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10 reasons NOT being the hot girl is better First of all, you develop a sense of humor pretty damn quickly.

In the shallow world we live in, looks matter. The pressure to conform to a certain standard of beauty is problematic for young women, and particularly Women of Color. We’re led to believe our worth stems entirely from our appearance. And often, we witness the conventionally beautiful people around us receive social privileges and advantages.

However, being conventionally beautiful has its downsides. Here are the perks of not being the “hot girl”:

#1. You don’t have to come up with creative strategies to fend off creeps at the bar.

Say no mo.

#2. Tinder is a less offensive and violating experience.

…You don’t get these rapey messages too often. Gurt go to different cave.

#3. You knew early on that you needed brains to get anywhere in life.

Beautiful people never have to exercise their brains, and often end up with the IQ of a small child.

#4. You developed a sense of humor reallllly quickly.

Crying face emoji.

#5. It’s a safe bet that significant others like you for reasons beyond your looks.

…Sure you’re beautiful in your own way, but you’re also just awesome.

#6. You never waste any time getting distracted by your reflection.

You learned your lesson the first time.

#7. Your confidence comes from qualities more permanent than beauty.

Like being good at cooking and cleaning!

#8. Studies show that your sexist asshole boss is more likely to consider you for a promotion than your hot coworker.

Deeply problematic, but still.

#9. The same study also found that doctors don’t take attractive women’s health concerns as seriously, as they often associate physical attractiveness with physical health.

Word on the floor is beautiful people now have to resort to holding up HELP signs in the nude.

#10. You don’t have to deal with catcalling as often.

…Incredibly lame that this happens at all.

Bonus: Nobody expects you to take part in the latest super fashionable fad for already beautiful people.

Like anal botox — “the new butt beauty trend we’ve all been waiting for.”

Conclusion: what we mid girls lack in free drinks, we make up for in awesomeness!

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  1. “Bonus: Nobody expects you to take part in the latest super fashionable fad for already beautiful people.”

    this is literally me


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