitting ‘the wall’ means you won’t fuck anyone ever again, because they don’t base their entire identity around screwing strangers, unlike women.

    It means that you’ll be single and childless, writing unhinged shitty takes on a feminist website like a madman writes about his last days on a tunnel in a Lovecraftian horror novel while having some hookups with strangers on Tinder that ghost you immediately the morning after. Which is a far sadder fate than just remaining single.

  7. Guys just have to endure through their early years, develop what’s the most valuable quality of men (knowing that neither yourself nor anybody else is special and that nothing is really personal), and just find a younger girl.

    The biggest blind spot in women is that they do not perceive that their value is declining over time; you girls start at the top, and you have this misconception that its a plateau, but it really is not, its downhill journey. And when you are frustrated by men being attracted by younger female you think that’s its merely for some sexual reason. But as i wrote above, its not simply physical attraction: its really easier to get along with younger girls, precisely because the other blind spots you have described have not metastasized to the point of no return.

    • u guys love to imagine that older women are “valueless”. They do just fine and have all the sexual partners they want. Its a blind spot in men cause they want to badly to believe that women will eventually be punished for their unfair advantage.

      • No woman is in short of sexual partners, men would have sex pretty much with everything that breaths (another misconception of women: you are not necessarily sexy because i had\am having \would like to have sex with you). But i don’t think anybody should waste his time on Google Scholar to find data on male perceived female sexual value based on age.

        You are conflating the desire to have sex, the male frustration towards who holds the keys to access sex, and the access to a committed relationship. Men have the power in regards to the latter; and they choice is clearly oriented in favor of younger partners.

        • ok so what’s your point? they’ll find less partners willing to committ? They do just fine there as well because of all the billions desperate for the opportunity to have sex they have a lot of opportunity to turn that into relationships as well in various ways. They’re not in trouble there either much as you might hope.

          you want to say so badly women are desperate but you’re wrong.

          • At this point all i have heard from you is: “women have the upper hand because they decide who to have sex with”

            You have no explanation for the age gap of pretty much every form of male-female relationship around the world.

  8. The wall has been exaggerated by bitter mansopherians, but it is still true that women lose a lot of the sexual marketplace value once they turn 30-35 years old. This wall also exists for men, but it is not as brutal and hits in a bit later.

  9. Yes. A low value male the other day just told me I was old, and that I should pick up a knitting needle. I’m in my 40s and young guys even flirt with me. You’re absolutely right – we take far better care of ourselves so our 45 is like 32, while men after a certain point look every bit their age and many times even older. The guys I know who are slightly older than me that still have good hair have white goatees, making them look older, not to mention the wrinkles. I’m not shallow so I am not turned off by this but I wish they’d get a clue and realize they aren’t going to draw in any young hotties just because that’s what they’re attracted to.

    My older male friends say “I’m just not attracted to women in their 50s and 60s”, and these guys remain single forever, holding onto the hope that they’ll snag a younger, pretty woman even though they’ve long since “hit the wall”. They should be so lucky to get a woman their own age who has taken good care of herself! These men also think their basic income is enough to get one of these young women. The whole thing is pitiful honestly. I have zero doubt that all of my male friends will remain single forever. They aren’t the low value men we speak of, but they are as delusional as them.

    • Watch 90 Day Fiance to see this in action. Guys that are 4/10s but will not settle for less than a 9/10. They find them in impoverished countries and it usually does not end well.

      • Imagine being THAT shallow that you go to a foreign country to find a woman that probably will never love you and take you for a ride in the end. What’s so bad about a woman your age who grew up in the same era as you and you have many things in common and great conversation? Then again, these men fetching foreign brides aren’t generally vibrant, interesting types.

        I see this shallowness more in men who missed out on relationships and sex for most of their lives and feel they deserve a young hottie because of that.

