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8 tips on how to get rid of vagina sweat forever Extra sweaty girls know that the struggle is real, especially in the nether regions.

Sweat is an unfortunate part of life that we all have to deal with, especially if you live in the Northeast during the summer. Some people are sweatier than others, and those extra-sweaty people know that the struggle is real. They don’t only have to deal with armpit or back sweat: there’s boob sweat, thigh sweat, face sweat, and even crotch sweat.

I am lucky enough to be on a medication that doesn’t allow me to sweat very much, but I’ve heard enough horror stories from friends to know that crotch sweat is a nightmare. Sweating from your vagina leads to embarrassing sweat stains you can’t explain and also a ton of discomfort.

A picture of a wet cat for some reason.

We all sweat, and it’s nothing to stress over, but I understand if you want to tone it down a bit. Here are 8 tips on how to deal with and get rid of vagina sweat forever.

Wear loose clothing

Ok, maybe not that loose.

Opt for loose clothing on the days you know you’re going to be seriously sweating. Tight clothing makes you feel more hot, so it makes you sweat more. It also shows sweat stains more. Palazzo pants are a great option for summer. They’re typically made of light material, so they won’t be too warm, and they look so cute. If you can’t imagine wearing pants, go for loose and breezy shorts or a skirt rather than denim shorts or a tight mini skirt.

Avoid maxi pads or panty liners

When I was doing research for this post, I noticed that a lot of people on forums and blogs recommended wearing light maxi pads or panty liners to soak up vag sweat before it can stain your clothes.

While I get the purpose behind this, I have to tell you guys that it’s a bad idea. You’re sweating down there because you’re hot – do you really think adding extra material is going to make things better? It might soak up your sweat, but it will also make you sweat more, and it will be uncomfortable. Avoid using panty liners or maxi pads (if you don’t have your period) to avoid more irritation to the area.

Get rid of your pubic hair

What you choose to do with your pubic hair is your business, but it’s worth noting that having a full bush may be making you sweatier. Again, your vag is sweating because you’re hot, so anything extra down there is going to make it worse. Pubic hair will make you warmer, and it will also trap sweat. If you’re cool with removing it, try shaving or waxing. Being bare might help.

Try Anthony No Sweat Body Defense

Trust me.

There are some products out here that are made to deal with down there sweat. I usually don’t recommend putting anything down there, because it’s such a sensitive area. But Anthony No Sweat Body Defense was made with crotch sweat and chub rub in mind. It’s definitely worth trying. If you’re going to use it, just don’t put it IN your vag, unless you want an infection.

Try Lush Silky Underwear Powder

I mention this Lush powder in every article I write about sweat, and for good reason. This stuff really works! It’s made for your more sensitive areas, and it will help keep chafing and sweat at bay. If you want to use this down there, again, don’t put it inside your vag.

Use baby powder

Don’t want to get all fancy with special powders? You can use baby powder in a pinch. Baby powder helps with chafing and sweating, and is usually sensitive enough to be used in your vaginal area. Still, don’t get it inside you and don’t use too much. And if you feel like it’s irritating you, stop using it!

Choose cotton underwear

If you’re trying to combat vag sweat, you should avoid all underwear fabrics except for cotton. Lace looks sexy, but it will make your sweat worse. And silk? Forget about it. Opt for cotton material because it’s breathable and more comfortable in the heat.

Opt for moisture-wicking materials

You can also choose moisture-wicking underwear or pants if you really want to step up your sweat defenses. If you’re going to be exercising or you do a sport, you should definitely buy yourself some moisture-wicking underwear. It’s made for sweaty situations, so you know it works.

If all else fails, just air it out

Like this.

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