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7 unsettling moments in the life of the Burger King mascot Many Burger King campaigns try to toe the line between creepy and creative. Sometimes they go a little bit too far.

The Burger King. Has there been a corporate figure so disconcerting in appearance and mannerisms? Latinos might point to the Frito Bandito, but you’ve got to admit that guy had one catchy theme song. African-Americans have any number of candidates, though I expect the whole controversy surrounding the late Sambo’s Restaurant may fill them with more invective than anything else.

Admittedly, the Burger King doesn’t offend any particular ethnic group, but I have yet to meet anyone of any persuasion who hasn’t used the word creepy to describe this character.

So let’s take a look at the creepiest moments of the Burger King.

#7: Two forces of evil collide

There is no name more feared by football fans across the country than Drew Rosenhaus. While always claiming to fight for his players, Rosenhaus is cutthroat, aggressive, and kind of evil. So what can soften his image a bit? Having him represent the King in negotiations.

Look at him there…soulless, stoic gaze. Not a hint of a soul. How can he walk among us? And then there’s the King standing next to him. Ho ho ho when it comes to an obvious set-up and punchline, I am the King.

#6: Where is your God now?

The simplest item on the list but probably the most poignant and chilling.

I have a fairly iron will, but if I woke up in my bed with the King laying next to me, staring at me, I don’t care if he’s wielding a sandwich. I’m running for my life. I’m also probably wondering what the viscous liquid running down the back of my pants is, but there’s really no time for questions.

#5: The King is giant

A tie-in with an ape-based epic gave birth to this horrific vision. No, not a tie-in with Dunston Checks In unfortunately…rather, A Kong-sized King.

Sure, at first it’s all burgers on fingertips and Rockette-styled kicking. But it’s not all fun and free artery-cloggings. Eventually the King is going to wonder why your relationship hasn’t “escalated”. And I’d be damned if I were the one coming face-to-face with what’s under a 70-foot tall King’s spandex.

#4: A sexy dance for you perhaps?

England is kind of awesome when it comes to their programming. Less restrictions means more room for creativity. Unfortunately, that allowed the geniuses at Burger King’s UK advertising agency to craft this horrific idea.

I can imagine nothing that would make me swear off the sexual services industry faster than having the King appear before me at a peep show, then shoving meat into my face. On the plus side, he’s about as nimble as I’d expect a man in a tunic to be. So that’s pretty cool.

#3: He woo’d your mom and then Little King was born

The Burger King campaigns have toed the line between creepy and creative for a while now. What say you about this one?

After watching its bigger rival McDonald’s Corp. try to woo mom, Burger King Corp. is launching a new marketing and promotional campaign Monday meant to grab her attention.

“A large part of our customer base is parents with children,” said Russ Klein, president of global strategy, marketing and innovation. “As a parent, the challenge is always trying to get the kinds of things you want to but have some dimension of fun.”

The centerpiece of the effort, Klein said, is a new kids meal featuring a four-ounce serving of Kraft macaroni and cheese, lowfat milk and the company’s “Fresh Apple Fries”, which are uncooked apple slices shaped like french fries and served with low-fat caramel dipping sauce. The meal will go on sale Monday for $3.49 and will be a permanent fixture on Burger King’s menu.

The launch will be followed by an in-restaurant merchandising and television ad campaign, with the first commercial airing July 7. That spot will introduce “Little King” meant to be the masked king’s young son.

#2: He can run really, really fast

I’d like to think I can at least get away from the Burger King if he ever wanted to come after me. Not likely, if this video holds to form.

Traditional monsters of film tend to be slow and plodding. Zombies, Jason, Freddy Krueger…not really speedsters. But the King appears to be running a 4.3 40 and has amazing field vision. Needless to say, if the King wants to catch you, you’re going to end up caught. And with a face full of meat. Which kind of meat depends on how lucky you are that day, I suppose.

#1: And now he’s on his way to your home

He appeared at several hundred homes in LA, pretending to deliver food. And soon he’ll be at your house.

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  1. Did you see the commercial of the burger king behind the strippers glass, hanging on the strippers pole and dancing? Even going so far as to hike up his skirt….thing. I mean WTF?


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