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19 tragic signs the guy you’re dating is a fuckboi These guys are the fuckin' worst but can sometimes be hard to catch out if they're a good lay.

Dating is really hard. Dating in a world filled with fuckbois is even harder.

Although difficult to spot at first, fuckbois (also commonly spelled “fuckboys” or “fuccbois”) are a simple breed. In order to spot a fuckboi in full-force it will take a few dates, which isn’t very helpful if you’re trying to decide whether or not to waste your time. I wish I could say there was a way to spot him solely based on the way he talks or the way he dresses, but there isn’t.

In all my experience with these types of men I have come to learn that they’re extremely slippery and easily hidden. They often have sociopathic traits.

Below I’ve compiled a list of red flags while dating to spot a fuckboi to hopefully make your search a little easier. Together, we can learn from my mistakes.

#1. If he brings up any other dating app while you’re together.

Like, I’m sorry, is this an interview and you’re trying to let me know how many candidates there are or what?

#2. He says something vaguely transphobic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic.

#3. He’s huffy with the waiter or waitress.

This should be a red flag for any date, ever. But, if your date is being a jerk to the waitstaff chances are he is actually a major douche-lord and you should steer clear. Being kind to service-industry workers not only shows compassion, it probably shows work-ethic since he clearly understands what a thankless job it is.

#4. He makes a comment about wanting to pay for the check but doesn’t want to look like a non-feminist.

Those guys are the fuckin’ worst.

#5. If he brings up his ex in any other way other than in passing.

Doesn’t matter if he hates her or has nothing but respect for her. You’re on a date, man!

#6. He describes Point Break as his favorite film.

Or considers video games as one of his passions.

#7. He thinks John Mayer is “misunderstood.”

#8. He wears a button up with tennis shoes.

f u c k b o i

#9. He comments on how much (or little) you drink.

Sir, we just met. Let’s get to controlling my vices a few months down the road.

#10. He tries to order food for you…

even though you haven’t expressed their desire to in the slightest.

#11. He gets hammered on the date…

And keeps making jokes about the possibility of the two of you hooking up.

#12. He expresses no desire for his future.

Not in the “I’m not sure what I want to be yet!” but in a way that makes you know he’s lazy and life will always be easy for him, so he doesn’t even try.

#13. He talks badly about his mother.

Doesn’t matter if his mother is a crack-smoking nightmare, a man should never speak ill of his mother in front of a total stranger. It shows how he thinks of the women in his life a great deal.

#14. He aggressively tries talking politics with you before you’ve even gotten your bread basket.

Let me be clear: read my lips.

#15.  If he clearly doesn’t understand the concept of working hard for what he has, and has been given everything he wants from an early age – run.

These fuckbois have a tendency to throw tantrums when they aren’t given what they want.

#16. If he checks out anyone else in front of you in a leering way not a “wow, they’re beautiful” way.

You’ll know the difference.

#17. He bathes in Axe body-spray.

Classic fuckboi smell.

#18. He checks his phone more than twice during the date.

Who are you hoping to speak to in the next two hours besides me?

#19. He only compliments your physical appearance.

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