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The sexperiment: 5 things I learned from sex on the first date I did the unthinkable—the girl who saved her virginity for 19 years had her pants seduced off on a first date.

We are all grown up enough to know that not every date we go on is going to be exactly the same. Some are going to make for great stories because you had to tell the guy your lips weren’t chew toys. Some are going to end after one coffee and an awkward handshake. Some will end in explosive orgasms and that is that.

Now whether or not those orgasms come from sex is entirely up to you and the person lucky enough to be spending time with you. You have to admit, you’re pretty awesome. But even if it doesn’t end in sex, sometimes a grown up just needs to give in to the raging “whore-moans” and live.

That is exactly what I did.

I lived on those orgasms for hours.

And when they were gone, I realized the intensity of my situation. I had done the unthinkable — the girl who saved her virginity for 19 years had her pants seduced off and fell right into bed on a first date. And… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now sometimes you wonder about who reads this, and if he is reading this, its even better. A distinct feeling returns to my loins thinking that he knows he did a good job.

But this sex…this sex above all the sex I have had, taught me things about myself.

#1. I have a #bootfetish

Who knew I would ever feel as sexy wearing a pair of calf-high boots? The sheer amount of sex appeal that was dropping off me in those boots that elongated my legs and gave me that Mistress feeling was out of this world. It was over 9-fucking-thousand!

The days following this, I wore my boots and my self esteem was through the roof. I also went on boots craze on instagram, sharing the sexy through the inter-nether.

#2. I’m not shy

Through some pretty stellar conversation, I come to the conclusion that I’m not a shy person, I’m just quiet until I know you. It is like innocent until proven guilty, but with different repercussions.  The defining moment is when the conversation revealed that shy people don’t want attention. I am a mild attention whore. I don’t want to be the center of attention but I definitely want some of it. I am loud, I want my opinions heard, and I want to be listened to. Believe me, some things were not things someone shy does the first time with a new partner. I mean, whoa!

#3. Sex does NOT make you fall in love

Alright, it isn’t like we didn’t know this before but really, sex doesn’t make you fall in love with someone. It can deepen a connection and it can do all these things to enhance your feelings but I don’t just bang someone, roll over for cuddles, look up and think, “Wow, I love you”. It is just not a thing that happens.

Girls are capable of having “just sex”. Maybe it is guys who have the problem?

#4. Sex appeal comes from you

You can have the body of some mythical greek goddess, I certainly don’t, but without knowing you are sexy, you just aren’t going to be that awesome. I have grown to love my body. I love the way it feels and I love the way other people feel against it. I know that and I flaunt it.

Finding the right water with a new partner is a little weird and could put you in an awkward spot but when you hit it, feel it, and let it consume you. You are sexy and you are about to get laid.

#5. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do

I’m a girl who lives with her emotions on her skin and just listens to them at every call. I also know that when I masturbate, it doesn’t calm down any sexy nerves, I will still be as horny as a rowdy cowgirl at a rodeo. There was a point break with him where I was so fucking flabbergasted by how hot he was, that unless I wanted to spend the next week wet and rowdy, I had to be a “responsibly irresponsible” adult. And so I did.

Best decision ever.

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  1. Sex on the first date just says you are not a long term prospect, if the guy has any sense.

    Thankfully, for you, most of us think with our nether regions, as women like to point out.

    Truest thing women ever say. And why we are so easy to manipulate.


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