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‘Anal botox’ is the new butt beauty trend we’ve all been waiting for Widespread anal sex also means a lot of loose bottoms. The gay world to the rescue: anal rejuvenation with botox!

Kim Kardashian struts the ass that broke the internet.

Over the past few years, thanks to society’s obsession with Black beauty, butts have become one of the most talked about body parts. Yes, even more than boobs, which is pretty shocking.

So it’s no surprise then that butt implants have been on the rise, and in particular the perfectly round booty that sort of pops out under a tiny waist and sits on thin, toned legs (think Kim Kardashian).

People even began putting glitter on their butt earlier this year, which still confuses me, TBH. But out of all of the beauty “butt trends” that have been making the rounds, this new one has got to be the most elaborate. It’s a medical procedure known as “anal botox,” which basically tightens and lifts one’s butthole. Yes, butthole.

According to the New York Post, Dr. Evan Goldstein is a Manhattan surgeon who made anal botox a “thing.” Dr. Goldstein treated common butt issues like hemorrhoids and skin tags until he started offering anal botox a few years ago – and since then, it’s pretty much blown up.

Like I said above, anal botox is a procedure that tightens one’s anus, which is exactly what it sounds like – it makes your butthole tighter and smaller, and yes, it’s mainly for sexual purposes. Someone who has a lot of anal sex might feel like their butthole is getting stretched out, and so they might end up getting anal botox to make it feel smaller again.

The procedure is not cheap at all – it can cost up to $25,000 depending on the case.

Dr. Goldstein says he used to only perform the procedure on gay men, but it’s becoming popular among women. Since anal sex has become slightly less taboo and a little more common, that’s not surprising. The fact that this procedure has become so popular lets us know that a lot of women are having anal sex, and science backs that up. In a recent study, 40 percent of women ages 20 to 24 tried anal sex, which is up 16 percent from 1992. Of course, you shouldn’t feel pressured to try it, but it’s not nearly as taboo as you might think it is!

Okay, I’ll be honest – I think anal botox sounds kind of crazy. It seems similar to vaginal rejuvenation surgery to me and I just don’t really think it’s necessary. It’s also super expensive and, like any kind of medical procedure, puts you at risk for infections and complications. To me, it’s not worth it, but hey, that’s just my opinion!

If you do choose to drop all this money on butt surgery, you should know that the procedure takes some time to heal and it will cost you two weeks of discomfort when going to the bathroom (yikes), and no anal sex for three months. So, it’s a pretty big time commitment. But after that, you’re in the clear to get it on with your brand new butt. Or you could just save the $25,000 and buy a few Chanel bags. Up to you!

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