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Strange fruit: when white women lied and Black men died History's interjection to the notion that #MeToo accusers are incapable of lying or being motivated by malice or financial gain.

From 1882 – 1968, an estimated 4,743 men were lynched in the United States, often after an accusation of rape, prompting the NAACP to claim “[w]hites started lynching because they felt it was necessary to protect white women.”

We now know that many of these women lied, and men died.

Emmet Till was only 14 years old when he was beaten to death for the crime of whistling at a white woman. Many years later, Carolyn Brant admitted that she lied, to protect her husband.  They went on to profit financially from the boy’s death. Till was hardly alone. A mob of 1500 beat and hung three Black circus workers in Duluth, after a white woman made an apparently false accusation of rape.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gilbert King chronicles the lives and deaths of the black men falsely accused of sexual assault in his book, Devil in the Grove.

The history of lynching in the United States is inextricably interwoven with the history of women lying about sexual assault. Last month Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin cheerfully resigned herself to innocent men being made to suffer if women lie, as the price of ending “patriarchy”, seemingly incapable of understanding that she would not be the one paying the price. This is the same thought process of the women who lied to force the Southern trees to bear their strange fruit.

Billie Holiday, one of the best jazz vocalists in American history, recorded her mournful masterpiece “Strange Fruit” in 1939, describing the sight of men’s burnt and beaten bodies, hanging from trees and lampposts in the South, after mob retribution.

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

The song was later updated by Kanye West to include a discussion of predatory women hoping to become pregnant by rich men. West samples the Nina Simone recording of “Strange Fruit,” linking his depiction of rapacious black women with malicious white women who lied about sexual assault.

The recent epidemic of powerful, mostly liberal, white men accused of sexual impropriety, harassment, assault and rape has been accompanied by a dogged insistence that the women accusers could not be lying, predatory, or motivated by malice or financial gain. This is a curious revision of history, in which the women who prompted up to one third of all the lynchings that occurred in the United States through false accusations of rape, are suddenly evolved beyond their sisters of an earlier age.

The trouble with women is that we are human beings, and human beings have a terrible capacity to be flawed, often egregiously so. Culturally, we have little problem accepting that men can be malevolent, predatory and exploitative, because we understand that men are human beings. We have considerably more difficulty accepting that women are human beings, too.

Some of the men accused of harassment and assault may very well be guilty. They are all being subject to the digital mob, lynched in cyberspace. How many of the lynched men of the South were innocent? Has mob justice ever meted out a fair and just reward?

The strange fruit that once hung abundantly from the poplar trees should remind us that women can, and do lie.

Women lie.

But men die.

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137 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Strange fruit: when white women lied and Black men died</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">History's interjection to the notion that #MeToo accusers are incapable of lying or being motivated by malice or financial gain.</span>”

  1. All those niggers were probably guilty anyway. Why should I give a shit what happens to a fucking nigger?. In my home country we had nigger slaves for centuries.

  2. I see a lot of comments upset about a smiling white woman in front of the lynching. If that offends then how about real people during live lynchings. Look up the Rubin Stacey Story and check out the famous smiling white girl looking up at his hanging dead body. Interesting enough Rubin Stacey was murdered because he was begging for food from a different white woman named Marion Jones who lied saying he tried to harm her.

  3. Early in the 20th century the small, all black community was wiped from the map after a race riot led by white men seeking revenge for the rape of a white woman by one of the Black residents of Rosewood. Only problem was the assault never happened.

  4. And it should not mean believe and charge/ruin. Nor should it be used to blame men for a woman’s lack of agency to say no when no was an option.

    “Me too” should merely be about taking accusations of sexual crimes seriously enough to truly investigate and if necessary charge individuals accused of sexual crimes (including women) especially if there are serial accusations in the case of Epstein, Trump and Kavanaugh.

    It’s about not engaging in victim blaming or letting power, money, race and fame be a protection against justice.

