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Psychedelic privilege: are DMT entities racist? DMT users often come across strange beings called machine elves, dispensing advice and adventure. They were thought to be benevolent—but we can no longer ignore the Black DMT experience.

Safe and recreational drugs is one of the many important cultural contributions that folks of color have made in the 20th century. Whether it’s responsible Hennessey drinking or the cornucopia of culture that is cannabis, we invented it long before white folks prostituted it to consumerism. But there’s one drug that’s unquestionably and uniquely shrouded in whiteness — a “white drug,” if you will. We’re not talking about cocaine: it’s DMT.

Pot of ayahuasca
A pot of ayahuasca.

Everywhere you look, you can find the whitest cishet men singing the praises of DMT or related psychedelics, from Joe Rogan to Post Malone. And in case you expected it from all the white men being involved, the truth is that there are (unsurprisingly) hidden layers of racism here.

You see, DMT may be shrouded in whiteness nowadays, but like everything else that you think is white, the drug actually has Latinx origins. Yes — clearly jealous of their lacking cultural contributions in the sphere of recreational drugs, white folks decided to just outright culturally appropriate one.

But if you remove cishet white men from the equation, then you’ll find that DMT actually has a history much richer and more diverse than a hardtack cracker. To understand the Latinx history of DMT, you first need to understand ayahuasca. To put it short and sweet, ayahuasca is the main psychoactive ingredient in DMT. Ayahuasca is a natural plant that naturally grows in nature (just like marijuana), meaning it’s safe. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples around the Amazon basin in spiritual rituals.

So that’s pretty neat, but we’ve only scratched the surface of DMT. Something you’ll quickly learn if you travel in the right psychedelic communities online is that DMT actually gets kind of creepy for Black folks. For some reason, Black folks around the world have experienced a similar racist phenomenon when taking DMT. But to avoid diluting their message, we’ll let their testimonies speak for themselves.

Testimonies about DMT entities from people of color

Artist depiction of a possible DMT elf
Artist’s depiction of a DMT elf.

One common phenomenon across DMT experiences, or “trips,” is coming across DMT entities called machine elves. There are walking, talking creatures that one encounters when taking DMT.

The term machine elf was coined by ethnobotanist Terence McKenna for the entities he encountered in DMT “hyperspace”, also using terms like fractal elves, or self-transforming machine elves, McKenna first encountered the “machine elves” after smoking DMT in Berkeley in 1965.

Sometimes the creatures are friendly and reveal deeper truths about the universe, or they might even take your hand and bring you on a journey.

But unfortunately, that’s not the experience many Black folks have reported. Black folks can’t even escape the scourge of systemic racism in the DMT realm.

One person reported that their first trip was good, but their second trip took a turn for the worst. “This time, instead of the sacred, I was greeted with the profane, and saw cartoons of racist caricatures mocking me. They were malevolent and it felt like I could die,” they reported. “As much as the first trip was welcoming and accepting, the second trip was pushing me away and I felt a strong sense of ‘NO.'”

“My friend said that the elves were making a machine and they turned around saw him and they said hey look the (n-word) is back,” another person reported.

The most chilling experience reported so far invokes the powerful imagery of the slain Emmet Till. “I was surrounded by the elves, and they all started chanting ‘Emmett Till,'” the trip report began. “I later learned that Emmett Till was a Black man accused of harassing a white girl in the 1950s. I had never heard of this story before, being a Black man who grew up in a white school district. Then, the elves started to rush me and they all picked me up and started chanting the n-word while carrying me. The elves threw me down a black hole and I continued to fall for around 10 minutes until my trip ended.”

Depiction of a DMT machine elf on a LULZ WEAR shirt.

Anti-Black spiritual warfare

One possible explanation for racist incidents while taking DMT is that the occurrence of racist DMT entities isn’t merely accidental or coincidental. Considering the Latinx origin of DMT and ayahuasca, it’s not completely outside the realm of possibility that these racist entities are extensions of conflicts happening in the everyday realm; a sort of “spiritual turf war” going on between the Black and Latinx community.

