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10 most disturbing confessions ever posted to Reddit Trigger warning: This gets very dark, very fast.

Reddit has been home to many discussions, debates, and confessions over the years. While some of these posts have been insightful, thought-provoking, and even heartwarming, others have been downright disturbing. In this article, we will be delving into the depths of Reddit’s archives to bring you some of the most shocking and disturbing confession posts ever posted on the platform.

Many of these posts have since been deleted due to the backlash they received, but we were able to recover them from archives. From horrifying admissions of crimes to disturbing confessions of sexual deviance, these posts will leave you questioning just how much we really know about the people around us.

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I hate my brain damaged sister

Around a year ago, my older sister (27), widowed mother of 2 boys (8) and (5) decided to, against every single warning made, get drunk as shit and wreck her car into a rock embankment outside of our town. She was life flighted to a ICU, spent weeks in a coma and awoke in vegetative state. In the past year, she has SLOWLY began to see some progress.

Because of this accident, I was forced to quit my job, leave my friends, move across the country and back in with my parents, to help take care of her and raise my nephews. I love them dearly, but I have never wanted to have kids, especially not forced upon me like this.

She had the mind of a child now, argues about silly things, can’t cook for herself, cries over everything, can’t read, memory loss, partially paralyzed on her right side, has aphasia, and a LIST of other problems with me as her caregiver. She tell me how happy she is to be alive after such a bad car accident. I want to scream that I wish she would have died. Her boys are a wreck after losing their dad recently and now having a fucked up mom. My parents are spending all of their retirement savings for her treatments. I can see the years getting shaved off my dad and mom from the stress.

I don’t treat her any differently, I still tell her stories and laugh with her and do my best, but I hate the way I feel when I look at her. Did you even think about your boys when you got in your car? She is smiling and completely ignorant to the pain she has caused to my entire family. So I guess that’s it. That’s my confession. I have a deep dark hatred and resentment for someone I love. And I will never let her know.

Redditor psychologist molests his child clients

I’m not sure of the thread and it was month’s ago, but it was a child psychologist who was talking about molesting and abusing his clients. I work in mental health, so I think it was on a related subreddit. Anyways, it was super disturbing. He went into really creepy detail about how he would groom the children.

The trail leads to this since deleted Reddit post:

So I’m an “active” pedophile, which means that I regularly have sex with children. My preference is for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Professionally, I am a child psychologist; I have two PhDs, and I work part-time as an adjunct at a major research university. Obviously, it’s part of my job to understand how kids think, and my work has put me in contact with hundreds of children over the years. I have only had sex with a small percentage of them–those whom I can be reasonably confident won’t tell anyone, and whom I believe may enjoy the experience. Of course, child sexuality is a complex issue, but while I find it fascinating from a scientific point of view, my desire to fuck them is basically independent from my scientific/professional interest in them, and in general I don’t care whether my actions will “harm” the child when I choose to get sexual with him or her.

I have two daughters, aged 9 and 16. I never touched the 16 year old. Their mother, my wife, died from breast cancer three years ago. The older one goes to a boarding school in Michigan, where she studies flute. I have been having regular sex with the younger one since she was six.

I don’t necessarily prefer boys or girls. Both are attractive to me. I have always been attracted to children, since I myself was a child. I guess as I grew older, I never stopped finding people of that particular age range sexually desirable. I suppose I generally prefer “consensual” sex, although I also find “forced” scenarios also arousing.

I don’t keep a tally, but I’d estimate that I’ve had some form of sexual contact with 50-60 children; full penis-in-vagina penetration with approximately 20 girls, anal sex with three girls, and anal sex with about a dozen boys. I would classify five of those encounters as “rape,” but the vast majority were in the gray area of “consent,” as is generally the case with children.

I suppose something that some readers may find interesting is that I have met several other pedophiles, who have similar preferences to mine. I suppose that many of you would be surprised about several things that I have learned in my interactions with other pedophiles. First, about how many secret pedophiles there are, how exceedingly common this sexual preference is; second, how common sex with children is; third, how often the child enjoys it; and fourth, how easy it is to “get away with it” in a society that basically treats pedophiles like “witches.” If anyone wants to ask me details–note, I will not stupidly reveal any identifying information, so don’t bother trying to “trick” me into giving up my address–then feel free to PM me, and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

I photoshop every photo of my mom

My mom has really had a hard time the past few years. When she entered menopause she gained weight and no matter how much she works out or what diet she tries she cannot drop it.

She is a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out, but I could tell it was really taking a toll on her. So I started (lightly) photoshopping pictures I take of her before I send them to anyone or print them. I just nip a little here and there, slight reshaping. and smoothing out a few wrinkles, nothing drastic, but enough.