  5. In other words, #MeToo isn’t about you (largely men) and your scars. It isn’t about false accusations against the Black man. It’s about White men (symbol of power and wealth) NEVER GETTING ACCUSED AT ALL.

    MeToo isn’t about going from accusation to metaphoric Lynchings of the innocent but demanding justice for the guilty.

    This article ignores the millions of African and native slaves, the maids cleaning homes, the sex trafficking today to say what about Black men and the rape culture. Really?

  6. I have to push back a bit against the premise of this article. It looks at the MeToo movement solely through the eyes of the accused. That’s very patriarchal and a repeat of Black male egotism.

    It completely ignored the egregiously rampart pervasive, systemic and routine raping of Black Women for 100’s of years along with the fact that we too were lynched.

    The white mans sexual violence against our bodies was sooo wide spread that EVERY African American is on average 20-25% European.
    Laws were passed in America that allowed White slave owners to keep as property slaves born from their rapes.
    We are quick to remember the Black backs that were whipped but not the young genitalia split by force.
    To this day, our scars are ignored.
    R. Kelly’s debaucherous crimes persisted unanswered for so long because his victims were Black women.
    So it’s not surprising that #MeToo was started BY a Black Woman. A woman who wanted other survivors to know they are not alone.

  7. Completely horrid picture at the top of this article. It really detracts from the body of the article. I’m appalled you’d post a white woman smiling while she showcases lynched black men??? Really?

  8. Who is the editor who allowed the photo headlining this article? I get the idea but for the love of all that’s holy, man, it is so inappropriate and disrespectful. It adds to, not illustrates , the offenses committed to these innocent men. It should be replaced immediately and more thought given next time to the designer and editor of your article layouts.

  9. WE ARE NOT SISTERS. There can be no comparison. There is no “sisterhood” between black women and white women. Kanye West is a “white” man who refuses to actually bleach his skin like MJ; his works are sullied by his own self-loathing mental illness.


  11. So after reading quite a few comments and applaud some and empathize with others (those with blinders on) it’s evident that there is no solution. Blacks in America, the builders of this country, have and will always be the slave in any narrative no matter what. The Caucasians believe that ripping a people from their land, binding them savagely, rapping and killing the women and children, dehumanizing them was their RIGHT. The pillage and annihilation of indigenous people when they, the Caucasian-Spaniards, “discovered” a place that already inhabited, they had a RIGHT to do so. TODAY, they believe they have a RIGHT to treat you, (if you are different and show any signs of strength or intelligence), as they please without any repercussions or consequences because it is in their NATURE to do so. They don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. Stop trying to understand it. It’s just that simple. Yes things have changed from the “mas’a” days and black people aren’t being hung on trees although they have found different ways to disguise lynching. But the drive and obsession with being seen or deemed equal is exhausting. It will never happen. God is the only one to see the absolute truth of it all. And no I’m not the hypocritical “Christian”, that’s also another form of bondage. Anyway. There is something/someone greater than us all and the day will come….

  12. That woman smiling there looks like Giada the chef on the Food Channel, in fact I’m almost certain that’s her

  13. Scottsboro (1931) another example of the deep cognitive dissonance fear of genetic annihilation described by Dr Francis Cress Welsing, in her book the ISIS Papers (1991).
    It helps to explain the need for European American southern males to prefer their rite of passage with an African American young woman (girl). See John Grisham’s A Time to Kill movie (1996, 2009) or Thomas Jefferson’s Montcello and Sally Hemmings.
    Thomas Paine, a good friend of Jefferson, once said “To argue with a man that does not use reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

  14. Hmmm!!, I’ve read and seen almost all comments. But, no one (Speaking of white people), wouldn’t dare to trade places with any blacks on here. Or anywhere else in this or any life time. Why, cause they know damn well they wouldn’t last long and they see what’s going on in this world. We’re talking about the deepest darkest truth. I’m sorry if you can’t remove the dirt from you’re eyes. I’m sorry if the truth hurts. But, let us put out a Rap or R&B song you’ll love us then until some then bad comes up then it’s kill them or give them life in prison. The history about us is lie!!! We are not monsters we are not some type of devil child to kill or attack whites. All we ask is to see and tell the truth and make a change in this world. Let others know the truth. And learn how to be equal!!! And love one another… Don’t love us when the world is going crazy. That’s the only time I see whites and black love, if you want to play lost I’ll refresh your memory. 9/11 do I need to go any further.

