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New study reveals that people who make good decisions have an unfair advantage And it turns out that good decision-making and its fruits is not merely a matter of luck, but strongly tied to white privilege.

The science is finally settled on this one: people who consistently make good decisions enjoy an undeniable and unfair advantage in life.

While perhaps intuitively obvious, the findings actually have profound implications for our understanding of success, inequality, and human potential.

Conducted by a team of researchers at Oberlin, the paper tracked the decision-making processes and outcomes of 15 participants over a span of three years, and will be published in August. Participants, ranging from various socio-economic backgrounds, were repeatedly interviewed about real-life scenarios where they had to make significant choices — career moves, financial investments, personal relationships — as well as their ability to remain calm under pressure.

The researchers defined “good decisions” as those that led to objectively positive outcomes — higher income, better education, increased self-acceptance, better health, and stronger social connections. The study identified patterns and commonalities among those who consistently made such decisions.

White privilege refers to the many advantages that the system automatically grants to white people based on their skin color. These advantages are pervasive, but often invisible to the recipient.

And it turns out that good decision-making is not merely a matter of luck, but strongly correlated to beneficial socioeconomic factors such as being the recipient of white privilege.

As well, those who make good decisions tend to enter a virtuous cycle: good decisions lead to better outcomes, which in turn provide more opportunities and resources to make even better decisions in the future. This compounding effect also leverages white supremacy to result in an ever widening gap between those who make consistently good choices and those who do not.

For example, individuals who have the ability to invest in their education or health early on reap benefits that amplify over their lifetime. They often have better access to opportunities, face fewer financial and health crises, and enjoy more robust social networks. In contrast, those who make poor decisions face a vicious cycle of diminishing returns, making it increasingly difficult to catch up.

In short: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The findings challenge the normative myth of meritocracy and finally prove once and for all that the playing field is far from level. Good decision-makers, by virtue of their advantageous outcomes, often appear to be more talented or hardworking, when in fact their success is due to a compounding accumulation of ill-gotten advantages.

You need not have listened to many Warren Buffett lectures to get the less than subtle hint that this good decision-making is inextricably linked to capitalism.

Recognizing and addressing these run-away disparities is therefore only becoming more urgent. The unfair advantage enjoyed by some can not be allowed to become an insurmountable barrier traveling away from the rest of us at the speed of light.

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24 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">New study reveals that people who make good decisions have an unfair advantage</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">And it turns out that good decision-making and its fruits is not merely a matter of luck, but strongly tied to white privilege.</span>”

  1. If making a good decision is bad, then making a bad decision is good, which means a bad decision is a good decision.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. Clearly the people that made this post never made a good decision or they wouldn’t be working for this website.

  3. *kys* *kys* Ima hood nigga like, yk what I mean? Im killing these niggas daily. I could be killed daily. But like, what do you recommend? You sayin thats a bad decision? I gtew up with this shit. Its my culture like Im proud of this shit. You sayin thats a bad decision do be lowkey racist nigga like why are you judgin? I love it here wiz the drugs and stuff.. its great

  4. Um…where’s the study? Is there a link or a pdf? Has it been peer reviewed? Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked this up? And how, exactly, is buying your swag NOT capitalist?

  5. I just want to point out that this absurd race finger pointing to lash out and blame all of YOUR shortcomings is doing nothing but making people hate black people even more.
    If you all aren’t making the right decisions.. it means YOU are making bad choices because YOU are either incompetent or misinformed (by those who are incompetent).
    It is not the fault of the white man, who are most just living their lives and IGNORING YOUR GHETTO BARBARSIM.
    Own up to your own faults, or continue being the race HATED BY EVERYONE ELSE.
    No one has problems with Asians.
    No one has problems with Latinos.
    No one has problems with anyone else BUT BLACKS.
    Start using your heads please, or GTFO of America and stop ruining our lives here.

    K, thanks.
    Signed: EVERYONE

  6. lmao anyone who believes this crap is insanely retarded.
    Niggas are beyond saving at this point. You all are insanely stupid.

  7. I refuse to believe this is real. Is this a parody site? It’s kind of sad that I can’t actually tell.

  8. So certain group poor decision making is somehow other group’s fault. And this is based on an incredibly scientific research tracking whooping 15 people. That’s peak journalism right here.

  9. “Recognizing and addressing these compounding disparities is therefore only becoming more urgent. The unfair advantage enjoyed by some can not be allowed to become an insurmountable barrier traveling away from the rest of us at the speed of light.”

    We just never gonna make it at this rate

  10. I just want to say that your writers are exactly why even those of us on the left no longer want to be associated with the left.

      • That the ideas presented in this joke of an article are idiotic and embarrassing.

        Shocker: making good life decisions leads to consistently better outcomes, and bad choices leads to worse outcomes. The writers somehow feel like they can blame this on other people and thus draw the complete opposite/wrong conclusion. Because we all know you have zero control over your own life, right? Right. Take no responsibility, blame everyone else for your failings. That’s how to succeed!

        I grew up dirt poor with nothing, but through hard work and good decision making, I am now out of poverty. I know people who grew up rich as hell who have ruined their lives with bad decision after bad decision. You can’t control where you start in life, but you sure as heck have absolute control over your decision-making. Make choices that put you in an upward spiral. Or don’t. But it’s no one’s fault but yours.

        • I was homeless from 15 – 20 years old.

          Now I own over a thousand acres of land, and retired before my 50th birthday.

          Tell me about my White privilege, you dumb people.

      • You all are insane bat-shit crazy radical retarded lefties.

        It is as simple as that. The ‘left’ is the insane party, full of insanity and bullshit like this retarded article.
        The issues with the negroes are the fault of the negroes.
        Deal with your own problems.


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