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5 things I’ve learned moving to a big city with a Significant Other Experiencing a multitude of things that only come with moving to and living in a big city makes it all worth while.

Dating is hard. Making a relationship last is even harder. Attempting to chase your dreams is hard. Moving to a big city to pull it off is even harder. Combining all those things, well, actually not all that hard, but certainly the ultimate test.

When you pack up everything you own with a significant other, travel cross country, show up to your new apartment you’ve only seen online until now and attempt to make a go of it in an overwhelmingly populous city, there’s plenty of life lessons to be learned.

Oh, you’ve not done that? Movies and television haven’t tackled this subject? Is it because usually people only make such a leap of faith when single?

Most likely, yes, but what happens if you’re not? Are you imprisoned to your hometown the two of you are from? Are you stuck on the outskirts of, not only a bigger city, but everything you’ve wanted to experience? You don’t have to be if you’re as wacky as me and mine were about a year ago, taking off from the place Brad Pitt calls home to the place he’s made his own kingdom.

Sure, at the time we were unemployed, crazy 23-year-olds, but now we’re underemployed, knowledgeable 24-year-olds. And, you could be too! Here’s how.

#1. We came prepared to pretend to be one person, not out of love, but because two paychecks barely equal one livable wage

Yes, moving to a big city just like every cliché you’ve heard in that everything is far too expensive, and how the hell do you afford it?! Simple: just embrace the fact that everybody is scraping by, as are you, but being here is what’s important, right?! Right.

#2. One car is plenty, that is, since we’re lucky enough that one of us works from home (me)

You should never bring more than a single car when you take off for new residence in a big city. It’s just unheard of to find parking for two cars, and considering the revelation above, you’re not going to be going anywhere too often. If you decide to make this life change, one of you should consider becoming an Internet writer or freelance graphic designer so as to stay home all day.

#3. Little things such as a coffee table will feel like priceless artwork investments we show off to people

When we first moved here, our couch was a blow up mattress, our bed on the floor and I worked sitting at our kitchen bar. So, anytime we added the tiniest piece of furniture around the house, we’d have people over for dinner as if it was an art installation. It’s sort of all we had to live for, and that reality could be yours if you so choose to find lasting happiness!

#4. Patience for the other, considering the astronomical leap we’ve decided to endure for one another

There’s often an immense frustration that begins to boil up from time to time, because we’re both facing some very daunting realities on a daily basis. Projecting problems onto one another is all the rage (pun intended), but we’ve learned to work through it by realizing we’re not alone in this. Each other’s successes of each other’s successes, if you follow.

#5. Mostly, we’ve learned what actually matters in life (although money would be nice)

Being together, having fun at free events and just experiencing a multitude of things that really only come along with moving to and living in a big city is what makes it all worth while. Although, it’d be cool if one of us would strike it rich, we’ll manage in the meantime.

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