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These are absolutely the most ridiculous Glamour Shots in history Save up that babysitting money, we're going to the mall for our Glamour Shots.

If you were fortunate enough to live anywhere near a shopping mall in the late 1980s or early ’90s, you could smell the hairspray before you could actually see the store sign. Glamour Shots, was THE place to be and the place to be seen for every teenage girl. It might have taken six weeks to save up that babysitting money, but the thrill of donning that feather boa and getting all dolled up for a private photo shoot? Now that was priceless.

A glittery leprechaun

There were very few real photographic techniques associated with “getting the perfect glamour shot.” Most employees could learn them in a few short hours, we assume. They probably consisted of something like: learn the photography equipment, how to run the cash register, and most importantly, always make customers pay up front.

A young card shark

The wheeling and dealing college aged sales people at Glamour Shots were never willing to overlook a gift horse in the mouth. And when this 7-year-old came in, saying, “Can I take my picture dressed like a casino black jack dealer, complete with requisite fanned playing cards?” their only response was, does your mother have a Visa or Mastercard?

Won’t you be mine?

The fake red rose was a Glamour Shots classic.

Two sisters in space suits

Molly: “Do you have anything that looks…sort of…like something an astronaut would wear?”

Holly: “We really like space.”

Glamour Shot Employee: “Um. Well. We have these two shapeless silver garments…I guess you could…”

Molly and Holly: “We’ll take them!”

Granddaughter biker joins the Village People

The dog collar is what gives this photo its…ferocity. That doesn’t seem like standard Glamour Shots issue.

And her protégé

She definitely brought that from home. Right?

Pop that collar

First rule of Collar Club? You gotta Pop It.

She knows this gold lamé really makes this

Line up, guys.

You’re a grand old flag!

Put a feather in her cap

Like a deer in the headlights.

She’s a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world

She even comes with removable headband!

The day the Glamour Shots employee quit

The Glamour Shot employee just turned on Sade over the loud speaker, got his camera, and told this woman to “do her stuff.” Thirty minutes later, there were unspeakable things that he could never, ever be unsee.

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