This is the inevitable and direct result of white supremacy. We can definitively say this because it’s something that happens not only in the realm of the spiritual, but also the realm of the physical. White men take all of the resources and land, leaving the Latinx and Black community to fight amongst themselves for the scraps. Ideally, both groups would band together to fight against their oppressor, but that’s not the case as long as the waters are muddied and we all fight each other.

Still, let’s not discount the fact that some Latinx men are willing militants in the fight for white supremacy. Just look at some of the recent shootings in the U.S. committed by Latinx men. Yes, Latinx men might have some intersecting oppressions of their own, but they’re still favored in the patriarchal white supremacist system over Black folks, who are at the bottom.

Internalized oppression

Another possible explanation for racist DMT experiences is that some Black folks, specifically the type of Black people who are male and would watch someone like Joe Rogan, are just subconsciously racist against fellow Black people. The occurrence of these racist DMT elves could be the result of internalized oppression felt by lonely incel Black men and teenagers who are convinced by their racist white friends to consume racist media like Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson.

The DMT entities then dance to their subconscious tune, like blackface minstrel shows of old.

Also, consider that one table with one racist and a group of other people is actually a table full of racist people. If you choose to associate yourself with racists and tolerate racism, then you’re a racist too. This also applies in the spiritual world. If you choose to surround yourself with racist DMT creatures and keep returning to their realm, then by Occam’s razor that means you’re racist too — even if you’re a Black man.

Are DMT beings AI?

The idea that we are all living in a simulation is a fairly credible scientific theory at this point. Simulation theory suggests that the probability of our existence being derived from one of the billions of simulations running inside a physical universe is much higher than the probability of us being one of the physical intelligences in the root universe. In addition to probability, there is also evidence that the universe around us doesn’t really exist until we observe it. Not spending processing power on what you don’t need to render is a basic video game optimization technique.

There are a lot of similar theories, and you should do your own research on it. The point is that there’s a possibility that reality as we know it isn’t really reality.

If simulation theory is real, what does that make of DMT entities? Are they part of the simulation too? I think the easiest explanation here is that the DMT entities are actually kind of like NPCs or robots — AI programs. This explanation is likely the truth because we already know that AI programs are inherently racist. (DMT being linked to AI isn’t a novel concept I just came up with, there are numerous related anecdotes and theories circulating online.)

This really brings me to the conclusion that that technology we see up there on DMT or even the other psychedelics, is essentially A.I. in its infancy stage, and we too alongside with it are in our infancy stage emerging out of the womb of matter and into more of a liquid malleable loving reality. I know theres a lot of scary stories out there about A.I but this is the closest thing that seems to makes sense to me; that we both evolve together and that the digital nature of reality is birthed through matter over and over again. When there is no time, its easier to see it clearly.

DMT entities being AI programs would also further prove that we are living in a system of systemic racism. The creators of the simulation literally created racist AI entities to torment Black folks, as if it wasn’t enough that they created a world that is inherently racist in almost all aspects.

Whatever the full truth of DMT elves really is, we just have one piece of advice for Black folks: please stay away from this drug. It’s not safe for us. Twas ever thus.

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13 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">Psychedelic privilege: are DMT entities racist?</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">DMT users often come across strange beings called machine elves, dispensing advice and adventure. They were thought to be benevolent—but we can no longer ignore the Black DMT experience.</span>”

  1. Incredible, insightful article. This sort of writing that is so powerful and in 2024 more important than ever to ensure that not only are STRONG BLACK VOICES heard in ‘the real world’ but also in other realities. I would be extremely interested to know what is being done to ensure more representation in places such as Mars or France. Thank you so much for continuing the fight against the opressors everywhere.

