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Elon bros are killing us with free speech "I want to be cruel but the mods won't let me" is their best argument for free speech. Because it's about something far more sinister.

UPDATE: We have just confirmed that this story has been censored on the r/ElonMusk subreddit and at least one major Elon Musk discord. The irony may be lost on the Elon bros — the very subjects of this piece.

The days since the announcement have been surreal for me. I have alternately bawled my eyes out and wallowed in an almost comatose state, unable to comprehend, to accept what must come next. Jeff Jarvis speaks for all of us when he says it feels “like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany.”

It has now been confirmed that Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter, and he fully intends to revoke vital Terms of Service provisions that protect the marginalized from the type of human that Elon Musk considers valid. These white cis males (and their sycophantic servants) will be let loose to do as they wilt all over the platform.

These are the people restrained by the current moderation that Elon wants to unleash on trans and PoC folks.

Because abuse and driving folks to suicide is what it all boils down to. We need to understand that if we are to have a fighting chance at all. We are not dealing with good faith “people” just “looking to exchange ideas freely.”

It’s laughably pathetic that “I want to be as cruel as possible but the mods won’t let me 🥺” is the best argument so many conservatives have for free speech (not that they are known for intelligence), but it’s no laughing matter.

And you just have to marvel at the sheer triumphant small-mindedness of it, this flaunting of the worst tendencies in human nature.

So much eloquence has been spoken on the subject of freedom of expression. You could fall back on Milton, on Mill — but no, the best you’ve got is “I WANT TO BEHAVE LIKE AN ABSOLUTE RAT BASTARD.”

If it wasn’t already obvious that “free speech” is a dogwhistle (as pointed out by Dr Lauren Hall-Lew), “free speech activists” then turn around and call for the purging from schools of books about sexuality, or the historical facts of race in America. All of it, burned.

They rejoice over their bonfire, but only halfly so, for the crackling of their bonfire is missing the other conservative ingredient: the smell of minorities being burned alive, screaming out.

The only good thing to come of all this is the abundant transparency of these almost not human entities. People are finally beginning to understand they don’t want freedom of speech in any academic sense of the term.

You will feel it on your body. And in your soul. Twitter, under the promised new guidelines, will become something far worse than 4chan. It will be a massive concentration camp 2.0, with energized Elon bros joyously torturing minority inmates with gaslighting, doxxing, and harassment brigades.

As CNN points out, “You need regulation. You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell. We are there. Trump opened the gates of hell and now they’re chasing us down.”

Conservatives writ large have systematically chipped at and now reduced “free speech” to just another sneering excuse for treading down the downtrodden, for whipping the marginalized, for gay bashing the alternative, for incarcerating non-white boys from infancy to grave, for curb-stomping Black people’s skulls open, for raping and disappearing transgender Native American women, and for lynching little Black boys for merely looking at a white female.

So, no.

Free speech isn’t the right to speak out against power.

Free speech is a fucking AR-15.

And it’s loaded.

And they’re pointing it at our heads.

And they WILL pull the fucking trigger.

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39 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Elon bros are killing us with free speech</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">"I want to be cruel but the mods won't let me" is their best argument for free speech. Because it's about something far more sinister.</span>”

  1. “Free speech isn’t the right to speak out against power.”

    Yes it fucking is, you fucking piece of shit! It’s literally the very reason you get to run this dipshit fucking website, because you have the right to do so, otherwise a tyrannical government would have shut this website down from the start and thrown you all into a gulag.

    The only real argument against free speech would be not letting you fucking idiots espouse your bullshit!

  2. So glad I found this website. It’s nothing but pure brilliance. Yes, Free Speech is the Holocaust. Yes American History X really happened.

    I mean that literally, that literally Edward Norton literally curb stomped a black man. That was real. And Elon is Hitler 2.0.

  3. As empathic as I’d like to be (because of course the TQ exist, are human and deserve respect – in theory) with this disingenuous hyperbole, I can’t help but remember (it’s still happening today) all of the insanely violent comments, rape and death threats that myself and other women have received from those who pretend to be the opposite sex or no-sex (unsexed?) over the past five years of my experience.

    In fact it’s still impossible even to attempt to find out the truth directly from this crowd at all because of their exclusive “NO DEBATE” policy, their incessant inane name-calling, murder and suicide threats, doxxing, prejudicial assumptions, DARVO, gaslighting, hatred of women and their constant moving of goal posts and other tactics designed to impugn and end all discussion. This creates an atmosphere of mutual distrust despite the massive efforts women (and some men) have made to understand and compromise with those who id as trans.

