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Full circle: online dating is once again for creeps and those who can’t hack it IRL Dating apps are full of manipulators & incels assisted by capitalist, sexist algos. This isn't the future we were promised. Online dating is over.

If you’ve seen the average dating scene in our cities today, you are probably less than impressed. I’m sure we’re all aware of the sort of losers that slink around and show up just about everywhere in today’s society, even when they’re not welcome. Now imagine the worst of the worst of these failed specimens, and add poverty and a good helping of mental illness to the mix.

The script for a horror movie? No, as of 2022, this is the bulk of the dating pool for online dating. In case you’ve been stuck under a relationship rock, thanks to dating app algo changes and a good helping of capitalism, the online dating scene is now almost entirely made up of guys who can’t cut in in the real world.

We have covered the strange and psychotic world of incels on this site before, so you know just how murderous these monsters can become. We have also written about the blackpill ideology being freely spilled unto the wider internet from deepwebs like 4chan and reddit — making the whole situation even more dire.

The losers you see at the local bar are at least well adjusted enough to go look for partners in real life. In contrast, the incel type dudes who currently look for love online are so far below the mark that they don’t even bother showing up to traditional places where one can find a mate, because they know it’s hopeless. These are the shut-ins who pay what money they have for gaming chairs, anime pillows, and ultra high speed access to disgusting, degrading pornography sites.

And the algos that fuel dating apps are encoded by cis white nerds from this exact demographic. These encoders are paid well, and have their own sexual conflicts of interest at stake, to algorithmically hook losers up with as many girls as possible. Girls thinking they’re being set up with their equals are in fact being matched with creeps who did the dating app equivalent of gaming the YouTube algorithm. Thanks to capitalism, they can even pay money to be “boosted” into your life.

The very same dating algorithms that were once heralded by tech bros as the technology that would end racism and sexism are now just an engine to get low quality males with a credit card laid as much as possible.

Even biology is screaming out: this is wrong! Every girl is equipped with a marvelous defense system capable of efficiently sorting out creeps. First impressions about people speak volumes. If you happen to run into a person who is weird, warning sirens blare in your head. You quickly dismiss the dude and move on to someone normal.

However, when you are talking to people online you have no way of telling what the person you are talking to is like. Without the ability to see him in front of you, to see how he looks from every angle, how he moves and interacts with others, you can not properly judge him. You will never know what sort of person you are talking to until you take the dangerous step of meeting them in real life.

Which, as mentioned, often ends up turning out to be a very bad — sometimes fatal — idea. The digital precursor to the meeting has engendered expectations and entitlement in the loser’s head, and if he is turned away as the creep he is, he could very well explode.

To exacerbate the problematics, guys you talk to online are often aware of how unworthy they are of the girls into which lives they have boosted themselves, and train themselves on darkweb incel forums to become master women manipulators. Not only will they actively hide their shortcomings, they will lie and intentionally mislead you — even go as far as employ powerful technology like Inspect Element and Artificial Intelligence.

Without the proper physical audio and visual cues of a first impression, women are powerless to determine if the person they are talking to is just an average homely type of person or a hardcore pornography addicted incel rapist.

An added benefit to meeting people in real life is that the places you go determine the sort of people you will meet. If you go to expensive clubs in nice parts of town, the people you see have been forced to cross a kind of financial and social barrier to get in. You are drinking filtered dating water, here.

On the internet, you have no way of knowing when you’ve accidentally struck up conversation with a creeper who can’t even afford a basic set of trendy clothes.

Also, because of the wide availability of pornography on the internet, most men online these days are only there to get their rocks off. While you — or God forbid, your child — might become emotionally attached to the guy on the other end of the wire, to them an online person rarely means more than interactive parasexual pornography. You are just being used for the pervert’s masturbatory pleasure while he boasts on incel forums about how much control he exerts over “NPC #2214.”

If you value your life and your mental health, stay away from dating apps altogether and stick with traditional dating methods like friends of friends.

