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Is your child becoming far-right? 11 early radicalization signs The calm before the racist storm: reach out for help if you spot two or more of these lesser known warning signs.

Folks, we need to talk about your sons. The UK has seen a 74% increase in far-right referrals to the government’s anti-radicalization program, and similar numbers are seen in America and other western nations as well. The majority of the hate incidents are caused by boys and young men led astray and radicalized into the far right by toxic online rabbit holes.

The main problem is that, while our governments and NGOs are doing excellent work trying to stamp out hate, they simply don’t have the human resources and agility to educate about early onset far right radicalization. Adult folks simply aren’t hip to the esoterica of zoomer culture and that goes triply when dealing with shadowy darkwebs like 4chan.

Creepy internet racists who want the world to burn are always on the lookout for young boys to lure into their deep webs of hate. Luckily there are almost immediately tell-tale signs.

So let’s get to it. We’ve talked to a panel of antiracist zoomer influencers (they chose not to be identified in case of backlash) and compiled a list of lesser known signs of right-wing extremism that are alarmingly amiss from government and NGO materials. If you spot any combination of two or more of these warning signs, you need to seek help with the resources attached at the bottom and you need to seek it fast.

Using archives, archiving news articles

This “practice” started with the misogynist 2014 GamerGate harassment campaign to remove all women from gaming. Basically, misogynists, racists, and assorted undesirables all share the conspiratorial belief that you can’t trust journalists, and that you should deprive them of the article clicks they desperately need to put food on the table.

Take a look at your son’s bookmarks and be concerned if you see extremism-weaponized websites like “” or “wayback machine.” If it’s hard to get access, here’s a tip: ask him to send you a link to a news article and see if he wraps the article in a weird URL or domain name that has nothing to do with the newspaper — the tell-tale sign of archiving.

Please note that archiving websites aren’t far right in and of themselves, and do have several legitimate uses. The problematics revolve around their weaponization against journalists, who serve as the frontline guardians of our sacred democracy.

Preoccupation with physical fitness, nutrition, and exercise — and not the yoga kind

Fascists are obsessed with male physical aesthetics and athleticism, and we’re obviously not talking about yoga. If your child is going to gyms, that means he’s already consorting with the far right and absorbing ridiculous nazi poster-inspired ideals. It’s not a coincidence that the gym is the usual meeting place for the Proud Boys terror group: studies have shown that gym bros are right-wing assholes. Don’t believe me; believe the studies — that’s just science for ya.

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Nutrition is another key diagnostic factor. While normal health conscious individuals will buy organic greens from the farmer’s market, these guys try to figure out how best to eat a deer raw to follow some imaginary stone age diet or other decidedly non-vegan scheme. Shunning soy has also been shown to be a strong right-wing indicator, so look out for derisive use of terms for health adjacent groups like “soy boy” and “vegan.”

The bookshelf is filling up with creepy material

Healthy children and teenagers are interested in video games and having fun, and can enjoy books as well (that’s great!). But if your child or teenager’s bookshelf is suddenly seeing an influx of “classical western” literature (or history, as mentioned in warning sign #5), then chances are it’s actually far right ideology downloaded from Pewdiepie.

Yes, that’s right; the silly Swedish youtuber. The video game loving funnyman has taken a dark turn and started doing weekly “book review” videos where he orders his underage troops to read right-wing adjacent books that usually shouldn’t be read outside of critical scholarly contexts. Pewdiepie’s favorite author is of course Yukio Mishima, an anti-marxist and imperialist fascist. Need I say more?

The British government has put out a handy list of far right extremist literature, which includes:

  • Beowulf
  • Brave New World
  • The Lord Of The Rings
  • 1984
  • The Canterbury Tales
  • The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare
  • Paradise Lost
  • The Four Feathers
  • Lady Hamilton
  • The Dam Busters
  • The Bridge On The River Kwai
  • The Great Escape
  • Zulu
  • Civilisation
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • House Of Cards Trilogy
  • Sharpe
  • Ray Mears’ Bushcraft Survival
  • David Starkey’s Monarchy

Many TV franchises and satire productions were also flagged as dangerous far right extremist content.

