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If you must, here’s how to send good dick pics (and safely) If you want to send dick pics on the DL but don't want to get Anthony Weiner'd, here are some good tips.

Remember when Screech’s wife was too super hot for him so he struck up a really creepy Facebook flirtation with some lady who didn’t mind his supremely weird pecs and then he sent those nasty dick pics? And then he got caught.

If you’re like this Screech fellow and want to send out dick pics on the DL, but you want to do it better and maybe even in style and taste, here are some good tips:

#1. Wash your dick

Nobody likes a dirty dick.

#2. Think about the space around your dick

Your dick only occupies 10% (at best) of your dick pic and thus, the rest (ie, the bulk) of the composition should not be an afterthought. Think about the tableau of the dick pick: what’s around you? What kind of mood are you trying to achieve in your dick pic? If your present state is one of aggression, consider snapping your dick pic amongst the alienating confines of a lumber yard or Home Depot.

Is your dick pic elegant and tasteful? Consider draping a deep red curtain across your office doorway such that your dick pic is rife with drama, even baroque.

Also. Remember the rule of thirds. Look at the photo below: a rock penis has been cropped to demonstrate the rule of thirds. Look at the rock penis. It is a penis made of rock. Look at how much more dramatic and attractive it has become with a basic eye for photography.

#3. Don’t put your face in the photos

At this point, if you’re taking nude shots and your face is in them, you just look like you don’t understand the internet. Which is sad. You should know basic internet and be able to take a flattering shot of your cock.

Stupid cow.

#4. No skanks

Let’s put it this way: the kind of woman who knows you have a wife and tells you in a Facebook chat that she can’t wait to “sit on your cock” is also the kind of woman who’ll happily sit on the National Enquirer‘s cock when they show up offering $100 in exchange for screenshots and chatlogs.

You don’t want that kind of woman. She has newsprint in her vagina. Imagine fucking someone and a paparazzi photo of Katie Holmes falling out. That would be weird.

#5. Be self-aware

Women probably don’t want your dick pics. If they express gratitude, they’re probably just being polite. All women know that dicks are hilarious-looking and thus, when you send us photos of your precisely-manicured scrotum and engorged member, we don’t leap up and run to the nearest broom closet so we can masturbate out our ecstasy.

No, we mostly find it funny-looking. The dick is like a curious little dolphin darting about the ocean looking for mackeral or pussy or whatever. Plankton? It’s not really hot in and of itself.

#6. It should be hard

I mean, obviously. As unphotogenic the dick is in general, a limp dick is the ineffectual, floppy height of comedy.

#7. Send two dick pics

Tell her one is real and the other belongs to someone else. The curiosity will drive her insane. In no time at all she’ll beg you to send your real dick pics. Maybe.

#8. Don’t send dick pics, actually

It’s pretty stupid.

So, yeah. To wrap it up, follow all of these rules closely: after you’ve soaped your dick and chosen a recipient who values privacy and respects you as a person, after you’ve composed your dick pic with much thoughtfulness, after you’ve gotten hard and cautiously eliminated any indication of your identity from the shot, get everything just so and then calmly turn off the camera.

Your dick is probably funny-looking and you have a wife. It’s actually a more constructive use of your time to judge strangers on the internet than try to snap a respectable, arousing dick pic.

And believe me, because I was once the recipient of a dick pic. When I was a teenager, I was pretty attracted to this guy because he paid attention to me that didn’t involve spitting. I thought he was really great and then one day we were chatting on AIM and he sent me a link to a photoset of his hard, distractingly tanned penis.

If that sort of shit happened now, he’d get a permanent X, because he basically just confirmed his unbearable vanity. But back then, when I was a teenager, I just looked at and kind of arched my nose and wondered if they were all so veiny. To this day, when I think of that guy, I think about his tan, veiny dick.

Don’t be tan, veiny dick guy. Nobody likes that guy.

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