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It’s time for the Castle Doctrine to protect abortion rights Pregnancy is violence. Soon birthing people might have no choice but to defend themselves.

In my state, if someone breaks into my house, I am allowed to use deadly force to protect myself or others. This is thanks to the legal doctrine known as the Castle Doctrine.

Traditionally, the Castle Doctrine has been used to justify violence against people of color, but there’s a serious case for using the doctrine to protect birthing people’s right to an abortion.

You’re probably already aware that the human right for birthing people to have an abortion is under attack from the Supreme Court, which seeks to overturn the Roe V. Wade protections for abortion. It’s a sickening and unprecedented move that has flared up emotions across the board.

But this issue goes beyond simply having the fundamental right of bodily autonomy: for birthing people, this is a matter of life or death. Giving birth is 11 times more dangerous than an abortion, according to Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is a very safe procedure in countries where it’s legal, like the United States. In the U.S., abortion is about twice as safe as a shot of penicillin, and is 11 times safer than giving birth. Contrary to what you may have heard, abortion does not increase the risk of

  • birth defects, premature birth, or low birth weight in future pregnancies
  • breast cancer
  • ectopic or tubal pregnancy
  • future miscarriage

The fact is that, at current rates, nearly one-third of all women in the U.S will have an abortion by the time they’re 45 years old.

It is well within almost any conception of human rights that a birthing person’s basic human rights must include the right to protect themself from the dangers of pregnancy and full term birth. And, it follows, the use of force against fetuses and those who force pregnancies upon others is legally justified as self-defense.

Voices agree that the illegal Supreme Court move crosses a line.

In their naked attempt to force pregnancies on us, the Christian zealots of the right instead forced our hand. The time has come to fully develop this rights-based and pro human version of Castle Doctrine and canoe it into culture and the legal system.

Pivoting the 2nd Amendment and the Castle Doctrine into a force for good

The very concepts underpinning the 2nd Amendment and the Castle Doctrine are extremely contested, and for good reasons. But look, you don’t have to tell me that the 2nd Amendment has always been an important weapon in the arsenal of white supremacy and misogyny. I’d be the first person to sign up for mandatory gun buybacks, so don’t get the wrong idea about me.

And the Castle Doctrine, in particular, is especially problematic. As a result of widespread systemic racism, people of color and indigenous Americans often have no choice but to take from the rich in order to feed their families. The Castle Doctrine and the legal concepts of “stand your ground” and “self-defense” were created to justify violence against these people of color. Simply put, it’s an ugly, evil, and disgusting doctrine of genocide of people of color.

However, it seems like the Castle Doctrine is here to stay, especially in red states. Thankfully, some birthing people have been able to subvert the law for good, which is exactly the thing that I’m proposing in this piece.

For example, there’s the story of Pam Loman in Oklahoma, a Castle Doctrine state. Her house was being broken into by a white man who it is believed may have been attempting to forcefully impregnate her. Once the white man noticed that Pam had a gun, he ran for his life.

Pam’s story is just one example of a birthing person using legally justified deadly force against someone seeking to force pregnancy upon them. In other words, there is real legal precedent here.

Pregnancy is violence. Period.

It’s been well-documented throughout history that pregnancy is violence, and intentional implantation of a fetus has often used as a tool by the patriarchy to dominate birthing people.

This is because in relatively recent history, up to 1 in 3 birthing people died during childbirth. And as explained above, abortion literally saves lives because the operation is 11 times safer than pregnancy.

Giving birth in the middle ages was a dangerous time for women and childbirth did not discriminate. Young mothers, older mothers, poor or rich mothers, all could die not only in childbirth but also due to complications afterwards. Sadly, more than one in three women died during their child-bearing years.

There have been over 60 million abortions since the life saving Roe V. Wade SCOTUS decision. In other words, abortion could have possibly saved the lives of up to 20 million birthing people.

Conservatives and Elon bros often try to claim that the “lives” of the parasites known as fetuses (and yes, fetuses meet all scientific criteria for the definition “parasite”) are more important than the lives of birthing people.

Invasion of the body parasites.

But they are being disingenuous and engaging in something called concern trolling. Fetuses attack the immune systems of their hosts and literally cause death in many cases.

In other words, science itself agrees that aborting the fetus is self-defense. If conservatives are allowed to “defend themselves” against people of color liberating property, then birthing people are certainly allowed to defend themselves against bodily harm.

