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10 reasons we stand with Amber Heard Abused women who speak out are often re-victimized with defamation suits. The Depp / Heard case keeps speaking to this horrifying truth.

You may have noticed a growing left/right polarity to the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial circus currently occupying every available news slot. Conservatives are now mostly on Johnny Depp’s side, while progressives stand with Amber Heard and millions of abused women like her.

And while I had tried to keep this trial at arm’s length — it’s clearly being crammed down our throats for media ratings — I’ve noticed a reinvigoration of the online incel-sphere, especially inside misogynist and white nationalist deepwebs like 4chan. The media’s relentless pushing of the trial for profit has emboldened vile online abusers, who are now echoing libels against Amber Heard as a proxy for all abused women.

It’s time for us to speak up and turn the momentum of the court of public opinion back against alleged women abuser Johnny Depp. The facts, all considered, are on Amber Heard’s side. Here are the 10 main reasons we stand with her.

There is a long history of abusers suing their accusers for defamation

Women who speak out about their abuse are often re-victimized by defamation suits or other legal or societal blowback, and even the United Nations has taken note of this phenom.

According to The Hill, a 2018 United Nations report found that women who spoke out about their abuse online “are frequently and increasingly threatened with legal proceedings, such as defamation” — and says the behavior is indeed a pattern of domestic violence.

Multiple courts have already ruled that Depp did in fact assault Amber

In November 2020, the High Court of Justice ruled that 12 of the 14 incidents of violence claimed by Heard were “substantially true.” Following a three week appeals trial in 2021, Johnny Depp lost his attempt to overturn the damning high court ruling.

Algorithmic suppression of Amber Heard, and boosting of Johnny Depp

On TikTok, evidence has been discovered of the algorithm suppressing Amber Heard and boosting Johnny Depp. The hashtag #amberheardisinnocent has a paltry 684,000 views — even a mildly viral yawn from a third rate nobody baby can easily quadruple this figure.

Contrast this to the hashtag #johnnydeppisinnocent, which has 1.4 billion views. Do you really believe that Amber Heard fans can only scrounge up 684k views in the most publicized trial of all time? Do you really believe TikTok, which has been caught admitting it suppressed videos by Disabled, Queer, and Fat creators, isn’t capable of such manipulation?

Wait a second — we don’t have to speculate or guess! The Chinese Communist Party owned app has admitted it suppressed view counts of progressive videos like those supporting #BlackLivesMatter and George Floyd.

Johnny Depp’s violent outbursts have been caught on tape

Johnny Depp has a long and documented history of drugs and alcohol abuse, and a hidden camera has shown that he does indeed become a commiter of domestic violence when under these toxic influences. Depp has not denied the veracity of this bombshell tape.

Scientists testify Johnny Depp assaulted Amber Heard in vile ways

Psychologist Dawn Hughes on Tuesday testified in court that Amber Heard suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from violence, including multiple acts of sexual assault. The assaults included being forced to perform oral sex and having Depp penetrate her with a liquor bottle.

We believe in science and especially in scientists and professionals willing to put their reputation and careers on the line in court, where false testimony is punished with perjury charges.

Amber Heard’s terrified reaction when Johnny Depp approached her in court

This is difficult to watch for people who are familiar with battered and abused women.

#TeamDepp is starting to look like GamerGate 2.0: an online misogynistic harassment mob

The misogynist trolls of #TeamDepp reacted to Hughes’ testimony by, of course, flooding her WebMD with negative reviews.

As well, VICE has noted that comments on the livestream of the trial almost exclusively refer to Amber Heard in an abusive tone — as a monster, a Karen, a gold digger, “Amber Turd,” and manipulative. These are all GamerGate-ish slurs used to abuse female video game journalists during the global harassment campaign that sullied the year 2014.

The horrific darkweb forum 4chan is overrun by something called “logposting” — posting images of fecal matter that they pretend is Amber’s. Some online abusers go even further and take the rampant misogyny to its natural genocidal conclusion. “He could have killed you, he had every right,” one viral TikTok says, confirming that the Venn diagram of GamerGaters, alt-righters, and Johnny Depp apologists is starting to look like a perfect circle.

Progressive voices are coming out for Amber Heard

Progressives, in the end, are always on the right side of history — and after watching the trial they are now coming out for Amber Heard and speaking out against the abuse she is suffering.

Amber Heard’s defecation incident, if not done by her dog, proves she was under intense stress and anxiety

The connection between our brains and bowels has long been known, as has the link between involuntary defecation and stressful emotions like anxiety and extreme fear. Amber Heard defecating in their bed during times of alleged abuse is proof of the scientific type that she was suffering intense emotions of fright and anxiety at the time.

If Amber Heard is a manipulator, what would she have to gain from this embarrassing poop, which Johnny Depp promptly took a photo of to further abuse her, this time with ridicule from their circle of friends and even the public? It could only have worked against her in the court of opinion as well as for her mental well-being.