    • Why are so many of the misguided Black$ still clamoring for acceptance from the genetic offspring of serial murderers ?
      I find it shameful and self abasing that many in our society continue to stretch their throttled necks to maximum capacity just to be accepted by white society….
      Why is there no pride in the sacrifices our ancestors willfully and unwillingly contributed to this Sadistic and Twisted American Horror story ? This Trilogy that has been conveniently spun into a phenomenon labeled The Natural American History……? There are so many Whites who remain indifferent and ominously judgemental toward the obvious victim of the Horror Show ; YET you still vigorously seek them out for your own validation …. This should be perceived as a glaring weakness in the collective conciousness of our Socio ECONOMIC power base…… Popular and Wealthy Black Puppets all seeking white validation is the most evil and counterintuitive thought process within the diaspora.
      How do we rescue our collective black selves when our perceived leaders are clamoring for white handouts in addition to European. Political support..?

      • James, I… YES!! Thank you for making it so clear. I don’t even know what else to say. I’m touched and inspired by your words.

  15. While some points made in this article are true and informative I’m noticing that u’ve left out some important parts. You’ve mentioned that the men, today, that have been accused of rape/ sexual assualt are mostly ‘powerful, mostly liberal, white men accused of sexual impropriety, harassment, assault and rape…’ Why have u failed to mention the Black men that have been accused and are ACTUALLY doing time in jail/prison due to FALSE accusations? Black men are the ones suffering STILL from the lies being told while the white men either get a light sentence or get to go home ‘SCOTT FREE’. One more question, PLEASE EXPLAIN the pic of the author (I assume) in front a mural of hanging Black bodies (the REAL ‘Strange Fruit’)? The smile/smirk and ‘confused emoji pose’ is quite disrespectful to me.

    • I understand your angst for the image of the white women superimposed over the lynched Black men but it is meant to represent an allegoric image of white women who lied about rape/sexual assault from Black men and as a result, they were lynched. Her expression illustrates the tone of “Well I know I lied about it but hey…” attitude.
      Also, although she did not go into the depth of how innocent Black men are doing time in prison today from lies told of assault and rape, she did make the paralleling reference of such present-day ongoing in her statement,

      “This is a curious revision of history, in which the women who prompted up to one-third of all the lynchings that occurred in the United States through false accusations of rape, are suddenly evolved beyond their sisters of an earlier age.”

      I believe that provided a sufficient denotation that Black men are today still being killed or placed into the prison systems for prophet because of these lies.

  16. The woman smiling happily in front of this devastating photo … I just can’t put in writing what I want to say!!

    • Why not express, Jeanie? It can’t be as horrible as seeing this photo. It devastating to see such brutal and inhumane treatment of life. I can’t even imagine seeing something so evil .

  17. European immigrants stole this land from the native Americans. The native Americans are indigenous. It’s a shame they have to live on reservations when this land is rightfully theirs.

  18. The article is about a time in history when this has happened. Why are people getting so carried away and offended? It is something that happened. The comments about white and black are unnecessary. We find good and bad in every race.

    • It’s not just a time in history. It IS happening today. Maybe the end result isn’t a lynching, but it could lead to false arrests, harassment, and yes, even death. I am sorry you choose not to see the reality.

    • What has changed shit different day. I was curious to why the word women was being used instead of white women making it seem like like all women caused the black men to be murdered.

    • And there you have it. But, but, but, whataboutisms. Was it wrong for him to lie? Absolutely. There is no excuse. But how many White folks were lynched or incarcerated as a result of Smollett’s lie?