Because this is not at all the future we were promised, and we don’t have to put up with it. Online dating is over.

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20 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Full circle: online dating is once again for creeps and those who can’t hack it IRL</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Dating apps are full of manipulators & incels assisted by capitalist, sexist algos. This isn't the future we were promised. Online dating is over.</span>”

  1. > thanks to dating app algo changes and a good helping of capitalism

    The only thing has changed is that the woman who wrote this has hit 30 and suddenly noticed the only men in her age range who are still single are those who can’t support families.

    There’s some truth to the headline ‘Online dating is for creeps who can’t hack it IRL’, but that’s a truth that was known as early as newspaper and vhs personal ads, ever mind the world of online profiles.

    People who’ve got their shit together don’t need a service to help them meet people – they meet them in their daily lives.

  2. Online dating only worked in the myspace era. No filters, only a few people could shoop, nobody self censored, and SEO manipulation wasn’t a widespread thing. You could scan someone’s profile and get a feel for whether they were worth meeting irl.

    I’ve never had a problem pulling, and after the first 2 dumpster fires that rolled up from okstupid, I went back to dating irl where I met people with common interests, while I watched friends fail at tinder shit. Even if it was working and they were getting laid, they got worn thin by desperation.

  3. Oh, get fucked. Men like that don’t get matches to start with, the woman on apps are all going for Chad.

  4. Wow. Corporations are motivated by money and take cash from low quality males who then receive the service of being falsely treated as equals.

    Everyone wins,
    and women lose.
    As always.

    • “low quality males who then receive the service of being falsely treated as equals”

      Maybe you’d ‘lose’ less if you weren’t so hateful.

  5. The “algos” (who talks like this?) in no way favor men, especially not old or ugly ones. For example, men over 30 get shown fewer young women and men who swipe “reject” too often get throttled as well.

    If anything, these “coders” write “algos” to extract more payments from male users, which is the entire business model of such apps.

    The idea is to have a few attractive men so that women will join, these women in turn will cause a big chunk of men to join and these men are then milked for gold or premium payments etc. That’s how these apps make money in the first place, it’s a funnel.

  6. Take a random selection of 20 couples. Take photos of each person. Give these photos to and independant 3rd party and ask them to match up the couples. You’ll find there’s a really high hit rate.

    Why is this? Well because people know their station and know when people are out of their league. Ugly people marry ugly people. Well known fact.

    Likewise, the type of trash that make use of internet dating are just aiming for someone who is on a par with them. Ugly people can meet ugly people in seedy bars. But where is a complete social reject to meet other likeminded rejects? By definition, they won’t find them in a social setting. This is why the internet is perfect.

    No only that, but by giving these freaks the net as an outlet, we reduce the chances of any of them wandering pathetically into our social circle.

    So don’t write off internet dating as completely evil. It has it’s uses.

  7. I have seldom read an article that was so close-minded and bigoted in my life, and my life is quite extensive. Yes, one must be careful when getting involved in an internet relationship, but I know of some of these relationships that have turned out wonderful.

    Please think before putting your foot in your mouth. Everyone on line is not there for the pornagraphic sites. I have personally never visited one of these sites, and I am on line every day.

    IMHO you need help.

  8. I will say this as my advice:

    If you go to a strip club, you’re asking for trouble…if you go to a sex/porn site/chat, then you’re asking for trouble.

    In internet love…use comon sense. Start out as friends…talk about any and everything…ask QUESTIONS and lots of them….save the conversations…if he’s lying, it’ll get harder and harder and you keep an eye out for anything that looks sucspcious. Find out a phone #, mailing address, and make sure they check out. Look for anything wierd…like if he only wants you to call at certain times or if he doesn’t want you to call him at all. Find out where he works…Get a picture…to make sure its recent, if that’s a concern, have them take a pic in front of a calender, new model car…or something that will let you date the picture.