Corporations have turned the trial into a circus for clicks and $$$, necessitating a villain — Amber

People are being deliberately turned against Amber Heard by media outlets to fuel the pro wrestling type entertainment aspect of the trial. Being an actor, there are thousands of images floating around of Amber Heard taking on all kinds of roles and donning all kinds of looks. Inundating the public with “villain” type images of Amber is one of the crudest psychological tricks known to propaganda, and was used to great effect by the nazis with their caricatures of Jewish people.

“There seems to be this entertainment angle that is minimizing what happened in that relationship,” Ruth Glenn, CEO and president of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, told The Hill.

“When we begin to put on a show like we have with this it becomes more of entertainment. And by having it brought this way to the general public we’re allowing for assumptions and conclusions and things that don’t allow for us to really dig into the dynamics of domestic violence.”

The power dynamic was entirely on Depp’s side

Abusive relationships are characterized by a power dynamic, and that power dynamic was entirely on Depp’s side. When Depp and Heard started dating, he

  • was over twice Amber’s age,
  • had much more life experience,
  • had much more power in their industry,
  • was far wealthier,
  • was physically stronger,
  • owned the properties where she lived,
  • had millions of adoring fans and asskissing journalists,
  • was the employer of most of the people they interacted with daily, and
  • controlled her work opportunities.

Believe All Women

We don’t get to toss out a well established feminist principle just because huge corporations need to make money from a contentious trial. We have saved the strongest evidence for last: Amber Heard’s own heartbreaking testimony.

If you can watch this without bawling your eyes out, you are a monster with a heart of stone.

Sorry, Afrunauts! While 85% of you are wonderful people, the other 25% were far too frequently brigades and troll farms. Their abusive comments have traumatized our moderators, and so we can't allow comments until we have built an ethical way to address the troll problem. If you feel the calling and you have familiarized yourself with what is and isn't free speech, you can still email us your scribbles. If your feedback is excellent, we may manually add it!
PS. The A Black Woman Is Speaking mug is a standing invitation to sit down, shut up, and engage in the wisdom shared by Black women. Lord knows the world needs it right now.

65 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">10 reasons we stand with Amber Heard</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Abused women who speak out are often re-victimized with defamation suits. The Depp / Heard case keeps speaking to this horrifying truth.</span>”

    • you are of no importance, you simply dont matter so why comment.Amber winns .in every aspect wich really matters possible….Youll see.Do you know why?ifyou light a candle in the darkness , the darkness suddenly dissapears….and so will you and your lot.You simply dont matter to our worldanymore, so back to mordor with the lot of you…there you can go back to knowcking eachother down, bullying, starting ridiculous media campaigns against women and victims of severe abuse. in general……so keep your stinky dark unintelligent bullshit for your own entertainment asshole…

      • Wow… You moronic imbecile.
        Learn to spell and learn some grammar.
        Then you can talk about what a dykee loser Amber Heard is.
        She lost, and you are a stupid, vacuous twink.

  1. The bed poop was an act of feminist defiance.

    Using her ass to send a message is a reversal of the male gaze at the female bottom. Instead of him sticking his diseased brown sausage up her butt (if he could even get it up) and releasing his hot seed inside her, she used her butt to violate him instead for once. Brilliant, I can’t understand why this hasn’t become a new movement by women everywhere.

    • Oh Ya, Hot seed, up her butt, getting it up, violating him with a fist anally, and shitting on the bed. This could make for porn that would put 2 girls and a cup to a shame.

      • Of course some racist sexist would make female empowerment about porn.

        If you think gently pulling apart her milky white bottom cheeks and sensuously laying a fresh steaming turd from her tight puckered hole onto their former sanctuary is sexual, that’s on you.

        It’s just straight up feminism. She used her back hole (according to reports formerly one he and Elon Musk have repeatedly violated with their chemically engorged throbbing toxic masculinity sticks, slowly and gently opening her back passage and plunging meat deep inside her silken anal folds for their own pleasure, squirting their DNA inside her colon), to fight the patriarchy.

  2. Interesting y’all went with “Amber shat the bed from stress” and not that their dog Boo was known to poop in their bed after he ate pot, or even that Depp texted his assistant asking him to poop on the floor as a prank so Amber would step in it, so if the poop WAS human, it was likely Depp’s. The UK judge went with the canine explanation.

  3. Im a trans black woman with 140 IQ. And i cannot tell if this site is satire. I also dont know who to support because amber is a woman but she is also white, and suddenly is lesbian after her failed marriage. Is she just faking her LGBTQ alignment to get more victim points? She also has a white daughter. Did she speak out against the police brutality? I just have SO many questions!!!

    • She doesn’t label herself as straight or gay, she was in a relationship with a woman before Depp I believe. This article is not satire, there are many of us supporting Amber, we believe she is telling the truth.

  4. Depp has had 20 relationships and just like Leo he breaks them all off after using a younger woman. Amber prob realized he was using her for her youth. He’s a vampire, her sucked her youth out of her and now is trying to embarrass her publicly.

    • The fact that she’s female makes me side with Johnny. Fuck women and vaginas. Go on Johnny, fuck her up so she overdoses on Paracetamol.

  5. Depp didn’t take the picture of the shit, his bodyguard did.

    Every single one of your reasons is retarded.