      • Yea, pointing out it’s not ONLY blacks who suffer is against the narrative.

        What you do when you play that lame ass card is “yea, YOUR pain is ‘different’ than mine”

        You expect empathy, but get pissed when the focus is taken off of you.

    • What does your comment have to do with the Black men, who have been beaten, lynched and killed because the lie of a yt women? Was anyone killed or jailed because of smollet? Was someone in prison for a good part of their life? No, stop making silly comparisons, it’s like y’all hate when someone tells the truth. You folks can’t stand it, lol

      • My thoughts exactly. Our pain of injustice, can never be compared to theirs. Own up to what’s been going on in this country, towards the black race.

    • Was anyone lynched or murderer as a result of his lie?? Stop being in denial of the blatant, horrific atrocities suffered by black men from low down lying white women.

    • It didn’t result in white people being lynched and losing their lives so stop the BS okay? That’s not even REMOTELY the same thing.

    • I had the same thought Regina. That Black men were lynched for any reason is terrible, as it is punishment without a trial or proof of wrongdoing. That the lynchings were because white women lied is even more horrific. Had the photograph shown only the bodies hanging THAT would have made the point very well. The superimposed face of the white woman looked goofy, & was a distraction from the serious nature of the article.

  19. MGTOW doesn’t and has been sounding the alarm regarding the dark aspect of female nature..
    “The trouble with women is that we are human beings, and human beings have a terrible capacity to be flawed, often egregiously so. Culturally, we have little problem accepting that men can be malevolent, predatory and exploitative, because we understand that men are human beings. We have considerably more difficulty accepting that women are human beings, too.”

    • The hatred for Black people has been far worse Ma’am …and it didn’t stop with where this article leaves off. James Byrd’s killing harkened back to these days. I’ll spare you the gory details but just google that name and you’ll probably be shocked and disgusted…or maybe not.

      • They can’t help it, if you’re Never taught about atrocities committed against a group of people or a sex, then, you’re ignorant of the Truth.

    • You should be ashamed of your comment Jenson. Evidently, your lack clear understanding, empathy. Probably because
      you are an absolute bigot, racist and moron.

    • White people have had an open war on black people for the past few hundred years, not the other way around.

    • Yet some of these Black brothers go ahead and marry their accusers and still these women lie in the divorce court and the black brothers loose all there assets to be circulated in the white community.Never learn.Leave the enemy alone.

      • I was unfortunately married to a white woman that had gotten pregnant while I was away fighting a war and that piece of trash tried to convince me that it was mine even though she was 4mths along when I returned home. Fortunately I wasn’t lynched, but I learned a valuable lesson not to trust white women those bitches are scandalous and without conscience!!

        • There’s a big possibility she was just a jerk. She doesn’t speak for all white women, just the shitty ones who are *surprise* just as shitty as other shitty people.

      • I don’t think that’s the “issue” or was even highlighted by the article, the grouping of all White Women….and before you go there, I’ve never dated a White Women and that’s not to say I never would, I just haven’t. But to your statement, Black Women actually go ahead and marry their rapist and the first thing that flies from his mouth when she upsets him is, “Black bitch” or ni**er, just ask Halle Berry. Point is, that logic can be flawed but everyone can be a victim when crossing into a relationship with what has been generally considered the “opposite” race. I like to think we’re more mature than to hold all things of the past to be without exception.

  20. This has been an ongoing problem until up today, where black men are sarificed, due to the white womens’ honour to be restored. There is a thing called Karma as these women will not go unpunished.

  21. They just wanted sex and They didn’t care if the black man died afterwords like They throw away newspaper after read it. Disposable 10 cent product in the white female mind. White females are DEMONS! Only a DEMON can be like that!

  22. Awww, and yet, white men okay with raping black women and black women having their babies, to which they’re denied. It’s all about power, money, and control.