    • I wouldn’t want to be friends with older men who specifically prefer younger women. They would have to be serving some sort of need for me. Doing my taxes, buying me things, etc

      • Oh they buy me things lol. One of them isn’t really a friend, I just see him quite a bit, we play poker together sometimes in a group. He’s a really odd duck. Never had a girlfriend but he’s really kind of attractive, super cheap though and had a damaging religious upbringing he opened up to me about.

        My main older friend showers me with presents and has always given me a card and gifts for my birthday and even Valentine’s, most of my exes didn’t even do that. I’m 7 or 8 years younger than him. He has no hope of finding a woman. I say this b/c I’ve known him for 25 years and it’s never happened. He still talks as if he’s holding out hope, but he wants a pretty and younger woman.

        My feelings on this are that the men who missed out on relationships are the ones that dream of younger women. The guys who have had active love lives are more evolved and realistic in that sense and tend to go for women around their own age.

  10. This is a PHENOMENAL, OUTSTANDING post, and I wish I could upvote!!!!

    Worthless, low-value men brigading this website comment section are WORTHLESS and need to fuck off the face of this planet. I AM GLAD that 20% – 40% of them NEVER pass on their genes. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

  11. Heheh I’m 29 and look better than I ever have in my life. Same weight as HS but a way better body composition. Daily sunscreen and a healthy diet means my skin is awesome I’m regularly thought to be a decade younger than I am (by men and women weirdly enough). Feelsgoodman.

    My dude is 37 and still hot as fuck. He really works at it, I’ve never even MET another 37 year old man in person or seen them on a dating app that I’d ever, ever, ever fuck. Mostly they are fat, wrinkly, and just look like they haven’t done a single fucking thing to take care of themselves in 20 years. Shit, people from my HS who are also 29 look 40. But this one works out and takes care of himself and it’s great. That’s why he got me, lol.

    • just keep telling yourself this while your 13 year old peers are hitting me (m, 32) up.
      and you already have lost over 90% of your oocytes; I hope you have already children.

  12. I’ve just reached this part of my life of not settling and maintaining my standards. Any man who whines about meeting them can piss all the way off.

    In my 20’s I had such a hard time with that. Not anymore!!!

    And any man who at 30 something years old hasn’t figured out how to care for his body beyond using Dial hand soap as shampoo can also piss all the way off.

      • I’ve seen it happen hahahah.

        That same man also chopped onions and buttered bread using a meat cleaver (his only knife- citing that it was the biggest one at the store and therefore must be the best and most versatile)

  13. yaaaaaaass!!! To the whole post. I’m 32 and have always been health and beauty conscious. I’m still pulling dates and dont settle for nothing. Now that I’m more matrue and dont settle anymore. I noticed that I am attracting the right type of men in my life and I’m loving it like a mcdonalds commercial. My dating life is better now in my 30’s than in my 20’s. I didnt hit the wall I crashed through that mofo!!

    • >My dating life is better now in my 30’s than in my 20’s. I didnt hit the wall I crashed through that mofo!!
      Me too! I was always perplexed at The Wall. I am a better looking and far more rounded person now, closer to 40, than I ever was in my 20’s. I think men like younger women because a younger person is blank slate, with less experience to know what she wants and will settle for less.

      Think of it like buying a vehicle and not being able to research the competition and not know that the one being pushed on you is over priced, lacks features and is of poor mechanical quality. You wouldn’t want a woman to know there’s more out there, now, would you?

      • you’re so right, the paedophilia culture feeds into it too

        young girls are easier to manipulate, more insecure, less sure of themselves, more trusting/needy….so much easier to groom into patriarchal bs

        a woman with experience, who has worked on herself mentally, financially, physically, spiritually …is much harder to fuck with

        just like men that say ‘you think too much’- wouldn’t want a woman thinking for herself now would we

    • I thank the heavens everyday I have not settled…have not given in to any one of those mens phoney claims that fell flat on their ass (they constantly probe u with hints of wanting kids etc despite ZERO intention to build a family/grow up)….because in my later 20s now I am also attracting a better standard of men then years ago…still some trash but I am way less blind to it.