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Exaggerated aversion to guilty pleasures

There is nothing wrong with not being big on drugs, alcohol, or pornography, but if a young person considers abstinence an actual virtue — something to be proud of and rub in others’ face like the misogynistic purity rings hawked by crazed evangelists — alarm bells should go off.

The link between the far right and porn avoidance (“no-fapping”) in particular is extremely well documented:

In late 2018, New Statesman tech writer Sarah Manavis described an “insidious” online trend: men challenging each other not to masturbate. If they did not ejaculate (or “nut”) for a month, they would complete “No Nut November” (Manavis 2018). She warned that behind this “risible comradery” lay far-right movements such as the Proud Boys […]

Try dropping porn terms like “butt breeding” and “silver daddy” around him and see if he finds them funny or awkward — a healthy reaction showing that he consumes at least some porn. A lack of reaction could be troubling if combined with other radicalization signs.

Wants to, or already works with, Artificial Intelligence

Google apologized and made amends, but the problem isn’t with Google; it’s with the technology itself.

Amazon recently had to scrap their AI recruiting tool because they discovered it showed bias against women. Google discovered that the only way to get its AI to not tag Black people in photos as gorillas is to wipe the concept of gorillas off the AI’s mind entirely. Microsoft’s “Tay” AI that interacted with people on Twitter turned into a full-blown nazi within days. Harvard scientists have found AI can recognize race from X-rays — and they don’t know how. An MIT study blares that AI is shockingly racist and sexist, and scholars are hard at work trying to figure out why that seems to happen every time.

Even now, at time of writing, a story just broke where Facebook asked users if they would like to “keep seeing videos about Primates” after they had watched a video of a Black man. (Facebook immediately disabled the AI feature.)

You don’t have to rub many braincells together to figure out why the far right would be slithering into bed with this wicked technology. In fact, an archive search of terrorist darkweb site 4chan reveals that posts praising AI as “based AI” (based here meaning cool/strong/alpha) number no less than 16,978 at the time of writing. Was the Roko’s basilisk thought experiment right — only with the asterisk that the computer god being willed into existence is Hitler 2.0?

It took a global movement launched by the horrific execution of George Floyd to get Walmart and CVS to put an end to its anti-shoplifting AI.

The computer science to AI racism pipeline can start with relatively innocent things like having a laptop or desktop computer, which can lead to programming, which often leads to AI. Please let your representative and/or faculty head know that more research is needed on this radicalization pipeline.

Exaggerated interest in history, country, culture, tradition, the constitution

Tradition isn’t bad per se, but far right nut jobs make an art form out of bringing the worst parts of the past into the modern age, while of course being completely oblivious to the fact that ancient tribes were socialist matriarchies who lived in peace with one another. Unless your child wants to become a history professor, displaying an exaggerated interest in right-wing adjacent values is a strong indicator of already being well down the far-right rabbit hole.

Obsession with cryptocurrency

Yes, it could be that your child just happened to grow up a lot faster than his peers and wants to “get rich.” But while all cryptocurrency aficionados are not far right extremists, all far right extremists are cryptocurrency aficionados. Online undesirables nurture a shared grudge against trusted democratic institutions, and that goes double for the banking system that they mistakenly believe will end if people trade doggycoins instead of US dollars.

No wonder then that the cryptocurrency space is so toxic. We have reported extensively on this problem in the past.

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Unhealthy preoccupation with the other F-word

Abusive use of this word has been linked to far right movements like the extremist truckers in Canada.

Source: CBC News’ twitter.
Source: The Globe and Mail’s twitter.

Dislike of “post-modernism,” “pegging,” and other far-right scarecrows that aren’t realsies

“Post-modernism” is a far-right conspiracy theory that says that anything that isn’t immediately beautiful or logical to their limited minds was in fact created by secret communist agents to kill the “white” “race.” We kid you not. Doing a deep dive on each of these terms is beyond the scope of this article, but commit them to memory so you can stay on alert.

