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Everything you never wanted to know about the vore fetish Into the belly of the beast.

This is porn. You just don’t understand.

Most fetishes can be accommodated with the aid of a few props and a bit of creativity, but if your sexual urges involve being eaten by a snake then you’ll have a hard time fulfilling your desires.

Vorarephilia (or ‘vore’ for short) is the new kink on the block. Born from B-movies and sci-fi comicbooks, and derived from the Latin word ‘vorare’ – meaning ‘to devour’ – the fetish is enjoyed by those who get off on the thought of being eaten by blobs, beasts and boas, imagining themselves as the hungry creatures, or thinking about watching it happen. But as these scenarios are impossible or fatal to enact, vorarephiles turn to films and art to sate their sexual appetites.

Thirty-nine-year-old Mike ‘TallTeeth’ from America is one of them and, in 2010, he set up his online store VOREVIDS.COM. “Vore was hardly anything five years ago, but it’s grown steadily as fetishists create their own artwork and videos,” Mike explains. “My ultimate fantasy is to be a monster. Having a hot young lady sliding into my mouth might be a thrill – her buttocks rubbing against my top lip as she goes down. She’d struggle and wriggle inside me like a goldfish!”

Eat it

The typical vore video fan is male, while the ‘victims’ are usually female. The narratives of the videos vary, but mainly involve girls being eaten by fearsome creatures or killer plants. Mike’s clips combine his love for female tootsies and ‘damsel-in-distress’ situations, so his camera often zooms in on the kicking legs and dangling, pantyhosed feet of girls as they sensually slide into the welcoming belly of a home-made fiend.

“I’ve had an interest in women’s feet and nylon stockings for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been fascinated with women being dominated by monsters on TV or in comics since childhood,” he says. “So when I stumbled upon various online videos and photo manipulations a few years ago, I was hooked.”

John, 27, from east coast America, also churns out salacious monster videos and sells them through his own vorestore, DEVIL CLOWN PRODUCTIONS. He started out fantasising about ‘damsels in distress’ in quicksand, but “stumbled” upon vore four years ago. Common scenarios in his films involve jealous wives feeding mistresses to man-eating plants inspired by Audrey in The Little Shop Of Horrors.

“The plants are puppets made from cloth and cotton and the women are real people,” he enthuses. “My favorite video is Summer Gets It From Above, where ‘Summer’ is ‘eaten’ by a plant. Some guys hung the plant through the ceiling, and they literally pulled our model up through it. We couldn’t stop laughing!”

Some scenarios take vore fantasies even further by including digestive processes. “Our fans often ask to see a huge snake devouring a sexy woman,” says Stacey, who’s an administrator, model and artist for erotic art and animation site Voreville.com. “They’d see her silhouette inside the snake as she wriggles and is slowly digested, until she eventually comes out as poop. Another popular fantasy is a hot female struggling inside the stomach of a worm creature and being digested by stomach juices.”

Squeezy does it

Vore is mostly voyeuristic, because it’s impossible for someone to be eaten by something and survive. However, some folk try to create the sensations of how it might feel to be gulped down. “Within the community, there isn’t much of a desire to realize the fetish beyond artwork, videos and other media, mainly because vore scenarios work on a more psychological and symbolic level,” says Mike. “But I’ve heard of people getting in a sleeping bag that they’ve submerged partially in a bathtub of warm water, to give the sensation of being swallowed.”

Stacey, 28, a model in the USA who began her career in foot fetish and encasement videos where her naked body was wrapped in soft, silky fabrics, says she’s genuinely turned on by the idea of being eaten. When a friend asked her to model as prey in a piece of vore art, she enjoyed the submissive element and now incorporates it into her personal play.

“Now, when I wrap myself up tightly in a satin comforter, I imagine it’s a live creature that’s suffocating me and eating me alive,” Stacey coos. “The mere thought of being overtaken, consumed or absorbed by a stronger entity is exciting, and the mix of helplessness and terror sends tingles up my spine.” In the bedroom, Stacey likes to play the dominatrix, and she indulges in “bondage with a vore twist”.

“I like to become a black widow spider,” she says. “I dress up in sexy black lingerie and tightly cocoon my male mate in satin with just his penis sticking out. I tease him to insanity and speak like an evil seductress, thanking him for coming over to fill my hungry needs. As he wiggles in the silky cocoon, I ride him hard. Then I put him out of his misery with the final ‘blow’ and suck him dry!”

Creature features

Although vore vids all feature beasties, they vary in style. Inspired by B-movies, Mike’s videos deliberately have a “cheesy, grindhouse” look. He crafts his own creatures out of furniture foam, stretch fabrics and nylon tubes that encase the body. Among his gluttonous belly-growlers are a giant spider, a large snake called ‘The Green Terror’ and a worm-like behemoth called ‘Mr Mouth’.

