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Science finally explains why your hoo hoo smells like a plague infected musk ox The idea that the vagina needs to be scent-free is a misconception. Still, if your vegana smells like a UFO abduction, maybe something is up.

The idea that veganas need to be scent-free is a misconception that started when incel types started jacking it to porn instead of throwing themselves rapily at real women. Like cars, some vaginas are just stinkers. And there’s nothing wrong with that — unless there’s something wrong with it.

The thing is, keeping vegana happy and healthy is simple. Some warm water and mild soap is all you need most of the time. Avoid artificial materials in your panties and go for breathing natural ones.

So what went wrong, you filthy pig? To find the causes behind common odorous oddities we consulted an affordable New Delhi tele-doctor.

Plague infected musk ox

If vegana is turning somewhat muskier and heavier than usual, you have likely been wearing tight trousers or panties, leaving little breathing room for vegana. Or you have been sweating a lot.

Use some light intimate soap and start wearing looser and higher quality panties.

UFO abduction

A metallic UFO abduction smell from vegana is most typical following your period or after interior ejaculation, each of which alters its smell and can restrict the pH of vegana. This smell usually doesn’t stick around for too long.

Should it continue long after your period, it is worth discussing with your gynecologist.

Putrescent aquatic vertebrate

Fishy smell from vegana can come about from many reasons. The most common cause is bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial imbalance of vaginal flora (specifically, Gardnerella vaginalis and Bacteroides). Other symptoms include itching and a thin white, grey, yellow, or green-colored discharge.

Another cause is the STI trichomoniasis, or trich, which has symptoms such as genital itching, painful urination and intercourse, frothy yellow-green discharge, and vaginal soreness and swelling.

Soggy pumpernickel

The thing with yeast infections is that they don’t normally produce a smell, or only give off a mild, bread-like odor, which can actually help you to tell a yeast from bacterial infection. Yeast infections are accompanied by other symptoms, such as thick, white discharge or itchiness.

Decomposing cambodian whore left out in two weeks of jungle sun

Rotten vegana odor means you’re either a post op (welcome to womanhood!) or in need of immediate medical attention as it may indicate a derelict tampon still sailing the seas hundreds of years after its last sighting. This is very common, but it will usually remain until physically removed. Someone will have the fun task of retrieving that cotton ball of decomposed vegana stuff out of your vegana.

Open cat food container

The phone line went dead and we couldn’t reach the tele-doctor center again so we don’t know the answer to this one.

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