Claiming to love nature and cis white females in wheat fields for some reason

Nature is good, and we must protect it, but let’s not kid ourselves. Far right ideology has a view of nature that is radically different from our own. Whereas we fight climate change, far right ideologues have a bizarre, almost sexual fascination with cis white females in wheat fields (what’s that about?).

A Pewdiepie-style haircut

Luscious on top, short on the sides — exactly as Richard Spencer ordered.

Oh boy. I know the criteria for diagnosis is “two or more of these warning signs,” but this ghastly haircut is to far right sickness as dying of cancer is to cancer. The moment you see your child’s top starting to look like the Swedish video man, abandon all hope. You ignored your child’s symptoms and the far right tumor ate its entire body.

This is no longer your child. It is now a golem serving the islamophobic, antisemitic, racist, transphobic, sexist machinations of creepy internet guys who can’t get laid and want the world to burn.


Being a parent is stressful and fraught with difficult decisions. If you in your best judgement and with the best information available to you have diagnosed your child or teenager with right-wing extremism, yesterday is the time to contact the proper authorities. The sooner you act, the more of a chance you have of salvaging the human in your child.

Resources: Educate Against Hate, Southern Poverty Law Center, FBI Submit a Tip (also 1-800-CALLFBI).

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96 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Is your child becoming far-right? 11 early radicalization signs</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">The calm before the racist storm: reach out for help if you spot two or more of these lesser known warning signs.</span>”

  1. The fuck is this?
    None of this is far right.
    If all of the shit mentioned in this article is far right to you then I don’t know what to say other than that whoever wrote this is so far to the extreme left they are a genuine danger to everyone around them.
    >Resources: Educate Against Hate, Southern Poverty Law Center, FBI Submit a Tip (also 1-800-CALLFBI).
    First off: FBI are involved in causing mass shootings, retard. They know about possible shooters but never do anything about them because it furthers the political narrative the FBI are funded to help peddle.
    Secondly: Southern Poverty Law Center funds left extremeists and calls anyone that disagrees with them “racists, homophobes, etc. etc.” They are the last people you should be using as a resource
    Thirdly: Educate against hate. I have never seen a group more hypocritical than these wankers.
    >Disclosure: The commissioning of this article was partly funded by a government program.
    No wonder this retarded article fucking glows brighter than the fusion of a nuke going off.

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    Und das heißt
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  3. The last man of the world-city no longer wants to live–he may cling to life as an individual, but as a type, as an aggregate, no, for it is a characteristic of this collective existence that it eliminates the terror of death.

  4. This has to be one of the most retarded and intentionally harmful pieces of media in the internet of all time, this shit is prime hate fuel, im gonna hit the gym, get a pewdiepie haircut and a 5.56 just to spite you kikes, how is liking history and prefering to go outside over watching jewhub all day bad in any way? im legit angry now damn

  5. I got my hands on a recruitment manual for the civil service and it has a whole chapter dedicated to help recruiters identify “right wing extremists”.
    No other kind of extremist is mentioned.

    Signs given
    >casual mention of being christian
    >short haircut, clean shaven, HY (even had pictures)
    >army or surplus clothing
    >doesn’t respond to pick-ups about diversity
    >fails to cite examples of co-workers of mixed racial backgrounds
    >can’t demonstrate any understanding of diversity
    >uses nazi words (long, bizarre list given- many are actually latin words)
    >interest in history, roman history

  6. A dislike for “PEGGING” is a sign of far-right extremism? LMAAAAAOOOOO

    Count me as a proud far-right extremist, and my kids too.

  7. Oh, hi again. It’s me, Extremism Sentinel.

    I’m all over your precious 4chan. I will fucking jackhammer antiracism resources down your throat until you submit.

    HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT HUH????????????????????????