  2. This is so stupid it made my head hurt. “A fake reality my brain makes up because of a hallucination I’m experiencing is white supremacy!” I mean honestly listen to yourself. It’s so childish lmao

    • This poor guy doesn’t even realize his machine elves were really Jewish .. A white supremacist machine elf would know the truth about Emmet Till hahaha

  3. This is the most faux-intellectual race-baiting opinion piece (of garbage), attempting to masquerade as factual explanation, that I’ve ever read. Yes, I am white. No, I am not a racist. Yes, this is hyperbole.

    To the black readers of this comment: I am going to test your “am I a racist” personality characteristic. I will name a fairly popular black athlete and I want to know the first word or phrase that comes to your mind when you read his name. If you have not heard of him or do not know why I am using him here then this experiment is not designed for you.

    Israel Adesanya.

    If your answer to my question is “Uncle Tom,” “race traitor” or “house ninja” et al, congratulations, you are a racist! Someone disagreeing with you does not automatically make them a racist and it does not automatically make them incorrect or wrong. Yes, it is possible for you, yes you, to be one, or both, of these.

    I’d like to showcase my own ignorance and openness to changing my stance on a matter because I actually learned something after reading this (causing me to remove most of my original comment): the “internalized” tag preceding a descriptor quality of a person actually has merit. Or more clearly, to be an/to have internalized whatever is indeed a legitimate way to describe someone. I used to scoff at this term after its blow-up in popularity the last few years due to its overuse in academia to describe a person who feels bad for coming to a perfectly logical and correct conclusion that disagrees with the progressive (read: neo-Marxist) narrative in favor of homosexuals (internalized homophobia) or in favor of delusional narcissists that want to go against biology (internalized transphobia). After reading this drivel however, it has become clear to me that it is actually possible to harbor feelings of resentment and/or ill will subconsciously in this manner against a group or class of people.

    The author goes through the most mental gymnastics I’ve ever seen (this, however, is not hyperbole) twisting and contorting to finally come upon the reason they were searching for long before they ever began penning this article: it’s the whites man’s fault, or colloquially known around the world as the phenomena of blacks unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. He argues that the so-called “machine elves” existing in his mind are actually under influence of outside _spiritual warfare_ from the Latino community (no, Latinx is not a term any serious person who actually pays their own cell phone bill considers valid), which is only going on in the first place because… drum roll… the white man has taken all the good stuff and left the Blacks and Latinos to go to war over the scraps. OK… is this satire? Seriously folks.

    He’d rather argue all of this is a valid and legitimate potential reason for why the voices talking in his, and other Black drug users, head are racist and using racial epithets. The author would rather argue for delusions and possible schizophrenia if it means not taking responsibility for the voices inside their own head. lt couldn’t possibly be _internalized racism_, could it? Or, the whining and blaming another class of person so often they live rent-free in the author’s head, so much so that they advise other black people to not even experience this drug for fear of actually seeing the truth.

    Once Blacks begin to realize that racist whites are dwindling to levels almost that of the amount of times communism has been successful, they can start to look inwards and see a lot of the time they are tripping over themselves as reason for not advancing in various parts of society as fast as they would like. At some point the mental gymnastics it takes to keep blaming the white man will take more effort than to actually fix the problem, right?

  4. Hello, white ally here. Just wanted to let you know that I smoked some DMT and talked to those racist elves. I gave them some racial sensitivity training, and they agreed to no longer use the “n”-word. No need to thank me. Cheers.

    • Im white, so I’m just speaking from what I know. I haven’t personally taken DMT, but mushrooms, I have taken. I believe the same principles to having good and bad trips apply for both substances. If there is deep emotional baggage or any kind of defensiveness or lack of trust, the trip will fixate on that. The benevolence comes after a total surrender, and if you’ve lived your life fighting to keep your head up, I can imagine that surrender doesn’t exactly come easily. Not that it’s easy for anyone. I’ve had multiple bad trips that bombarded me with the most excruciatingly negative thoughts a person can have. It’s a very common thing. The experience is the same, it’s just the content that’s different. Everyone has baggage, but unfortunately, many black people in America all have the same baggage from dealing with racism their whole life.