    I can’t help remember all of the women (and even a few men) whose lives and livelihoods have been seriously compromised or even completely destroyed by the trans identified. I think of the women in prison and womens’ shelters who are forced to live in the same tight quarters as misogynistic violent men pretending to be women. We now know that these men are raping and getting women prisoners pregnant. So much for safeguarding the most vulnerable. But we are not allowed to meet and talk to others (especially other women) about such problems due to the massive pushback from the TRA. They even send counter-protesters (#BlackPampers=tra version of antifa!) to the freedom demonstations. All public matters must kowtow to tra privileges. They are not oppressed or in danger but lauded, featured, written about as gods and have infiltrated their pomo nonsense into nearly every walk of our and our childrens’ lives.

    I think of all of the young girls and women groomed by tras such as Nate here into believing there is something so wrong with them that they must have been born into the wrong body and are now MEN, a ridiculous and horrifying impossibility. Of course many boys who would likely have been ordinary gay men have also been convinced they ARE NOT RIGHT. These are the people I have empathy for. Many women have felt we were born in the wrong body and wished to have the privileges of men but thankfully that tech/cult wasn’t on the agenda until the past 10-15 yrs. And fortunately many of these younger people have been realised they were groomed, victims of Stockholm Syndrome and are finding their ways out of this maze.

    In general, it is not women who have done this convincing. We are merely pointing it out and asking that it stop. Men aren’t women and women aren’t men. This is simply a biologically immutable fact. Everyone is free to state it. Pretending it’s not true helps no one, least of all trans.

    If those who can’t handle the truth about themselves or take a single other viewpoint into consideration make up stories about what free speech really is and how it will get them killed (though we never hear word ONE about the torment or killing of trans), then it is up to THEM to find safer ground. No one is interested in pandering to their nonsense any longer. They’ve been given chance after chance to earn societal respect and they keep blowing it and making THEMSELVES look even worse. They have only themselves to blame for their non-free speech politics.

    And Nate, you’ve seriously gone down hill. You used to be smart, funny and sensible. WITAF happened? If there is no free speech, you will be demanding the privilege you will soon consider a RIGHT – for women to pretend you don’t STINK.

  4. Wants more censorship. Gets censored. Cries about it.

    Is author retarded? Oh I just saw his pic. He is.

    Also part “misgendering is literally holocaust 2.0” is laughable.
    Another thing is authors racist view that “only white cis males do it”. Racist, sexist and heterophobic.

  5. Twitter is a private company, and so it has the right to decide what speech it doesn’t and doesn’t allow on its platform.

    If you don’t like what someone is saying to you: block them. It’s really that simple. You don’t need big daddy to come and eliminate all who disagree with you from existence. You’re a big boy, you know how to press the “block” button.

    If you don’t like it, build your own Twitter. As I said, it’s a private platform. It doesn’t owe you anything, you’re free to boycott it and take your attention to other sites. No need for the hilarious hormonal public mental breakdown over it.

  6. God are the “this is literally the holocaust” people the degenerate children of “this is literally Harry Potter” You’re just anti-semetic and/or stupid read another book…or historical event? What is even happening to my party at this point- it’s giving mental unfitness and illogical reactionary mindset, seek help

  7. Cry more about being censored on r/elonmusk. you have a right to free speech. you don’t have a right to be retarded and post actual wrong opinions. there’s a HUGE fucking difference between liberals posting their “facts” vs actual people posting actual facts. everything is working as intended. fuck off liberal cuck.

  8. American Historical Illiteracy and pathetic inaccurate comparisons only trivialize and diminish the true horrors that truly occured in Europe.

  9. For the Chudlet, freedom of speech here it isn’t about exercising a free and honest intellectual exchange of ideas. It is a way for these frustrated terminally-online people to let out steam, to attack, harass, bully other terminally online randos on the internet. Truly dark times we’re living in.

    • How are you decrying others as terminally online and simultaneously “chudlets”. Throwing stones from glad wrap houses a new hobby?

  10. That Weimar comparison is horrid optics. If one sees oneself that way or sees the life of small handful of German populace who would’ve been able to enjoy such nightlife as something to aspire to, they’d be wise to keep it to themselves.

    • Seriously. “Oy vey they’re about to shut down our sex clubs and child brothels!”
      Not a good comparison. But we know these freaks all pine for the Weimar days.

  11. The First Amendment does indeed refer to speaking out against the government. It exists because the British would go in and shut down any paper that printed anything critical of King George III, Parliament, and the British nobility who were all the government. The Second Amendment uses the word Arms to describe what can’t be banned.

    Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is the earliest American dictionary for the words used in the founding documents. This is what Arms is defined as.

    ‘ARMS, noun plural [Latin arma.]

    1. Weapons of offense, or armor for defense and protection of the body.

    2. War; hostility.

    Arms and the man I sing.