    Get the phone # or e-mail of friends and family members…talk to them. Don’t run an investigation, but this is all a part of getting to know them…in real life, you’d get to know their family…so why not online? Don’t be like “hey, is your son a murderer?”…just get to know them like you’d do in real life.

    If you have any doubts, ask and find out. Be completely honest with the other person and if they are not being honest, you will probably soon to find out if you follow the precautions.

    Meet in person as soon as possible…make sure you feel comfortable and make sure its been long enough where you’ve got to know each other online. NEVER meet them alone…always meet in a public place and if possible, bring somone along.

    Its a good idea not to get too serious before you meet becauce sometimes things can change in real life…for the worse or for the better so its just good not to get too attached.

    Don’t get too lost in the love until you know where the road is leading you…if there is a great distance involved, THINK about it BEFORE things get to serious. It HURTS like crazy if you fall in love and even meet and its all great….but one problem…neither of you can leave where you are at and the distance gets to be too much. Understand what you’re getting into before you get into it. Distance is tough…make sure you BOTH can deal with it and are willing and make sure there is some way in the future down the line that you can be able to be together.

    Sadly, sometimes it just doesn’t work out or very rarely, you do find someone who has lied and not been caught…well sadly that happens, but that’s the risk you take…it doesn’t happen often if you follow good advice…and the same thing can happen in real life…you can be fooled in real life.

    Internet relationships are like any other…some work and some don’t, that’s just how it goes. BUT they CAN work…me and my boyfriend are PROOF..2 and a 1/2 years and now in real life.

    That’s my opinion…

  9. Whoever wrote this article needs to crawl back into the grave they climbed out of because he/she is obviously a very shallow-minded individual that doesn’t have a clue about life in today’s world.

    The author of this article makes it seem like everyone is on the Internet to look at porn…WRONG…I don’t know where he/she got this from, but they don’t know a clue about the Internet or online relationships.

    I DO KNOW! I met a man on the Internet 2 and a half years ago…and guess what…he is a very wonderful man…a true gentlemen and the love of my life. We now have a real life relationship…we spend time together atleast every other week…I just got back from spending 5 days with him and his mom…his mom loves me to death and thinks the world of me. He has been a dream come true and it all started on the Internet.

    He wasn’t looking at porn and neither was I….we are both Christians…we are just 2 people who love computers…he was coming off a bad relationship and was NOT looking for love and neither was I….we just met thru a random chat and started talking, became friends, and slowly, over time, we fell in love with each other.

    And there is nobody that can’t say its not real…we ARE REAL….2 and a 1/2 years REAL. I am a part of his family and he’s part of mine and we are looking to have a great future together.

    So to whoever wrote this article….ya need to wake up and grow up. Its people like you who give the Internet such a bad name and its people like me and my boyfriend who know the TRUTH and what joy and happiness can be found in the online world.

    There are many, many, many success stories and many people who have married their online love…and the numbers will only increase.

    So to anyone who reads this article…its a bunch of BS…the aurthor MAYBE had a point in trying to get people to be cautious…YES…you have to be cautious…BUT you have to be in any other relationship too…more so on the Internet…but that doesn’t mean its a bad thing. The person who wrote this article sounds like someone who had a bad experience, probably because they didn’t follow the guidelines of online dating and now wants to take it out on the whole interent….but they didn’t do a very good job of it.

    And its very pathetic when the writer of an article is so wrapped up in tying everything with porn…makes me wonder of the writer himself has an addiction to porn.

    You have to be careful, take precautions…don’t go looking for love in a sex chat if you want something more than a cheap good time….same thing as don’t go to a strip joint if you want to find a faithful, loving spouse….use COMMON sense. And evidently whoever wrote this article doesn’t have much comon sense or they wouldn’t have written such a stupid, totally out of line, full of non-sense article.

    Sorry dude, but wake up…the Internet is the wave of the future and online relationships ARE a part of that.

    Whenever there is communication, there is a chance for friendship and love….

    I found TRUE LOVE on the INTERNET…so you can’t tell me that it won’t work….MINE DID work!


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