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Having your kids arrested is now part of a sassy parenting trend Parents are no long putting up with shit. Over 100 children under the age of seven have been arrested in Florida over the past year.

Remember when Good Morning America featured a mother who had her 6-year-old son arrested for a tantrum after he kicked her?

“I have to make him realize he can’t do this,” said Mattie Ashley, the boy’s mother. “I’m going to do what it takes to stop him and to let him realize that what he’s doing is very serious and he can get into a lot of trouble.”

The Department of Juvenile Justice reported that over 100 children under the age of seven have been arrested in Florida alone over the past year. So yes, having your little kids arrested is part of a growing parental trend that is showing no sign of abating, and there are mixed opinions on the practice.

While some think that calling the cops on rowdy tots is a waste of resources, experts have clearly established that early intervention by authorities can act as a strong deterrent against future misbehavior. The experience of being confronted by law enforcement instills a sense of accountability and awareness of consequences that ordinary parental discipline just can not achieve.

There is also the issue of parenting equity. Many parents of color are ill-equipped to handle severe behavioral issues on their own. Situations involving violent or extremely disruptive behavior can be overwhelming, and seeking help from authorities might be a last resort to manage. The involvement of law enforcement often leads to much needed access to resources and support services for these struggling families of color.

While the idea of arresting young children is undoubtedly contentious, societal norms and expectations around discipline are evolving. What was once considered acceptable parental control might now be seen as inadequate or even neglectful in addressing serious behavioral issues.

Involving law enforcement shows a parent’s genuine concern for doing everything possible to correct their child’s path and ensure their future well-being.

Would you have your kid arrested to teach him a lesson? How bad would it have to get?

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