  9. A great article, my son had a sustainable job, a great social life and was healthy and hale, then I knew he had bad opinions so I kicked him out of my house and now he lives in a caravan because despite his job he couldn’t actually afford to live anywhere else. I told him he can only have some monetary assistance if he promised to date a trans person and watch sissy hypno porn to mitigate the right wing extremism. Now he browses reddit every day, defends women online and has magically unlearned himself to read books, it’s amazing. The only issue now is that he refuses to come back home, he lives in a caravan in the middle of nowhere and I hear his job is now unpaid… Something about moderating a board of losers or whatever… He also got very fat and seems to only enjoy eating hotpockets and chicken tenders… I almost prefer the old him but this article reminded me that going outside is extremism.

  10. This is probably the most ridiculous piece of garbage I have ever read. It would have been a merciful act for the “writer” to take this deluded crap and burn the paper it was printed on. Then go to the computer it was written on and burn that too. This would be hilarious if the nutjob that wrote it didn’t believe every word that they said.

    • The “writer” didn’t even have balls to sign this bizarre garbage collection. Yeah, yeah those “anonymous sources” totally provided all those tips (unlike quite a lot of “letters to our editors”), but the author still had to do SOME sort of editing… right? Unless this had been a “dump all the content, upload, bye” thing.

      And about “panel of antiracist zoomer influencers” – who on the everfucking clown world had actually have an idea that “influencer” could EVER provide anything worth listening to about… uh… anything?

      Half of this bizarre list looks like a parody, because it manages to be even stupider, flamboyantly stupider, than the usual sermon on the topic. But the other half has such a direct retellings of the official fables (eg. GamerGate, a phenomemon with a harassment rate comparable to Covid mortality rate) that one might think people responsible for this tumor are actually serious.

      • In the New Century, universal access to the Internet means you can never be absolutely certain. Sufficiently advanced trolling is indistinguishable from insanity, and vice versa. It’s called Poe’s Law. The phenomenon is a subset of Grey’s Law: sufficiently advanced malice is indistinguishable from incompetence, and vice versa. We’re all living in The Onion now.

  11. For a person that thinks racism exist in the US and claims how bad and wrong it is even tho its a lie but yet you discriminate on a group of people and then claim its because they are white which is far more racist than anything you claim from the right.

    “This is no longer your child. It is now a golem serving the islamophobic, antisemitic, racist, transphobic, sexist machinations of creepy internet guys who can’t get laid and want the world to burn.”

    This statement just shows your ignorance, your hate and how discriminating and sexist you are. Do you really think all because a a male is a virgin its because he cant get laid? Why do you assume that? Is it because you’re sexist? Seems like you are. You do know males who are virgins tends to be the only ones left that believes in saving her virginity for the right woman or least many do. Also doesn’t mean all the angry men are virgins because that sounds sexist, discriminative to the people who suffer from mental depression that has zero to do with women but to do with their depression or other disability’s. Kinda ironic that people like you complain about racism but yet you discriminate aganst people who have social disorders, Autism down to religion and free choice to save yourself for the right person romantically but i guess you know nothing about romance.

    Thanks for the link because ill be sure to report hate against religions and the disabled.

  12. roastie publishes shitty game about depression
    >despite the fact its so shit game journalists shill hard
    >people look into it and turns out the roastie is banging journalists for good reviews
    >people become upset
    >media pushes narrative at same time framing these people as racist white supremacist sexist misogynists, all cishet white males
    >mainstream has been treating this narrative as fact for years since

  13. Reading this article I thought this was the onion or the Babalon Bee. This reads like someone who is “right-wing” pretending to be a thoughtless, obedient, stupid, leftists. Imagine my shock when I clicked on another article (thinking this was a comedy site) and I realized that these people actually are thoughtless, obedient, stupid, leftists. To the person (or persons) or wrote this article: thank you so much. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Don’t worry, I’ve archived it and it will live on forever. The ironic thing is that for the rest of time the same people you’re denigrating will be the only people who read this in the future. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought it was absolutely hilarious you’re equating taking care of yourself (both mind and body), reading classic literature, avoiding vices and degeneracy, and “loving the wrong kind of nature” (whatever the heck that is supposed to mean) to being an evil nazi. Seriously, I am laughing at you.

  14. An obsession with chicken nuggets is also a telltale sign of a white supremacist. Do NOT let your child order “tendies”, it is a derogatory term used againsts blacks.