    To be in arms to be in a state of hostility, or in a military life.

    To arms is a phrase which denotes a taking arms for war or hostility; particularly, a summoning to war.

    To take arms is to arm for attack or defense.

    Bred to arms denotes that a person has been educated to the profession of a soldier.

    Thus, an AR15 is a weapon of war and legal under the Constitution. It’s entire purpose is to cow the government and prohibit it from being tyrannical. When they decide to use the well it’s only for the militia I point out that the militia as given to the original colonies was every white male between the ages of 17-45. It was their responsibility to protect their cities and farms from the Indians. This is why said colonial charters granted the colonists the right to keep and bear weapons of war. Yes, the colonists were authorized to buy cannon, ships of the line, and the like to defend themselves from the King of England. For Virginia it was King James I in 1609, Plymouth Colony in 1620, and King Charles I for Massachusetts Bay in 1630. Being the King meant they were the head of the Anglican Church combined with King William the Conqueror’s declaration of the Divine Right of Kings in 1066 made the king the divine representative of God on Earth. This is why the Declaration of Independence is worded the way it is.

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    This first paragraph tells the King that the colonists are equal to him as granted by God. Thus, the entire document is one of English Civil Law that removes the colonies from under the divine representative of God to answer directly to God. They elevated themselves to being equal to the king. That royally pissed off the nobility.

    Natalie knows nothing this country and is great amusement to me. Someone better not tell her that Maryland’s Constitution ensconces into law that all political power comes from the people.

    Article 1. That all Government of right originates from the People, is founded in compact only, and instituted solely for the good of the whole; and they have, at all times, the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their Form of Government in such manner as they may deem expedient.

    All 50 state constitutions have this clause.

  12. This is so utterly retarded I feel dumber after I read it. No wonder why anybody would delete this crap from a subreddit, it’s not even clever much less true.

  13. The official Elon Musk communities are all censoring this article HARD. Your line about how we’re not dealing with good faith people was so prophetic, Natalie.


    • I have some bad news for you. We’re not only starting to figure out that pointing out your hypocrisy is a pointless endeavour, because you don’t care about having a consistent worldview or living by your own rules. As well as avoiding hypocrisy on our end is pointless, because all we’re doing is abandoning strong positions for an enemy who won’t return the favour, or even acknowledge that we’ve done so.
      I’m very sorry you don’t like your own medicine, but I recommend you get a taste for it in a hurry.

    • Its a private company he can do whatever he wants
      Free speech doesnt limit what private companies can do

    • Yeah maybe because comparing Musk buying Twitter to unleashing a horde of negro curb-stomping, trans murdering, pavement ape incarcerating is a wee bit disingenuous.

    • I’m really scared and I don’t want to open Twitter anymore. I don’t know who’s on there anymore and if they want to murder me for being trans. Elon’s henchmen will read my DMs, won’t they? I am really scared and I’m feeling like I’m overburdening my therapist. She has cried too.

  14. This is the most ridiculous hyperbolic tripe I have ever read from ‘the left’ (this week). If you don’t like it, build your own Twitter. Isn’t that what conservatives were told during the purge? Turnabout is fair play, and I am savoring this moment.

    • If you click the image of the tweets it takes you to the tweets. And they are verified accounts. So it’s realsies.

      • That doesn’t mean anything. I could copy a tweet from Biden and ask the lulz.com staff to post an article with the text of that tweet followed by “At midnight, Moscow will be illuminated by the immaculate radiance of our nuclear arsenal”, and no one would take it seriously. But you take _this_ seriously. Lmao dumb slut.

  15. This is satire, right?
    Please tell me this is satire I can’t even tell anymore. Nobody actually defends Weimar or thinks it was a good thing, right? Nobody that isn’t a paedophile anyway.
    Comparing Musk to Hitler because he bought a company is surely too ridiculous to be real, but given the liberal insanity of the last several years, nothing seems too far-fetched anymore. I try to maintain hope in humanity but it’s hard when the normalisation of sexualising children is on the agenda of such a vocal minority.
    Please, put my mind at rest.

    • I hope it’s satire?? Absolute state of affairs otherwise, the left will either see a renaissance by executing economic policies and crush the right or get stuck with these scum sucking parasitic navel gazers that constantly cloy for fascism. And I’m a f*cking Democrat fml crying about social media decentralization kill me

  16. I like that the elon bro and conservative terms are used interchangeably without acknowledging it. As it should be. Smells like shit, looks like shit: it’s shit.

  17. Their version of free speech is perfectly constructed to cause as much death and destruction as possible. And they are winning. I am so scared. Will someone stand up for our democracy?


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