There can be no argument against it. If pregnancy is violence, and the Castle Doctrine allows people to protect themselves against violence, then the only available and humane conclusion is that the legal doctrine also protects the right to abortion and the right to self-defense against fetuses and those who force pregnancy.

But “not like that,” I can already hear the conservatives wail. Because to them, property trumps human lives. But they are wrong. They are so wrong. And they are about to find out.

Because they fucked around.

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41 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">It’s time for the Castle Doctrine to protect abortion rights</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Pregnancy is violence. Soon birthing people might have no choice but to defend themselves.</span>”

  1. You people are insane so how are you going to get a firearm when you’ve been red-flagged for being a lunatic?

  2. Feel free to defend yourself by using the castle doctrine to shoot the intruder parasite fetus. See how that plays out for you and your big brain.

  3. I had a similar idea to that expressed in the article but I was thinking more in terms of the “castle doctrine” applying to a woman defending herself against someone trying to interfere with her bodily sovereignty. (Ie, “My house; get out or else”/“My body; hands off or else”). Home intruders often don’t think of houses as belonging to the homeowner which is why the name for the defense “Castle doctrine” was born, ie, to emphasize, “A man’s home is his castle.” Similarly, people who oppose a woman’s right to choose don’t grasp what it means to own one’s own body. It seems like a good lawyer could easily argue a “Castle doctrine” type of defense for a woman protecting herself from people who fail to recognize her sovereignty over her own body

    • The major flaw here is you can’t use the castle doctrine to defend against perceived threats. They must be real and immediate.

      But go ahead, shoot the baby.

  4. I am burning my liberal card. Seriously.
    This site is such a turn off. I hope y’all are like 21 and just doing shitty drugs. Find a new plug

  5. So uh, is like pulling out no longer a thing? Because you could like, not get pregnant, if the dude pulls put. Or if, idk, you don’t have sex. Or use a condom or something.

  6. Hard to tell if this site is satire since woke progressivism is itself a form of dark satire, however it should be noted that if you invite someone inside your house the castle doctrine doesn’t apply. Also, the baby didn’t break into your body. So in the case of 99.999% of pregnancies, sorry ladies, you’ll need to come up with some other justification for murdering your child.

    Also, the baby didn’t break into your body,

    • Nope, they spread the bread and let someone butter it up, now these birthing people need to take accountability.

  7. I am terrified of what has been unleashed. Potentially up to 90% of my conservative neighbors could die in the coming abortion wars, and they are who does the plumbing and other vital and dirty jobs.

  8. Great poast as usual. Woke up my brain cells and helped make a connection I didn’t see on my own. Indeed, a woman’s body is Her Temple, Her Castle.
    And she ought to be free to use full-auto machine guns to protect her Body.
    This logically includes the right to turn the gun onto her own womb to eliminate the parasite clump of cells growing inside. As a Transwoman of Color, I feel that everyone on the infinite gender spectrum has a responsibility to support Roe v. Wade if they truly believe in individual freedom. Otherwise, the government will soon outlaw suicide, and interracial relationships. Our body, our choices. Anyway, does anyone know if Amazon sells a convenient home abortion kit? I want to save my bullets for when the White Patriarchy are knocking at my door.

  9. There’s literally nothing wrong with borshies. Why do conservatards waste their precious little political capital on growing even more retards into clown world. The few well adjusted people who get them are going to get them any way because they have the wherewithal and $100 to travel to a state where it’s legal.

    With Roe v. Wade gone, millions more 70 IQ retards will be born every year.

  10. Oh yes, please shoot yourself in the gut after you put a man’s seed spitter in you.

    That was a choice you made. If you want to double abort, go for it, but the baby didnt invade you without your consent.

    Consent to sex with live sperm is consent to pregnancy, because you can’t get the latter without the former.

    • By saying you want roe v wade overturned, you’re saying you want more women to die.. there’s going to be blood on your hands.

      • If someone dies in the process of executing a murder. It’s their own fault. It’s like a terrorist making a bomb to murder people. It goes off, kills him. Too bad.

  11. I’ve seen people legitimately try to use self defense as an argument in favor of abortion. And now there’s this article. The collapse of our civilization is picking up speed by the day.

  12. ok go ahead and shove a rifle up your snatch and pull the trigger.

    you cant force a doctor to murder an unborn infant just because that unborn infant is violating your NAP. thats between you and the unborn infant.


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