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25 women who responded perfectly to creepy men on dating apps The following women have really had enough of all the nonsense and are getting even.

The years where men would cordially ask women to a nice dinner with no intentions of anything else are OVER. The rise of online dating, pornbrains, and the infamous fuckboy have all conspired to make dating the absolute worst and there is no turning back. Just like any other troll and bully on the web, boys are taking advantage of being behind a screen and are saying the most disgusting and foul things they can possibly think of. NO WAY would a guy ever say “I want to make soup with your panties” to your face.

It’s insane and if terrible sex jokes and innuendo weren’t enough, the dick pic is just the cherry on top of the worst conversation known to the human race. Most women who enter the world of online dating encounter their fair share of hideous dicks and we’ve really had quite enough of that.

The following women in particular have really had enough of all the nonsense and are getting even with these boys who really need to grow the fuck up.


























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