Since I have started this she has started acting more confidently and has stopped making negative remarks about pictures she is in. She loves being in pictures with everyone again.

It has really helped. I have not told anyone and never will.

I’m dying but haven’t told anyone

I was diagnosed with cancer a little over two weeks ago, after a regular checkup. Turns out I have a tumour on my colon that has spread to other areas (liver and lungs so far) and will require extensive chemo and surgery for any chance to live longer than 8 months

I’m not having any treatment and I haven’t told my wife because she’ll only pressure me to get the treatment, which result in months of pain and suffering for a relatively small chance

Instead, I’m making sure our last few months together are filled with only happy memories. I’m starting work later and finishing earlier each day, to make her breakfast in bed and take her on dates in the evenings

My landlord I rent my workshop from has agreed to let me run my business rent free for the next 6 months, which means significantly less financial stress and I can save a lot more, so she has something to carry her over afterwards

I hope she’ll forgive me for taking this path

I have a sexual relationship with my mom

On how it started:

I was injured in an accident at 14 and incapacitated. I went from masturbating 2 times a day to zero. After 2 weeks, I was frustrated and took it out on my parents. My mom and dad knew what was up and talked about my mom “helping” me masturbate. The approached me one afternoon and wWhen my mom said, I know you are frustrated and why you are frustrated would you like some help masturbating. Blood was rushing in my ears and I said yes but I really didn’t know if she meant what I thought she meant. I was excited and confused. She said that she would take care of me when I went to bed. Hours away.

He did an r/AskMeAnything about it here which was verified by a researcher working with him and his mom.

I pavlov’d my girlfriend

My ex used to use a specific shampoo and over time i noticed that every time i smell this shampoo on other people i automatically think of her and this got me planning..

For my current girlfriend, every time we got down to business i put on a cologne that i saved specifically for those times. No matter how spontaneous the action was, i found the time to put on a puff or two of this perfume secretly and then continue.

After weve been going on for couple months, i began to do tests – i put this perfume on when casually walking in the kitchen past her, and just sat down in the living room. Soon enough, after couple minutes she got here and initiated sexy times!

Now i use it ocassionally (im very careful not to overuse it so it doesnt spoil the effect) when i want to get hee going, and it works well enough 🙂

My favorite is putting it on before going out to a public place, and watching her get super worked up and unload at home

I try to catch and spread the HIV virus

In its most basic form, the intent of bugchasing is to purposefully become infected with HIV. Many chasers will have different goals once the attain that diagnosis. Some will quickly on antiretroviral medications and maintain an undetectable status, others will be lax on taking their drugs so they can “gift” the virus to others. Then there are those who want to go “natural,” these are people who want to contract HIV and allow it to develop into AIDS.

I fall into the last category. In a nutshell, that’s my confession, I want to contract HIV and let it kill me. It’s a roundabout way of killing yourself, but there’s more to it than that.

I first learned about HIV fetishization when I was 16 years old. I had been reading a personal story that was meant to scare me out of risky sex, about a man who was forcibly barebacked by an HIV positive man and infected. While most of the commenters were horrified, I was aroused. I kept thinking what the hell was wrong with me, there’s nothing attractive about an incurable illness. Even so, I couldn’t shake the thoughts, or my throbbing erection. I tried to leave it be, but I kept getting deeper into it. First I started reading fictional stories about chasing HIV or intentionally giving it to people. At first I tried to just read them, but god I couldn’t resist it I started masturbating to them. The orgasms I get just from reading about HIV infection are by far the strongest I’ve ever had. I kept denying it to myself, “oh it’s just a fantasy, why would you want that?” What a lie that turned out to be.

From the moment I first heard about someone intentionally infected another man with HIV, it was like a monster was awakened inside of me. That’s what I wanted to do too.

It’s horrible, an act of rape, but it’s so arousing I just stop thinking. I don’t care what it is. My entire life I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone, but suddenly the sexiest thing I can think of is ruining someone’s life with a virus. I tell myself that they don’t know that it’s really a blessing, being poz sets you free. I hated myself for thinking that way, I still hate myself for thinking that way.

I still don’t hate myself enough though. A few weeks ago I decided to stop safe sex altogether, to engage with the highest risk partners possible, all in the hope of that “positive” diagnosis. From there my plan is simple. Engage in as much sex as possible and hopefully spread the virus to everyone I can. Never going on medication or even bothering with testing. The average life expectancy for an unmedicated HIV positive person is 13 years. 13 years of complete sexual freedom sounds like a great deal to me.

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