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12 problems only girls with thicc thighs can relate to In a world where some people have thighs that can be mistaken for hot dogs, it’s easy to feel ashamed about having big thighs.

I’m a big girl. I’m tall, I have big boobs, I have long legs, and I have a pretty sizable head. I also have big thighs.

Of course, in a world where some people have thighs that can be mistaken for hot dogs, it’s easy to feel ashamed about having big thighs. I not so jokingly blame my mom for my inheritance of my thick thighs, but I know I should stop blaming and start accepting. Big thighs are what they are, and nobody is more or less attractive because of the size of ‘em.

That said, there are some problems that come with having big thighs that don’t just go away with a little self-love. Here are 12 of them that all of you fellow big thighed girls can relate to.

#1. You’ve had to deal with those tears in the inner thigh of your favorite jeans time and time again.

Can’t we just have reenforced inner thigh bits of all of our pants?

#2. Tight skirts are way sexier than you want them to be.

Sup, unintentional indecent exposure.

#3. When you’re sitting down while wearing shorts or a skirt and it looks like your thighs are 10 times bigger than they really are.

Whatever, nobody is really worried about that but you!

#4. Thigh high socks are pretty much a joke.

They’re either suffocating your thighs or they keep rolling down!

#5. Crossing your legs takes a lot more effort.

We aren’t dealing with lithe little toothpick legs here, okay?

#6. Oh, and your skirts and shorts are always riding up your thighs.

You’re either dealing with crotch wedgies or a skirt that just turned into a micro mini.

#7. Trying to find a way to really own your thigh jiggling.


#8. The angst of needing pants that fit your thighs but aren’t too big in the waist.

Or when you get pants that fit perfect perfectly in the waist and you suffer from suffocating thighs. Compromise doesn’t exist here!

#9. One word: Chaffing.

It’s especially bad during the summer. Ugh, chub rub!

#10. When you’re comparing your legs to a “male bodied” person and you’re wondering where all their thigh fat is.

Does it just…not exist?

#11. You have to deal with people’s obsession with thigh gap.

Can we not? Most lady bodied people have thighs that touch. Even if that wasn’t the case, IT SHOULDN’T MATTER BECAUSE OMG IT’S LITERALLY JUST THIGHS TOUCHING. Don’t we have enough unrealistic body standards to deal with?

#12. When, despite having super thick thighs, you never have the opportunity to do anything awesome with them…unless your partner likes feeling like they’re getting squeezed to death when they’re performing oral?

I mean…

Do you have big thighs, too? Are you cool with them or super self conscious? Tell us in the comments!

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