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Inside the strange, incelly world of Asian supremacy It's the racial supremacy and incel-ism crossover nobody asked for, and it finds a welcoming home on Reddit.

Of all the things on the internet, of course there is also such a thing as Asian supremacy. This particular hate niche inhabits small pockets of the internet, but feels especially at home on Reddit. The subreddit /r/aznidentity, for instance, proves the Aryan Brotherhood and Black Israelites haven’t completely cornered the market on ideas of racial supremacy.

You may already be familiar with the angry “Asian activists” hailing from there if you frequent Reddit. The subreddit is a strange place with strange posts fueled by simultaneous inferiority and superiority complexes, and many invoke themes of sexuality and violence. Their idea of a superior race centers around China, South Korea, and Japan, although some South Asian countries are nominally included. (This does not mean there isn’t infighting. South Koreans were called “house slaves” once for being “occupied” by Americans.)

The all-male sub often complains of Asian women’s fetishization of white men and vice versa. They call western expats in Asian countries “sexpats” and rail against Western media’s portrayal of an emasculated Asian male. At times they praise the killings of these “sexpats,” and violent posts supporting the killing of white men, or “cumskins,” regularly get a lot more upvotes than downvotes.

There is a long list of reprehensible subject matter discussed on the sub, yet its members constantly try to do damage control on its image. When the sub is discussed in another Reddit community, sometimes an AznIdentity member will go to the thread to defend his sub, and then say a bunch of racist stuff to completely disprove his own point. AznIdentity users are very verbose, very racist, and completely void of self-awareness.

Like when one guy tried to defend the sub by describing interracial marriages between whites and Asians as, “brought together not by love but by racial hatred fueled by decades of smear campaigns orchestrated by white men.” And then citing divorce statistics to show that interracial marriage is wrong and should be discouraged.

You may sense a theme by now: a lot of the activism hate is based on feelings of sexual inadequacy. One of the subreddit’s big campaigns involved crowdfunding the making of an “AMWF” porn video where an Asian man had sex with a white woman — to spite the “cumskins” on 4chan. (The project backfired spectacularly.)

To play by Reddit’s vague anti-hate guidelines, the sub’s mods often tweak their rules to make themselves not look like a hate group. In this post, r/AznIdentity mods updated their policy to ban racism towards “hapas” or half-Asians (especially toward those with white fathers). At times, hapas were referred to as “cuck babies” or not Asian at all.

Below, they discuss when violence against a white male, Asian female (WMAF) couple would be justified.

If you like your Asian supremacy with a lighter tone, why not check out Proud Asian? It’s a nifty blog that denigrates Western women, while praising the cosplaying prowess of Asian women. The average post will feature a sexy Asian cosplayer juxtaposed with an obese white one attempting to pull off the same look, and typical headlines read “Our Asian penis is superior” and “Only us Asians can Cosplay.”

In case you were thinking there wasn’t enough hate already on the internet, it has been my displeasure introducing you to some more.

Sorry, Afrunauts! While 85% of you are wonderful people, the other 25% were far too frequently brigades and troll farms. Their abusive comments have traumatized our moderators, and so we can't allow comments until we have built an ethical way to address the troll problem. If you feel the calling and you have familiarized yourself with what is and isn't free speech, you can still email us your scribbles. If your feedback is excellent, we may manually add it!
PS. The A Black Woman Is Speaking mug is a standing invitation to sit down, shut up, and engage in the wisdom shared by Black women. Lord knows the world needs it right now.

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