  23. How Ironic Through The rape of BlackWomen, by the albimo white man
    They created a race of Black People now call Mulatto,in which when WE?
    were Brough to this country WE were an indigo color of God’s creation BlackNBlue
    The fallen of the whore’ of babylonia Take heed

  24. Those men who were hanged were not powerless nobodies. They were fathers, husbands, son, brothers. They were somebody!!!

  25. The largest single lynching event in US history was of non black european immigrants. I don’t say that to downplay the horrors of white supremacist lynchings, but to remind that lynching and systematic racism too was ultimately about a class war on the poor. Racism isn’t for fun but for money. And yeah class has something to do with sexual access and sexual sovereignty.

    But i don’t see the logic of the argument against metoo based on lynching. The men lied about and lynched were powerless nobodies, not industry moguls and big wigs that could hurt a woman’s career like Weinstein. We should all celebrate molesters like weinstein and others going down. The problems with metoo lie elsewhere.

    • I’m so sorry that you feel the lynched were nobodies. I understand that they weren’t rich and powerful but nobodies.

      • Powerless NOBODIES Turkic? THAT kind of indifference is IGNORANCE. As is the picture of the idiot smiling in front of the pic of men hung to their deaths. Maybe the two of you need to experience a horrific death of one of your loved one to understand.

    • You lost me when you said lynching wasn’t about racism. Yeah, not every person in America who’s ever been lynched was Black, but you’d have to be pretty foolish to think the KKK, who did a lot of lynching, were thinking about their bank accounts more than the color of their victims’ skin.

    • Actually the biggest lynching in the US was that of, if I’m not mistaken, 33 Native Americans, not immigrants!

    • Following your logic, the court would have to act according believability and not according to evidence. Being aware of the fact Weinstein is probably a terrible man who has hurt women (and other dependents in his business) not just once, I haven’t seen any evidence against him beyond the witness of the women who accuse him of rape. If US law ( and tvat of any fair justice) would be applied, he must then be set free. And moreover, if so, I will be pleased about that.
      If there will indeed be no further evidence, but the court would sentence him to prison, it would necessarily have terrible consequences. Women wo are unhappy or seek power will accuse innocent men en masse, and men will be afraid to meet women without witnesses. You can imagine what this meeans for our social behavior.

    • I hope your not talking about the 1891 lynching of 11 Italian men, if so your wrong. There have been multiple lynchings in the south that far outnumber that in a single day. The military even falsely accused 110 Black soldiers and lynched 19 of them for a race riot that they didn’t start but protected themselves in. 15 Chinese Amerikkan in 1871. Then there is multiple accounts of the amerikkkan military lynching native Americans in a single day after a battle. So, your wrong.

  26. Yes we can. I have a few men friends that I grew up with. I have no sexual attirance for them and vice versa. And we’re still friends until today.

    • THIS!!! all of THIS!!! YAZZZZ!!! White women are the reason the patriarchy exists AND they are the beneficiary of it. EVERY brown/black skinned person on this planet has suffered for eons because a white man was made to believe he needed to protect his wife, daughter or mother from them. This is what all that “safe spaces” “I don’t feel safe” language is about. They’ve dismantled their protection which for the rest of us was oppression. They don’t get points for that because they just transferred the power from men to them. Same game new owners

  27. 1-26-2020: Who Can Judge Us
    Strange Fruit – Nina Simone
    Billie Holiday-Strange fruit- HD

    Strange fruit: when women lied and men died
    History’s interjection to the notion that #MeToo accusers are incapable of lying or being motivated by malice or financial gain.

  28. The parallels to Metoo are striking. It’s obvious why feminists shut her up by threatening her children. White Feminsts don’t care about black people except as they can use them and even then they are only interested in dividing that community by gender as well.

  29. I’m talking bout the 3,500 white woman that get raped by black men every year that’s a lie. And George strong should be ashamed of his lying tongue

    • And?