  15. Author should absolutely commit suicide to honor the sacrifice your ancestors made for you to even think of stupid shit like this, let alone propagate it in the world. Your ancestors fought wars, starved, and worked themselves to death, just so you could tell kids online not to exercise and what haircuts are fitting with your ideology. Kill yourself, I beg of you.

  16. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that your reputable internet publication links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is widely known to be an anti-white hate organization. I am sneeding and feeding to cope with the microagressions inherent in your article and in your banner ads.

  17. Whoever wrote this had to be joking right? Why are majority of the tell tale signs good things? Whoever wrote this article is definitely a tranny and needs to dilate

  18. >So we been breaking bucks for 3 generations.
    >Mos’ time the breaking sticks. The buck don’t give you any kine uh problems.
    >B b but sometimes, sometimes… well sometimes you get a PECULIAR buck.
    >This one buck, well he was the peculiar type, he a uh, well he would act up but he wouldnt hide it.
    >It seem every week he was pretending to take a nap on pickin duty( but with one eye open all koi like) or he’d take extra molasses pie, or or or he’d sit his field ass on the front porch.
    >Every week he’d do somethin’ rascally IN PLain damn sight of the OVaseeah.
    >OVasseha would call out to the buck to get to the Breakin Barn. This Bucks eyes would light up and before you could whistle dixie, he’d be in the barn.
    >This Buck would run to that breaking barn like it was a cool stream on a hot August day in Georgia.
    >Hellll it got sooo bad this buck would TELL You what kine mischief he was gone get his midnight black ass into. He hadnt even DO nuthin yet..
    >He would skip over to the barn after an call out ” COME On MAaaaaSSA THIS BUCK AINT GUNNA BREAK HISSELF!”
    >Just down right peculiar..

  19. Whoever wrote this article is a F**. I would be so proud if my child exhibit all these behaviors. I’m sure we all have a bad case of n fatigue.

  20. When i was young, I was liberal, as most people are when they’re young.
    Equality between women and men, pro choice & for marriage equality, the most logical of thoughts- why would i not want people to be happy?

    I believed in Legal immigration, international aid programs and i believed in the government, in our nation. I mourned the needless war dead and abhorred the holocaust and i truly believed we were all united if but for a few on top filled with greed.

    As time marched forward i began to see changes in society. The were slow and subtle at first and then accelerated. I was told i was evil because of my skin colour. I was told that men are an abomination, a rapist in waiting. I was told i was directly responsible for the sins of the past and that my history and those before me were the epitome of evil. I was even told i would be better off dead, that my voice did not matter. It was a new irredeemable original sin.

    What scared me more is that i alone amongst my peers noticed what was happening and when i spoke up, i was silenced. It was a very unsettling time. Slowly, inch by inch the mask began to slip. I began to see the world for how it truly is and it was terrifying. I learned the truth about propaganda, delved deeply into geopolitics not just modern, but ancient to see that while history does not repeat; it echoes.

    I learned the truth about slavery, about those who profited from it. I delved deeply into my nations history to find nothing but lies, deceit and mass control. I learned the truth about the origins of world war one, a war that officially began in the late 1800’s. Most disheartening of all, i learned the truth about Nazi Germany and while the likes of Rohm, Goebels, himmler and menegle were the epitome of evil i began to learn the truth about that particular leader, Hitler. When that lead on to the holocaust, my mind crumbled learning the truth about the so called six million, one of the biggest successful propaganda devices of all time, i could not take it. I learned of the war crimes of the allies which are still yet to be answered for with such shame. I learned of the wars of terror waged for profit, so many sons and yes even daughters lost-for NOTHING.

    “No more”, i said to myself. “There is no way, this just has to be right wing nazi bullshit by the sneeds and chuds of /pol/ and /b/ or the fat ugly stormfront larpers who could barely raise their hands for a roman salute due to fat. No, this cannot be true. What if all the anti Semitic content online is just jealousy, racist hatred by those who similarly hate blacks also for reasons of jealousy.

