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10 things that are total “mom turn-ons” Sometimes, there's nothing quite as sexy as your man making you iced coffee with a baby strapped to his chest.

Before becoming a parent, my idea of romance was pretty typical. The idea of foreplay brought to mind late nights, fancy lingerie, and sparkling adult beverages.

After becoming a parent? Well, let’s just say romance looks a little different. My husband bringing home a fancy new piece of lingerie? That’s probably not gonna get me going these days. But there are definitely still things my husband can do that will be definite turn-ons. “Mom foreplay,” if you will. Here are just a few …

#1. Caffeine

Before we had kids, a cocktail might be part of a romantic scenario, but nowadays it’s all about the caffeine for the sake of functioning throughout my day with kids. My husband makes me coffee every morning before leaving for work. If that’s not foreplay I don’t know what is.

#2. Free pass on dinner

When I’ve had a really rough day, there are three little words that will solicit my complete adoration for my husband: “I’ll get takeout.

#3. Making me food

Even better than takeout? When he makes food for me. Typically I cook dinner, because he doesn’t get off work super early, but I love when he cooks on the weekends. Food that I don’t have to cook for myself tastes infinitely better and definitely makes me appreciate him a little extra.

#4. A grocery run

There is no task I dread more than grocery shopping. Even before I had to bring two kids along with me, I still loathed it. Since I’m usually the one cooking in our house, it just makes more sense for me to go since I know what we need for our weekly menu. But when I just need a few things and my husband offers to make the run for me instead? Well let’s just say nothing else will get me in the mood quite like it.

#5. Giving me space

Anything my husband can do to help me have a little time to myself (taking the kids to the park or encouraging me to go out with a friend, etc.) is the ultimate romantic gesture. It gives me time to transition from “mom mode” to “woman mode” and there’s a high likelihood he’ll benefit from that later.

#6. Baby wearing

A man with a baby strapped to his chest? Unparalleled hotness.

#7. Doing household tasks

My husband helps out around the house with his “usual” tasks, but when he takes on an extra task that is usually one of mine … that’s the kind of thing that gets me hot and bothered. Clean countertops are pretty sexy. Just sayin’.

#8. Compliments

Not just any compliment … but the kind that come in the midst of feeling overwhelmed and like a hot mess. When I’m wearing the same old grey T-shirt and jeans ensemble, haven’t showered in God-only-knows-how-long or put on a stitch of makeup and he tells me how beautiful I am? Nothing like it.

#9. Bonding with the kids

Hanging out with the kids is obviously just part of a dad’s job description, but it’s incredibly attractive to see it nonetheless. Watching my husband reading stories or cutting up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just so or having tickle fights with our kids makes me swoon. And those times when he goes above and beyond with sweet gestures, like bringing flowers home for me and our daughter? Well … double swoon doesn’t even begin to cover it.

#10. Letting me sleep

Whether it’s getting up in the night to rock a crying baby, or sneaking the kids out to the living room before I hear them stirring so I can sleep in. Getting more sleep equals a happier mama and a happier wife, who has extra energy for “other endeavors.”

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