      We know that, Chief, but today it is all men at risk in this new age mob mentality of “believe women”…and btw, white men have, not been lynched, but have been historically falsely convicted of everything from false rape accusation to domestic violence.

      The article was intended to demonstrate that concept, of “believe women” has always been a fallacy, not to start a race war, or grant some modern day racist opportunity to spew his venom.

      Last thing we need is some snit trying to divide men along color lines when we are all fighting for justice as one. Fully acknowledged that black men were lynched, but it is an all men issue today, and we are all just men today.

      • Sorry, once the author interjected “strange fruit” it made it specifically about black men…. even though that may not have been her intention. She should have used another source. (Shoulder shrug) Cant continue to misuse our language/culture and apply it to where you think it should go. But I do understand your point.

      • Question. We know about how these men were hung and why. Then why are our black men today still chasing that white woman? Why do our black men degrade their black women? Why keep putting yourselves in a position to be accused? Why detest the very woman and her character that brought you life? Why am 60 years old and none has ever answered my question. Can you?

          • they don`t date them ,they just bang them……even back in the 70s Black thugs had white sluts hanging around them

        • I’ll answer your question, we are moving forward. Not every white women is going to accuse a man of something bad, just the messed up ones. If we teach our sons good discernment, he will make good choices. That’s all we can hope for. We raise better children, the world can be raised up.

  30. 35,000 white females are sex assaulted by blacks EVERY YEAR, including 2-4000 gang rapes, yet JB dredges up the past. Maybe lynching is the only thing that keeps blacks from destroying us. I won’t be back.

    • Please quote a source that isn’t from Stormfront……Oh, have you heard of the Pedo beach in Gambia where Englishmen rape Black toddlers? No matter what a white did, you come up with a story about “muh white genocide”

        • On paper he was …his father is white … ignoramus I..always result to name calling ..when they can’t handle dialouge

        • And the prosecution witness lied. She wasn’t even who she claimed to be. She wasn’t even honest about who she was, let alone what she heard, which was nothing.

    • George Strong you should feel that same concern about your deadbeat slavemaster forefathers who raped and pillaged every continent they laid foot on. Black people are going to watch you destroy yourselves. By the way, don’t come back.

      • Every single culture that has ever lived and died on the earth since the dawn of time had slaves and pillaged and raped. Grow up.

    • Actually, the lions share of sexual abusers and rapist in our prisons today are white males, chief. Not by a glaring margin, but yeah..and that’s from a white man (Italian actually…we are olive, not “white”).

      Spewing such falsehoods as you’ve provided here is as much racism as some victim-hooded black guy coming in here and spewing his. No place for any of it in a movement predicated on the rights of all men to the concept of due process and freedom. Blurting such as that belongs at the kid’s table.

    • Are you also going to talk about gang rapes by white elites on ivy league universities? Or corporate predators in boardrooms? Or white “missionaries” preying on underprivileged and poor children in third world countries? Should I assume you can read?

    • And how many black women were raped by their owners and overseers?? How do you think our fair skinned brothers came to be. I will tell you what no one else will, it is not necessary to rape your white women, they are giving it away out of both drawer legs
      Sorry but true

      • you are right ,they do more and more now……they`ll even cheat or BF or hubby ,with one or more ,even get knocked up by them…….

    • I would say probably half of those people Iied. You know how many times I’ve heard from white men oh she doesn’t date black guys then by the end of the week me or a friend happen to be with her sexually. Then do the buyer’s remorseless factor once their friends find out their narrative changes. I would definitely question those numbers.

    • Who is this clown, first of all, “rape” whether committed by a white or a black, or Any color man is REPREHENSIBLE ! Second, there is a word, called Karma that operates in reality “sooner or later”. The Holy Bible says that the father are visited upon the sons, A.K A Karma.