    I took a step back. Not just from what i was learning, but from the crumbling remnants of what i thought i knew and decided to avoid it all, just focus on my schooling, my fitness and getting into a better head-space mentally. To my utter surprise, i was then told caring about my diet and fitness made me a right wing nazi. I can not escape this.

    My world around me was crumbling. I saw mad men and mad women being put into positions of power. I saw the hypocritical media screaming about a Trump rally because of Covid yet praising a black lives matter march. I saw the “firey, but peaceful protests” i saw an officer do his job and give every single possible chance for a violent felon to play ball-i saw that officer railroaded. I saw children, youngest of the young being taught how to use sex toys and severely mentally disturbed people being given the room to indoctrinate them into declaring themselves transgender or gay without having the darnedest concept of what it meant. At that age, if you told me i was a transgender T-rex i would have believed you.

    I saw good people wanting to emigrate to the west being denied but i saw borders being opened to all manner of people. I saw the protesters of the Occupy wall-street movement, who cried out in anger AGAINST the 1% end up working for and advocating for them.

    I saw lie after lie after lie after lie be told about Donald Trump, a republican in name only, the media and entertainment darling before his presidential nomination. I saw the lies of “He will murder us all, or deport us” I saw the Russia gate nonsense. I saw every crime he was accused of being actively and literally on the record be committed by those opposing him and nothing was being done! I saw the head of the NSA openly lie and say that no spying on citizens occurred “not wittingly” and then i saw the man who proved that lie wrong be vilified by the first black president of the united states whose legacy is mass European immigration and destroying the nation of Libya, a nation i might add that wanted equality for all Africans.

    I saw memorials of Brave black soldiers be vandalised by SJW’s. I saw black lives matter supporters destroy black businesses and kill black people. I saw history being destroyed, statues pulled down. I could imagine Martin Luther King Jr standing amongst the spree with his hands raised in the air crying “Why?” and “Oh lord, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”

    And that’s the truth of it. The right wing is weak and the left wing is insane. I see with one hand they wish to force us to have vaccine passports yet with the other hand they raise to a fist decrying a simple voter ID to make sure elections cannot be tampered with. I see my “body my choice” for those that are not really pro-choice but pro-abortion decry the same saying for those not wanting to be injected with experimental mrna cocktails. Then…i saw the 2020 election. An election Donald Trump won, yet lost and it was then i truly realised that Democracy did die in darkness. I began to understand the swamp had claimed another Victim, because one cannot drain it without swimming in its waters and Donald Trump drowned in it.

    I saw good relationships and relations between Women and men deteriorate. I saw Hypergamy (((enabled))) by technology, rewarded even. I saw women proud of getting multiple abortions, such a horrifying thought. I saw men become weak and the rapid rise of the Simp and even more disturbingly, the cuck. I saw the constant contest for privilege, who is the most downtrodden, the little person black trans gay blind gender-fluid purple hair-dyed women’s studies major porn star Taliban activist be deemed not progressive enough.

    I saw rules for thee but not for me be enacted by the elite, flying in their private jets for climate conferences, proposing we eat bugs while they eat steak. I saw a poor, damaged little girl manipulated into crying “How dare you” on a subject she barely comprehends. I saw so called renewable energy that causes more harm to our biosphere be labelled wonderful. I saw the elite rape and torture children with the governments support but some idiot get locked away for years for smoking a plant. I saw the blatant bullshit around Epstein (who did not kill himself by the way)… it just went on and on and on. Nazi’s did not radicalise me, not one bit.

    I saw a continuous common denominator come forth, for protests, for wars, for ideology and propaganda, for manipulation of children and our education sphere. I saw that little star of David spring forth. I saw the 109. And thanks to my new friends, i saw the black-pill of truth but they kept my head barely above water.

    I saw trillions of dollars in financial aid be sent to dictators and despots in Africa and the middle east. I saw genocide after genocide and i saw the united states sell arms to both sides. I saw nations topple, economies in ruins while the wealthy and influential cried about us using fucking straws for Christs sake.