  5. To whom it may concern.

    I wanted to share this brief but direct statement about this article:


    What a stupid ignorant bullshit racist COLONIALIST narrative. The oldest public record of the use of a master plant being used ceremonially containing DMT is in 1493 in Kiskeya/Hispaniola by MY ancestors, the Taino, in the form of the snuff Cohoba.

    Isolated DMT, like Cocaine, and cigarettes (a bastardization of tabaco) and other isolates is an exclusively COLONIALIST practice, and transcends skin color; as you so clearly demostrate being a mouthpiece of the COLONIALIST mind and heart.

    I am a Bohike (medicine man) and heritary Cacike of Kiskeya; and keeper of the sacred relics of my people to have survived the genocide of colonialism

    Keep your stupid opinions to yourself and out of our medicine ways, or i promise you, you will learn through the ancestors the power of our medicines and the consequences of those who disparage it.


    In fact, it was the Yoruba, Voudon, and Congo, and their sanguine demonic practices that came to our lands, and coopted our indigenous knowledge that lead to Haiti creating and now being full of real Zombies. Educate yourself about the blood pact of the Haitian ‘revolution’.

    It’s why to date the only Nation in all of the Western hemisphere to celebrate their Independence from another Nation – if one can call the joke that is Haiti a nation – in the Western hemisphere is Dominican Republice (Kiskeya) from Haiti.

    And, it’s due to this evil present today in Haiti through the continuous sanguine rites for centuries, that the people remain oppressed and in bondage to the evil forces that they invoke.

    Reflect, and truly STFU, when you clearly do not know.

  6. I’d just like to point out, as all psychonauts are well aware of, tripping 101, you might say, but we all can get very rough ‘trips, no matter the race, deep psychological truths are revealed in astonishing detail and realism, and it is up to us, to ‘answer’ to it, confront it, and ultimately fix that issue forever, because it is, and always will be, your own perceptions, that build your reality..
    I’ve had my share of horrific trips, deep soul work hurts..but is essential to thrive anew..
    In short, buck up mate, get back in there , challenge it, let it wash over you, but never falter, you will find your strength and wisdom soon enough, don’t be afraid, and certainly, don’t cause them of racism..
    Dmt came from dark countries to begin with, what you experienced was from YOU..

    That is all, please allow this comment, it helpful to all..

  7. Hello l, I just read your article on DNT and racism.
    As someone who has had experience with the subject, I wanted to place an educated comment on it, but alas trolls

    So, I wanted to rebutt the claim that the “realm is racist”
    When a user enters that realm, they’re subject to their subconscious. In the early stages of the trip, you’re confronted by what is your greatest struggle at the moment. For me, it was someone taking advantage of my mother and me.

    The elf factory is a representation in the physical realm, usually this manifests itself in the way it does because it highlights an issue in the user is struggling with in their work life.

    The reason why black users deal with racism in that realm is due to the fact that they’re dealing with racism in their waking life. And as unfortunate as it is, it’s a reality that most black Americans have to deal with.

    In 2022 most racism is quiet. Meaning that most racists aren’t up front, and they rely on micro aggressions and subtle hints. For black workers, this is damaging. Because, they know what isn’t being said. And unfortunately, we live in a world where it’s easier to just ignore it than cause a scene and lose a job/opportunity.

    I feel for the writer and users who deal with this in their waking life. But the message is clear, they need to confront the racism around them. Stop complying to the micro aggressions, and voice the reality of the situation around them.

    DMT isn’t a drug that is meant to get you high, and if you’re not confronting that subject, you’re not living your truth, and the elves will not let you through. The elves aren’t physical entities, they’re a manifestation and hold no opinions that aren’t your own.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through this, and thank you for posting 🙂


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