  31. A good friend recently told me that he’d finally figured out why he’d been feeling like there was something “off” about my Facebook “essays” on social issues. He felt like I was balanced and considered both sides of an issue, and said a lot of things that made sense — but what was “off” was that I ignored where the power was. That’s a common theme among SJW’s — that taking a balanced approach and considering both sides is wrong if one group in a conflict is perceived as having less power than another. They feel true justice means you always add more weight to the side of the oppressed.
    Well, when it comes to black men and white women, it’s pretty clear that black men are the ones suffering, yet I still think the right thing is to give both sides an even hearing in any kind of conflict or account of wrongdoing. In Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” justice would not have required any stacking of the case in favor of Tom Robinson. The facts all pointed to Mayella and her father blatantly lying; the only reason Robinson was convicted was the strength of that unwritten code that a white’s word always carried more weight than a black’s.
    Your mention of Kanye reminds me of the long Kanye West/Taylor Swift saga in which Swift is getting criticized by the left for leaving political discussions to others and just focusing on making music. She’s even been accused of “demonizing” a black man who willfully stole her thunder at an award ceremony several years ago, then wrote a song claiming credit for her success. Interestingly, she also dealt with a little sexual abuse; the guy was fired and I don’t think she’d have taken him to court except that he took her to court because he didn’t like being fired over grabbing her ass. Swift is such a great example to women everywhere about dealing with assault promptly and not letting it fester; maybe that’s why feminists hate her so much.…

    • Taylor Swift is only famous because Kanye, the angry black man, took her award on stage. And the gatekeepers of the white supremacy controlled media were pissed off the same way white supremacists have always been in the early 1900s.

    • That Susan, you were making decent points until that very bit at the end about Swift being a good example to women with prompt reporting. Men and boys don’t report sexual assault , and when they do it’s yearrrsss after it’s has “festered” as you put it.

      This tells us that Taylor Swift’s actions should never be evaluated as a rule but the exception- likely because she is a high profile white women who KNEW something would happen in her favor when she reported. Also to be taken into consideration was it wasn’t date rape or a guy-jumping-out-of-the-bushes rape.

      As deplorable as the act itself is, an ass grabbing can’t be made into an teachable moment for all victims of sexual assault.

  32. I well remember when men convicted of rape were sent to the electric chair, and how long it took to change this once it became blatantly obvious how many women were flat out LYING about being raped, but only AFTER them men had been executed of course.
    ANY woman who lies about being raped should be subject to the same sentence as the man would have/did serve for the crime.
    I also believe that if a woman IS raped and fails to come forward and report the crime, and other women are raped by the same man (most rapists are recidivists) that she should be charged as an “accessory before the fact” in the rape of ALL subsequent victims.
    Is this “harsh”? DAMNED SKIPPY, and I refuse to apologize for it, but if women honestly expect to be treated as ADULTS, much less “equal”, then they MUST be held to the same standards as men are.
    EDIT: Janet, I did a video entitled “Rape Culture, Bullshit an Lies” ( Kenworthcowboy ) you might find interesting.

    • John Smith / KenworthCowboy,

      You are approaching reporting in the aftermath of rape as if it is solely a logical decision to be made and completely ignoring the deeply psychological consequences victims face.

      Your views of women are apparent with ‘if the want to be treated like adults, much less equal’ comment, but since you bring up equality I’d like to point out that it’s women are are leading by example, boys and men who are molested and raped scarlet come forward to report leaving more boys and men to be victimized. I highly doubt you would suggest all those boys and men should be prosecuted, fined and jailed because they didn’t have the stones to subject themselves to courtroom humiliation, public display, and media circus.

      When teachers, coaches, Boy Scouts leaders, clergy, inmates, etc. commit sex crimes against boys and men they often don’t come forward for many of the same reasons that keep girls and women from reporting.

      And with all those untested rape kits sitting in police stations around the country, we can conclude that no one *really* cares about rape itself as much as they enjoy talking about rape.

    • Often police attitudes to rape victims need to be changed. Too many are threatened with ending up like that case in Lynnwood Wa where an early victim of a serial rapist was not believed and was prosecuted for making a false accusation.
      Then there are all the untested rape kits.

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