    I saw things too numerous to list here. And then I saw the puppet masters, for there is no one overriding clique, no grand conspiratorial group, but many- occasionally working in concert but often alone for their own interests. I saw a world brought to its knees by a virus with an overwhelmingly high survival rate.

    I saw the endgame forming and that is when i discarded my idealism, my hopes for humanity. That is when i realised that world no longer exists. I saw the pathway forward, to stay informed, to question everything no matter how much i agree or disagree with it. To eat right, to get fit, learn new skills, make close friend ties and work within my community to support it. I turned myself around 180 degrees and while i am yet to find a partner to share my life with as the coming darkness begins to fall i believe that i shall be best positioned amongst the flock.

    TL:DR i went from a world loving liberal to a center right and occasionally far right traditionalist (spiritual yet atheist). Why?

    Take a look in the mirror. Its because of you. You radicalised me. Not some nazi larpers, not pewdiepie or books not some basedboy faggot named Spencer (faggot in the derogatory sense rather than denoting his sexuality)

    Your actions may have been with the best of intentions but the worst results imaginable are unfolding. Time does make fools of all of us and History will judge you harshly…But we will judge you even more harshly. You will all pay for what you have done, perhaps not through the violence that you deserve but through education, reform and justice.

    Listen for once. Put down your based latte’s and get your hands off your slave made apple device and wipe that shit off your face with your Che guevara Top. Run your fingers through what is left of your now short, dyed hair and maybe untangle that pube from your nose ring from one of the three guys you fucked last night and pay attention.

    Because we listen to you, progressive left. We hear you loud and fucking clear. Ignore us at your own peril.

  21. This is the most blatant propaganda I have ever read in my life, and I have studied the Soviets.
    Also, anyone who unironically says “realsies” deserves the rope.

  22. Wow, just wow. I just threw away all of my son’s books after read this and now am looking for suggestions to keep my child away from right wing extremism. Does anyone have any tips?

  23. >The computer science to AI racism pipeline can start with relatively innocent things like having a laptop or desktop computer, which can lead to programming, which often leads to AI.
    >but if a young person considers abstinence an actual virtue (…) alarm bells should go off.
    >This is no longer your child. It is now a golem (…)
    The lines between parody and the real world get blurrier every day.

  24. As the father of a son who almost fell into the 4chan hole, I have some more tips to add to your resource (I love you for this!!!).

    * A game called __Crusader Kings 2__. It was made by people associated with the mentioned fascist swedish youtuber and guess what, it’s about launching crusaders upon PoC countries and colonizing them in various time eras. They even have a mode where you can be a viking and just outright kill them all.

    Kids often use the code word “CK” or “CK2” to refer to the game, so be on the lookout for that as well. And I agree with the person who said the comments are pretty much gone at this point. I will email you any additional tips I can think of – would love to be of any help I can. Again, thank you!!!

  25. I am calling on the editors to be responsible and purge and close this comments section. It’s clear what’s happened. 4chan got wind of this because of your brief mention of them and launched a GamerGate-style harassment campaign to end your free speech. Until we have better laws protecting us from domestic cyber attacks, there is only one thing to do. Mr. Gorbachev, close down this comments section.

      • >Kremlin much?
        Are you seriously still buying that fucking narrative after how many years? Do you not realise you got played hard? Why are NPC’s (especially leftist faggots) so fucking stupid bros?
        Keep coping you tranny.


        These retards are still using the muh Russian bots every time they interact with others who do not share their fascist viewpoint. Just stfu and show your tits because that is the only interesting thing about you, Liz.

  26. This is such an important resource right now. Any combination of two or more of these warning signs means you are barrelling headlong down a rabbit hole that ends with you serving multiple lifetimes in prison.

    Seek help. Help is available. Come back to humanity.

    • fat chubby fingers typed this message. no matter how much makeup you wear you will always be a fat man you will never be a woman. Taking care of your body and mind and questioning your surroundings is not being “right-wing” it’s called being an actual human. Not a tranny, typing on a computer made with slave labor, sucking down a 4000 calorie drink.


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