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11 hair hacks that will give you ’70s hair as glorious as Farrah Fawcett’s The 70s was a really great decade for hair, and thanks to the Internet we can copy all the best looks ourselves.

Forget the 90s: The 70s are in again. Get ready for wide-legged pants, swishy disco skirts that twirl, fringe, shearling, and some truly dramatic hair.

The 70s was a really great decade for hair, and thanks to the Internet we can copy all the best looks ourselves. We have picked out 11 of the best.

#1. That 70s Hairstyle by Emma Jean Clarke

1970s hair was all about volume, and this tutorial will get you more volume than Jem and all the Holograms.

# 2. How to Get Loose Farrah Fawcett-Inspired Curls by Rachel Reaux

There were a lot of looks that were great during the 70s, but no hair was as iconic as Farrah Fawcett’s blown-back curls. Here’s how to get some big, dramagic curls that fly back from your face as though you dried your hair while riding a bike.

#3. 1970s Disco Feathered Hair by Cherry Dollface

You can’t have 70s hair without feathers. Here’s how to get that signature wavy, curled-back look with long hair.

#4. Easy Cute Retro 70s Hairstyle by Sincerely Paula

There’s more to the 1970s than Farrah hair. Here’s a cute, everyday style that will look great with your new culottes.

#5. Big 70s Curls by Amanda Shackleton

I love a big head of 70s curls like this one, which was inspired by Amy Adams’ giant Bernadette Peters hair in American Hustle. This is an excellent way to rock some on-trend 70s hair without looking like you’re wearing a costume. (And a nearly identical look just walked down the Preen runway, so this is a good one to copy.)

#6. How-To Retro 70s Curls At Jenny Packham by TRESemme Style Setters

This Jenny Packham look is a good example of a 70s look taken in a very modern, fashiony direction.

#7. Stevie Nicks Inspired Hair and Makeup by Emma Rosa Katharina

Yaaassss. If American Horror Story: Coven didn’t put you on a Stevie Nicks kick, you should watch it again and try to cultivate one. Stevie Nicks is great, and her hair was great, and this look will be perfect for swanning around your dive bar in an embroidered shawl.

#8. Rose Byrne’s Disco Waves by PopSugar Beauty

This look falls perfectly somewhere between “effortless” and fully done 1970s hair. It’s pretty much perfect for any occasion you could possibly have to go to.

#9. 70s Bombshell Curls by Stealing Beauty

If you’re looking for some major volume that will make you look a lot like Zooey Deschanel, this is the look for you. It makes good use of a curling iron, so you don’t have to deal with hot rollers.

#10. How to Get BIG Hair and Flicks by ThatsHeart

I am in love with this hair tutorial. There is so much volume it looks like you will have trouble getting through doors, and that’s perfect.

#11. BeautiFro 70′s Black Barbie Transformation by colouredBeautiful

This is a complete look that even includes blue eyeshadow and faux freckles. Her hair is sensational, too.

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