“I’m currently designing a new creature with foam latex hands, moving fingers, and an oversized latex and nylon head with blinking eyes,” he says, proudly. John’s videos are more technical. He’s a short-film maker and special effects expert by trade, and fans ask him to remake scenes involving ghouls from mainstream movies, such as the fridge demon in Ghostbusters and the hungry crocodile in Lake Placid.

As a cinema fan and technical wizard, John hopes to incorporate CGI into his future clips. “Me and a buddy are working on a scene using a green screen where a computer-generated monster eats a girl,” John reveals with infectious enthusiasm. “My ambition is to make an entire movie, where a whole bunch of people get eaten. That’d be awesome!”

Over at VOREVILLE.COM, Stacey says her small animation and photo-manipulation team, which consists of graphic designers and IT whizzes, has also been mixing live-action with CG graphics.

“One of our popular manipulations was of a huge snake devouring me whole, and then crapping me out a few days later,” she says. “Some of our pieces also involve women who are being penetrated by parts of a monster while they’re being eaten alive. They’re aroused, sexually satisfied, and then eaten right after. It’s a combination of vore and porn.”

Although the Voreville website warns visitors that its videos contains themes that some people might find offensive, the fetish isn’t dark, bloody or grisly. “Vore often climaxes with the prey’s death, so it can be pretty graphic – especially when it gets to the digestion stages,” admits Stacey. “But our art is sexy, not gory. We steer away from realism.”

Dinner of dreams

No part of vore is based on reality. ‘Soft vorers’ like to imagine they’re swallowing someone or being swallowed whole, and ‘hard vorers’ like to imagine ripping someone apart with gnashing teeth or being shredded themselves. But John says that the fetish is “pure fantasy”.

“That’s what makes it fun,” he affirms. “If I saw a giant snake for real, I’d be terrified! I like to work with plants and giant frogs because they’re far-fetched. ‘Hard vore’ is typically darker, as it involves vicious animals with razor-sharp teeth mauling somebody, but it’s still imaginary.”

Stacey adds that anyone who might get aroused watching real-life videos of animalistic eating habits, such as snakes feasting on small mammals, needs to get their head checked. “We’ve always stressed that vore is fantasy, and if anyone ever felt the need to act it out in real life, they should seek professional help,” she says. “Our art is erotic, and to see a whole person being trapped inside a fantasy creature is complete and utter domination.”

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1 thought on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Everything you never wanted to know about the vore fetish</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Into the belly of the beast.</span>”

  1. I’m a male in my early 20’s. If you were to ask me who I am, the first thing that would come to mind is: “l am an anal vore fanatic.” This is who I am. It’s my identity. Anal vore is my life.

    And it felt important enough for me to tell my friends and family.

    I decided that the best way to tell them would be to have a “coming-out party,” but of course I didn’t tell them that the party was going to be about anal vore ahead of time. I knew they would look it up in Google and get fed false criticisms by bigoted trolls. I would have to present it to them myself.

    I ordered pizzas and planned a lot of fun activities we could do that would explain to my friends and family what anal vore is.

    It started when they came in through the door. I gave everyone a sealed envelope and told them not to open it until I said so.

    When everyone had arrived (grandparents, aunts and uncles, my parents, 3 of my cousins, and a couple non-family friends), I announced what the purpose of the party was and had them open the envelopes. I had commissioned a popular artist that I really like to draw sketches of each of my family members/friends anal voring me, and printed these pictures out and put them in the envelope (he agreed to do the sketches for $5/each BTW so it wasn’t too expensive for me).

    Everyone kinda laughed and a couple of them were confused, with the exception of my grandpa who got kind of mad. I basically explained that I’m into anal vore and what it is. I don’t think they took it very well though because they joked a lot about it and kept asking if I was serious or joking. My parents and grandparents seemed upset, unfortunately.

    So I hooked up my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable and started showing them my favorite anal vore pictures. This is where the party kind of took a turn for the worse.

    One of my uncles got really mad and started calling me names (l don’t want to repeat them) — to the objections of my aunt, who remained supportive.

    As I kept showing the anal vore pictures, they started leaving, and eventually only my cousins and close friends remained to look at the pictures with me.

    What did I do wrong? Is this basically something that only younger people enjoy? Because I’m pretty sure my grandparents hated anal vore (l still love them though even if we can’t see eye to eye on this subject that’s extremely important to me).

    Anyways the next part of the party that I had planned for so long and was expecting to be a bit hit was a kind of interactive anal-vore reading game. I had printed out one of my favorite anal vore stories and wanted to pass around the story and we would all read a part aloud, but that didn’t really go as planned. One of my cousins said they thought it was “creepy”…? I tried to convince her that it’d be cool but no one wanted to do it. I had to read the story myself but when they started talking to each other about things NOT related to anal vore I kind of gave up

    The party kind of fizzled out. We just watched TV for a bit, I kept talking about anal vore a bit (but not as much as I wanted) and after the party was over everyone (the people who were left at the end, anyway) finally left.


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