      Society clings to this 30 shaming culture because there is nothing more scary to the patriarchy than educated mature women with standards who don’t buckle under the pressure and rush into pregnancy/marriage to ‘beat the clock’

      Time is such an excellent teacher for women. In your teens/early 20s you are still undoing a lot of patriarchal brainwashing/possibly childhood issues too..thats the perfect time for them to trap you if you’re not strategic/have standards. Its onwards and upwards after that

    • Ugh, my ex used to wash with soap, he wasn’t even at the 3-in-1 Axe stage. Everything from his hair to his face to his ass was washed with one (1) bar of soap. I was stupid to have dated him long enough to finally cave only when he started to get distant.

  14. honestly sooo many average looking playboys in their 20s/30s who aren’t brainy think they got time. They aren’t going to be wealthy bc they’re too dumb/unfocused. They will meet numerous attractive, smart women who are wife ‘material’, loyal , loving etc and treat them like they’re cheap trash over and over….till at 45 their hairline has left the earth and they ‘suddenly’ realise the value of women…but they don’t want a woman their age…


  15. So true! A lot of guys seem to think women now are drunken slags treating our bodies and skin like trash everyday, but which gender is the mass majority of skincareaddiction, and which gender is guilty of occasionally washing their face with Bath and Body Works holiday hand soap?

    • Little do they know that we’ve been moisturizing and wearing sunscreen since our teens, while the average male looks like warm coleslaw by the time they hit 25. OP HAD ME ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING at the “Axe 3 in 1 face, hair, and body wash”. I am still dying.

      • Too funny right! I drink wayyy more than I should so I could look a lot better, but 30 years of sunscreen and meticulous skincare means I look 10 years younger. The guy I’m dating is 51 but he thought I was 32. I’m not going to disparage his looks but let’s say he looks every bit his age. He’s six years older than me, I’d say he’s lucky. Thinking you can get someone 15-20 years younger on the basis of personality (guys always think they’re the funniest, “nicest” guy around) is pretty presumptuous.

        My ex never took care of himself and when he would shower, he would be in and out in literally a minute, I really questioned his hygiene. Not to mention he didn’t own a single skincare product and used the aforementioned 3-in-1 super chemical men’s soap. His hair turned gray, he let it grow long then stuffed in a half-bun under his baseball cap and his teeth were yellow from a lifetime of neglecting those, too. In hindsight it’s hard to believe I was ever attracted to him. Trying to get me back right now. I don’t think so!!!

        We may not be as shallow as men, but looks DO matter to us, guys.

        • They are UTTERLY DELUSIONAL about dating and age gap relationships. Check out these powerful nuggets of data:

          About 7.4% of heterosexual married couples are in a relationship such that the husband is 10+ years older than the wife, leaving 92.6% of all married men to be married to women who are within 9 years of their age. These 7.4% of men who managed to find and land a woman who’s 10+ years younger than they are, are the Donald Trumps, The George Clooney’s, and the Leonardo DiCaprios of the world. They really managed to delude themselves into thinking they’re on the same level as these millionaire (and billionaires).


          • Sis, you are so right, men are fucking delusional with this idea of what they can attract. I see guys online who are 55 and in rough shape seeking women from 30 to 45, I’m not even joking. Speechless.

          • Yep. Keep that stubborn entitlement attitude because women your age aren’t hot enough to you, and find yourself alone forever. The shallowness is unreal.

          • well, some of those 7.4% of men are predators, though. the amount of men in their 40s who hit on me is honestly disgusting. I am in my 20s. I don’t want to date someone old enough to be my dad.

            some of these guys hit on young girls who they know are vulnerable (women with ADHD and autism who are socially behind, survivors of abuse who are often traumatized, women with absent fathers who don’t know good men do exist, destitute women from poor families, etc). such men don’t need to be wealthy, handsome, or charismatic to attract women. they are predators who just need prey that is vulnerable enough.

