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How I gave patriarchy the middle finger and restored my virginity It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Please don’t be confused, alarmed, or think me a fool. Subliminal messaging is a powerful tool based on science and not at all as crazy as it sounds. Hear me out.

And before I start, I need to point out that there’s nothing wrong with not being a virgin — if you live in a Western country! In many non-Western parts of the world, however, losing your virginity before marriage is heavily frowned upon and often even a criminal or fatal offense. So stop and think before you judge me as a bad person for restoring my virginity.

Now, for those of you who don’t even know what I’m talking about, subliminal messaging is audio (could be music, soothing sounds — anything) that sounds normal to the human ear, but that has “hidden” messages embedded within.

These sub-audible messages are usually slightly out of hearing range — anything from “can barely hear but not make it out” to right about where dogs can hear them — and jack straight into your subconscious mind. This is a far more impressionable part of your brain than your normal conscious self, and by understanding and willfully influencing it we can unlock a revolution in human potential.

In terms of therapeutic uses for subliminal messaging technology, the messages usually come baked inside tranquil music that let you kick your feet up and relax while your subconscious mind does all the heavy lifting for you and slowly rebuild the cells for your hymen. You can meditate if you want to make the subliminal even more effective, but it’s not required.

So with all of those disclaimers and some of the science out of the way (warning: there will be more), let me explain how I regained my virginity using subliminal messaging.

There are two key aspects to regaining virginity: hymen regrowth and mental purification. I’m going to focus on both of these separately.

Mental purification

In order to regain your virginity, you also need to mentally purify yourself and regain your youthful innocence. This is based on the idea that every time you engage in sexual activity, you become more jaded towards it. That’s just a fact!

This will not only “complete” your virginity (a hymen without innocence is just theater and might as well not exist) — it will also dramatically increase your marital happiness.

Think about this logically: if you’re a woman who has slept with a multitude of men before getting married — let’s say ten — it’s statistically reasonable to assume that at least one of those ten men is going to be a better sexual performer than your husband. It’s even more reasonable to take this likely possibility into consideration if you are not planning on being defiled by your fiancee until after you are married.

Now some of you may be thinking: why does it matter if my husband is not a better sexual performer than some of the men I’ve slept with?

The reason is that sex is a substantial variable to a happy marriage. It’s biologically human nature for a woman to desire a man who is performing in the bedroom, because it will increase the number of orgasms she experiences and in turn increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

This means that if your husband is a worse sexual performer than even just one man that you’ve slept with in the past, you will know that there is something better or bigger out there — which will most likely lead you to be unsatisfied with your sex life and increase your probability of divorce.

Take a look at the statistics:

There is a strong positive correlation of divorce and the number of sexual partners you had before the marriage.

If you were a virgin before marriage, there’s only a 5% chance you’ll get divorced within 5 years. But if you have had upward of 10 sexual partners before marriage, now there’s a 35% chance you will get divorced within 5 years of marriage.

The stats make it unambiguous: non-virginity is highly associated with marital dissatisfaction. If you want a mathematically higher chance of a successful marriage, hymen regrowth subliminals that take mental purification into account will go a long way towards helping you regain a more innocent view of sex.

Some of you have definitely engaged in far more decadent sexual acts than others, so it’ll be more difficult for you to reach a fully purified and innocent stage — but always remember it’s a process. Married life and sex between you and your husband will be infinitely more meaningful and satisfying when you come out the other side!

Hymen regrowth

The area being targeted.

Now let’s get into the physical aspect of hymen regrowth.

In order to understand how your body can physically regrow your hymen, you will need to have an understanding of what subliminals are and how your subconscious mind interact with them.

You also need to know that intentionally influencing your subsconscious is reality, and accept the great things subconscious programming technologies are doing for people. If you approach it with hard skepticism, your subconscious mind might become confused or defensive and hit the breaks on your hymen regrowth process.

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When researchers played German music in a liquor store, they found that German wine outsold French wine. And the other way around! The customers were completely unaware of the effects of music on their product choices. (North, Hargreaves, & McKendrick, 1999).

It works the same way with hypnosis. If you don’t even allow for the possibility that it works, you might put yourself in the minority of the population that can’t be hypnotized. That’s not a category you want to be in. It precludes so many effective and safe therapies and self-help methods. Meanwhile the potential negative aspects of being able to be “programmed” (through hypnosis, subliminals, or whatever else) are Hollywood fiction.

Understand that your subconscious is on a different realm than your conscious mind. Sub audible subliminal messages program your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind needs to be programmed first in order for your body to make physical changes to itself.

When sub-audible messages successfully program your mind, it in turn gives the go-ahead for the body to regenerate the cells making up your hymen.

Once your hymen is regenerated and your mind is mentally pure again, your outlook on love, your connections with other people, and life in general will change drastically for the better.

Finally, and once again, I need to point out that regaining virginity is not for everyone. Promiscuity is a personal choice and it’s your right to treat your body, mind, and soul however you want.

Also, it definitely worked for me, but I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone! This is not medical advice — I am not a doctor!

If you have any questions about my journey to virginity (that sounds like nerd band name I know), feel free to reach out to me at my Instagram or YouTube channel, where I blog about my life.

I also made a video on the topic:

This guest post was contributed by youtuber Megan X Rose. Thank you, Megan!

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7 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">How I gave patriarchy the middle finger and restored my virginity</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">It's not as crazy as it sounds.</span>”

  1. My girlfriend experiencing that. I see it my self her hymen is growing back, it only happen to those who not do sex often. Since the last time i have sex, almost 3 month later her hymen is bàck like before. Just like a virgin and. Its hard to have sex bcs the hole. Is back to small again.

  2. Hahahah yeah you cant undo the past. If men are held accountable for actions done 30+ years ago i think we can hold whamen accountable for actions done 5 years ago I think that’s fair

    • don’t be an idiot, crimes and losing your virginity aren’t comparable. it’s literally just sex, there’s nothing wrong w that.

      • There is something wrong with it when women can no longer pair bond due to having too many sexual partners. We know from numerous studies that the less partners a woman has, the more likely she is to not only stay with her husband but also be happier in a marriage.

        Any man is some self-respect would not choose to be with a woman who’s had more traffic than the Channel Tunnel.


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