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9 bizarre Jesus sightings people actually believed for some reason For these people the revelation has neither been subtle nor sublime.

God reveals him(her)self to people in mysterious ways–a feeling in church, a message in meditation, beauty in the way a leaf falls from a tree. But for these people, the revelation hasn’t been quite so subtle. In celebration of Christian holidays and all things Jesus, here are some of the more inventive ways JC has been making his presence known.

Marmite Jesus

Some people might suggest that if there were really were a God, there wouldn’t be such a thing as Marmite. But nonetheless…Claire Allen, 36, of the UK said she was the first to notice the image on the underside of the lid as she was putting the yeast spread on her son’s toast. “People might think I’m nuts, but I like to think it’s Jesus looking out for us…”

Cheetos Jesus (Cheesus)

A Missouri woman says she has found Jesus in a bag of Cheetos. When Kelly Ramey opened a bag of Cheetos, she noticed a mini orange sculpture that resembled Jesus. She calls it…’Cheesus.’

Hard Candy Jesus

Considering all of the candy associated with Christian holidays, what better place for Jesus to appear than…in a piece of candy? James Burrows, 63, claims to have found an image of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in this confection while shopping for candy at a grocery store in Toledo.

Funyuns Baby Jesus

This Madonna and child comes in a unique combination of great taste, great crunch and good fun. The  owner of this savory scenario, law clerk, Jim Mize, auctioned the duo on eBay, which sold for $609.

MRI Jesus

A Pennsylvania woman spotted Jesus in an MRI. Jesus is within, and everything, but I’m not so sure I’d want Jesus this within. Looks ouchie.

Naan Jesus

An ethnic-food twist on the popular Jesus-on-Toast phenomenon, 34-year-old British plumber David Howlett found Jesus on his naan bread at the India Dining restaurant in England.

Iron Jesus

An iron, which a newspaper pointed out was ”otherwise unremarkable: manufactured for the Wal-Mart house brand, with a basic dial for fabric settings and a steam/dry switch,” garnered a lot of attention for the Boston woman who discovered the scorched image of JC.

Pancake Jesus

Marilyn Smith, from Port St. Lucie, found Jesus in her pancake. Along with toast, pancakes are a popular vehicle in which Jesus often manifests himself. The holy hotcake sold on eBay for $338.

Grilled Cheese Virgin

And what would Jesus be without the Virgin Mary? Perhaps the grandmommy of all religious sightings: the sacred grilled cheese Virgin Mary. Discovered in 1994 in Florida, Diane Duyser saw the image just as she was about to bite Mary’s head off. Duyser claims that she did nothing to preserve the sandwich, yet it remained fresh and decay-free for a decade.

In 2004, she placed the griddled Mary on eBay where it sold for…$28,000. By the time the sandwich auction closed, the sale had received over 1.7 million hits on the auction site.

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3 thoughts on “<span class="entry-title-primary">9 bizarre Jesus sightings people actually believed for some reason</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">For these people the revelation has neither been subtle nor sublime.</span>”

  1. I wish people saw Jesus in the faces of their fellow man and the rest of the creatures who suffer. So many criticized Mother Teresa because she at times questioned her faith…but she actually saw God far more than others ever will. She saw Him everyday in the faces of those who were suffering. God is everywhere, but we turn a blind eye and walk on past. God is in every tear that falls.

  2. This whole article is just plain silly, and people will see whatever they want to see in these images. It reminds me of the ‘Sai Baba in the moon’ image story, when I used to be involved with that movement. There were also all sorts of other images which supposedly ‘manifested’ randomly all over the place. There is a word for this sort of thing- HYSTERIA! Please be quite skeptical about this type of story of such images appearing, as from my experience they can lead to alot of delusion.

  3. The human brain is wired to notice patterns, especially facial ones, a very important ability for infants, as is helps them get essential attention and good stroking. It is hard not to perceive something that is so culturally supported as this well known religious symbol, but it exists only in the mind. As a case in point, what about the Elvis face people “knew” they saw on Mars some years ago.


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