        • >looks DO matter to us, guys.
          facts. after I dumped my ex, he became even uglier. receding hairline, bony face, etc. he also had a really tiny penis for a man his height (6’4). when he sent me an email informing me that we will never get back together, I laughed out loud. just goes to show that even if a man has nothing, he will always have the audacity.

      • I was on a dating app a while ago and the amount of lying ass male tryna convince me they’re 25, when they’re out here with the skin /hairline of a 40yr old. Men supposedly get better with age……….yeah only if u look like george CLOONEY

        like listen I get it we can’t all be lookers/defy age but at least act your wage

        so tired of broke 4/10 looking males with this ‘impress me’ bullshit

  16. I would also like to add that I was married for a decade and when we separated, my ex husband said, I kid you not, “I can’t wait till you lose your looks”. He hated with a passion that I was still sexy and he had lost a lot of his hair and gotten a beer belly. We have kids so he still sees me and it must pain him to know I’m 45 and still attracting men of ALL ages. I put the work in my whole life. The only time he EVER hit the gym was when we separated and he was on the prowl, hired a personal trainer and got fit. Something he couldn’t be arsed to do for me. Funny how that works.

    • misogynists always sneak that one in ‘these vain girls, they won’t have their looks forever’

      men are vain forever even without their fuckin looks ffs

      they’re increasingly jealous how much attention women can gain online even tho men created that atmosphere by oversexualising us :\

      they never want u to be aware of your options, hence why they’re quick to discuss exclusivity/control you….but only you

  17. I kind of hope this turns out to be true and my hubby “hits the wall” pretty soon, because I feel like I already did after kid #2, and kid #3 was the final nail in the coffin. Aside from a little thinning up top, he still looks pretty close to what he did when we started dating at 26… and he does next to NOTHING to keep it up. He eats pretty well and gets 7+ hours of sleep, that’s about it. I feel like I look every bit of my age 🙁 despite spending a lot more effort on hygiene and exercise.

    • you’ve had 3 kids. give yourself a break. also, just changing your hair, clothes, and makeup can work wonders.

  18. I’ve been telling people I was 42 (it’s a nerd joke) since I was 25. My husband died and I had a daughter. It was obvious that I wasn’t 42. I have a young look that I can’t get rid of even if I dress a little older.

    But it said something. It meant – I already reject your attempt to assert your crappy value shenanigans on me. I’m not listening. I can gain 10lbs, lose 10lbs, I can decide what trends work for me or come up with my own plan for how I look. It said that I’m decking out of this game because it has zero value for me. I have a normal social life. I have friends who come over on a regular basis for weekly dinners and have for years. I’m involved in my church and stayed active as a band mom.

    I attempted online dating and was deflated. I had survived single motherhood, I had all of my life and friends supporting who I was and what I was doing. And these little pieces of nothing were determined to rip all of that apart so they could get away with the level of trash they’d told themselves would work.

    So, I date like it’s 1997. I don’t go online, I don’t text them. He has to talk to me on the phone. He has to make normal plans and respect my space and time. I have a local pub I’ve gone to for years. My friends and I have dinner and if I happen to meet someone, all of my friends know. He’s not in a vacuum – and they see him well enough to identify him in a line up.

    I love these rules and this strategy.

  19. ” Never abandon your standards, regardless of your age. ”

    There’s an ENTIRE BREED of men now, who are online dating. They’ll do and say anything to get you to commit to them and be their GF, and once they have you bagged, they start working on chipping away at your standards. They’re so fucking egotistical and delusional, and have no idea that they’re 4.5 minutes of Tindering away from being replaced like, MOTHERFUCKER I WILL THROW YOU BACK TO THE SINGLE VOID FROM WHICH YOU CAME to remind you how long it takes for a man to meet a real non-robot woman out here, QUICK. Like, bitch you will never hear from me again!!!!

    Dudes have us ALL THE WAY FUCKED UP in 2022

  20. Yea I reported my coworker to HR for saying women in their 30s and beyond are damaged goods and he only dates women in his 20s lmfao meanwhile he’s 35 looking 45+ with balding spot, fat belly, and bad health. Tragic


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