  6. If she were still cute with a youthful glow she would win more support. Being post-wall with no talent and a bitter/hostile disposition is not a appealing take. She does, however, have a very promising future in arabia — the international repository for washed up roasties.
    She really did slam into the wall hard. Looks like ole Johnny got the last drag on that stogie before it’s snuffed out for good.
    Fare the well, amber!

  7. There’s few points in this article that actually make sense, you people seem to support her for no other reason than amber being a woman, and therefore we HAVE TO believe her. Just no, she is a manipulative bitch who at this point cannot return from all the bullshit she’s already claimed to be true. She destroyed Johhny’s career in a few days time over a story THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE.
    This trial is not between the public political left and right, that’s what sites like this make of it. Everything amber said in this trial makes her look more and more untrustworthy and I fully support Johnny at this point, even though I had also been fooled by Amber’s bullshit from years ago.

  8. Amber Heard, I duly promise to stand by you forever. I know you won’t read a post by a maggot like me but, I shall have the honor of sserving you until death do us part. I shall be loyal and defend your honor to the maximum absolutis!

      • Johnny is using his wealth to litigate forever to punish Amber, it’s normally called malicious litigation and an illegal practice but big celebs get separate rules I’m so fucking sick of it

    • Men is evil.
      Wammmomz are good
      Men is bad
      Men not goober
      Bad boys bad boys
      Men is um noffin good

  9. depp is getting trashed right now. dont see how he can walk out this case and win. imo the case has made him look deeply broken to anyone who has watched all of the testimonies.

  10. We live in a sad state of the world where all proofs show that Amber has abused him, while he did not.

    Here is my personal of theory of what happened:

    Johnny Depp is weak mentally, has a weak personality, lets people walk all over him, Amber like him but living with a man like that makes the woman despise him. So she will resolve into abusing him, it start with emotional abuse, then physical abuse. This is normally a response from women to make the man “man up”. I have a friend who is in a similar situation, and his girlfriend beat him and insult him in front of her family. In front of his mom and sister while he is crying. But they are co-dependent and cannot leave each other and have a hard time even spending one night without each other when they HAVE to (work trip etc…).

    Amber is mad that Johnny has the potential of being a super desirable man (for her), but he is not. I also belief she legit wanted him to quit alcohol and drugs. But I do not believe that he physically abused her in the same way she did.

    I just encourage women to not try to fix men with abuse, it doesn’t work, if you ever feel like you wanna slap him. That’s the time to end it.

  11. I’m so sick of white men geting away with abuse of all kinds. As an expression of priviledge. Meanwhile black men go to jail almost right away in teenage years and constantly get sent back.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA the absolute state of some feminists/trannies/jews/whatever the fuck wrote this.

    To only call Heards psychologist a scientist and not the one on Depps team is the most obvious way in which this pile of garbage glows, you biased pieces of shit.

    Then to call your schizo troon logic “established”…believe all women…what a joke.

    I could go on for pages about all this and how you are wrong and why you are part of the reason why humanity goes down the drain, but instead I’ll just end this with some good hearted, evidently much needed advice:


  13. I think the Johnny will lose the defamation case. Amber Heard lost in that she abused JD. But, JD will lose the defamation case. Amber Heard being told by her psychologist that she’s being abused, that all of this information coming into her is going to crush an actual malice standard. Now that can be reframed by his team as a technicality and he’ll win the PR battle for sure, nobody believes this cunt, but from a defamation standard I think it’ll be tough.

    the notion of her own psychologist telling her that, it’s very hard to prove malice.

    • Johnny never denied hitting her during his testimony. His wording was well crafted to skirt the truth, implying that he blacked out, without admitting as much. In essence he “didn’t recall hitting her”

      He knows he’s guilty, he’s just dragging her through the mud, having some fun. She will win again, but it was worth it to him.

      • You are fucking retarded. No reasonable person believes this nonsense. And since you’re unreasonable, you’re probably a tranny.

  14. This whole “shat on the bed” thing is probably a fetish of Depp’s. He probably has some sort of repressed scat/femdom fetish where he wishes Amber would stand all naked on top of him and seeing her asshole dilate above his face and poop coming out. It’s very common in celebrities because they’re tired of normal sex and power dynamics. Just look at those sheiks flying out instagram models to saudi arabia. Most are into the poop on chest thing.

    • The fact that you would this proves that you’re a terrrible person and an all around waste of oxygen, you genetic dead end, please do the world a favour and stop hogging all the oxygen too form these shit opinions like actually just end your fucking life mate

  15. This is absolutely mental. Having actually watched the trial – she is a classic narcist and abuser. You’re peddling lies – why are you undermining real victims of domestic abuse for an out of touch shitty actor?

  16. Fuck Johnny Depp and all alcoholic pieces of shit like him. My drunken father was exactly like him and beat me weekly.

  17. This needed to be said, so much. I’ve been afraid to say something because 4cham and kpop trolls and all kinds of dangerous incels might come after me online.

    • That moment when you realize people actually believe in internet anonymity…

      Don’t worry love, the hacker named 4chan is already here, collecting your data, spreading it, doxing your ass and all that.

      Next time you hear a knock at your door, beware, because it might just be this dangerous army of incels your so affraid of.


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