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9 pro-vagina superfoods every woman should eat for a happy cooch Be your best you, and help your lady parts do the same with these healthy vagina superfoods.

While there are instances where vaginas don’t make a woman (who can come with penises, or even something in-between), the vast majority of us do have these things. This means we should be treating them the finest way we can during their day-to-day, and that care involves so much more than just watching out for odd smells.

Here are 9 vagina superfoods you definitely should incorporate into your diet!

#1. Avocados

Just when you thought avocados couldn’t get any laudable, we go and tell you that they keep you naturally lubricated down there. Their high B6 and potassium content also keep the vagina generally healthy, all while supposedly boosting libido.

Aztecs used to call avocado trees “testicle trees,” which makes it even better to bite into. Pluck one, throw some hot sauce on it, and devour it whole. 😉

#2. Sweet potatoes

These tasty spuds contain tons of Vitamin A, which keep vaginal and uterine walls healthy. They also help us produce energy hormones and contain antioxidants that smooth the way for ideal reproductive functioning.

#3. Pumpkin seeds

These little guys are rich in zinc, which help maintain menstrual regularity and combat vaginal irritation. Bonus: they improve bladder health, and are hella easy to incorporate into your diet as you can just toss them onto quite literally any food.

#4. Greek yogurt

The live and active cultures of yogurt actively ward of bacteria (like the stuff that causes yeast infections) while maintaining your body’s pH levels, the latter of which is said to benefit overall health like nothing else. (Other probiotic/fermented foods will have the same effect, think: kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, etc.)

#5. Garlic

The only person I’ve ever actively seen eat raw garlic is my dad, but maybe he was onto something and ew I’m writing about my dad in a vagina article. ANNNYYWAYYYY, garlic’s antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties can ward off all sorts of vaginal dilemmas while boosting the body’s overall immune system.

#6. Dark chocolate

High in antioxidants, dark chocolate is also a natural aphrodisiac. It ups your libido while simultaneously soothing nerves and producing dopamine. It’s basically a natural miracle drug one-stop shop towards happiness.

#7. Edamame

Soy at large, but especially edamame because all those phytoestrogens are jammed super tight in those little beans, aiding in vaginal lubrication. Omega-3 fatty acids are also said to help with menstrual cramps. I’ll take it where I can get it.

#8. Cranberry juice

This is the one we’ve all heard before, but just as a reminder: The acidity of cranberry juice helps fight UTI-causing bacteria while balancing the vagina’s natural pH level. Don’t buy that sugary stuff, though, make sure to get the real thing to reap full benefits.

#9. Kale

Dark, leafy greens help with blood circulation and purification, which in turn helps with vaginal cleanliness and stimulation, ease of orgasm, and basically everything else. Be like Bey. Bey knows best. (That’s just good life advice in general.)

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