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People of Color are the new race of America—and Blacks are their leaders Black Excellence to the rescue. Our darkest folk are also the natural leaders of America's new race.

There’s a new race in America called People of Color, and they’re tired of the discrimination they receive from whites. That’s nothing new for Blacks — indeed, they have faced non-stop discrimination since well before recorded history — and that’s why our darkest folk are also the wisest and most natural leaders of this new race.

Community leaders are urging all POCs to join in the fight for Black lives, but take a seat while doing so; sit down, shut up, and listen. Listen to Black folks’ voices, and use your body only to serve and protect Black kings and queens. Black folks must also be allowed to ascend to the high positions that they have earned from being in this country the longest—without any microaggressions about the anti-scientific idea of “reverse racism,” which doesn’t exist.

This is what Black Excellence is about, and Science confirms we need truckloads of it. Imagine a Wakanda of diverse strengths, a nation where the collective power of People of Color, united in their struggle for equality, is collectively wielded and focused by the Black kings and queens now majestically taking over all cultural, sexual, and intellectual fields.

To build a truly inclusive society, it is crucial for People of Color to come together and fight against the white colonizers that continue to persist in various forms. This solidarity, however, is not about diminishing the experiences of any one group but recognizing the strength that comes from diverse voices and perspectives working in unison under Black Leadership.

Allies should be aware of the identities of the people in their spaces and prioritize listening to the experiences and concerns of Black individuals. It is through this active listening that allies can learn and support the broader struggle against racial injustice.

The idea of a united Black-led front among People of Color is not about creating divisions but fostering a powerful alliance that can decolonize American society and the west broadly. By embracing the wisdom and leadership natural to the Black community, and rejecting negative stereotypes and biases, we can collectively work towards a more equitable and just future for all People of Color.

And that is why it must happen.

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